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Running Target, 50 metres, Men

Date23 September 1988 — 14:30
LocationTaeneung International Shooting Range, Seoul
Participants23 from 16 countries

Only the top four shooters advanced to the final shoot-off after the preliminary round. Norway’s Tor Heiestad was tied after the prelims with Soviet/Ukrainian Hennady Avramenko, both with 591. Heiestad had opened a big lead in the slow phase with 299 and held on with 292 in the fast phase. In the final round, Avramenko struggled and dropped back to the bronze medal while Heiestad shot 98 to win the gold medal. The silver medal went to China’s Huang Shiping who had won a bronze medal in 1984.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal Points
1Tor HeiestadNOR689GoldOR
2Huang ShipingCHN687Silver
3Hennadiy AvramenkoURS686Bronze
4Ján KermietTCH679
5András DoleschallHUN588
6Attila SoltiHUN588
7Thomas PfefferGDR587
8Christian StützingerFRG586
9Jan PetterssonSWE586
10Ji GangCHN586
11Jean-Luc TricoireFRA586
=12Jerzy GreszkiewiczPOL584
=12Luboš RačanskýTCH584
14Oleg MoldovanURS583
=15Mike HerrmannGDR582
=15Wojciech KarkusiewiczPOL582
17Todd BensleyUSA581
18Scott SwinneyUSA580
=19Valerio DonnianniITA577
=19Hong Seung-PyoKOR577
21David LeeCAN573
22Bryan WilsonAUS573
23Carlos SilvaGUA569

Preliminary Round

Date23 September 1988
Format50 metres. 60 shots. 600 possible.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsSlow Run PointsFast Run Points10s
=1Tor HeiestadNOR591299292QOR
=1Hennadiy AvramenkoURS591294297QOR
3Huang ShipingCHN589296293Q
4Ján KermietTCH588295293Q
5András DoleschallHUN58829629249Q
6Attila SoltiHUN58829629248Q
7Thomas PfefferGDR587298289Q
8Christian StützingerFRG58629728949Q
9Jan PetterssonSWE58629229449
10Ji GangCHN58629529148
11Jean-Luc TricoireFRA58629529147
=12Jerzy GreszkiewiczPOL584297287
=12Luboš RačanskýTCH584295289
14Oleg MoldovanURS583294289
=15Mike HerrmannGDR582295287
=15Wojciech KarkusiewiczPOL582294288
17Todd BensleyUSA581295286
18Scott SwinneyUSA580289291
=19Valerio DonnianniITA577291286
=19Hong Seung-PyoKOR577291286
21David LeeCAN573292281
22Bryan WilsonAUS573291282
23Carlos SilvaGUA569284285

Final Round

Date23 September 1988
FormatTop eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary Round PointsFinal Round Points10s
1Tor HeiestadNOR68959198
2Huang ShipingCHN68758998
3Hennadiy AvramenkoURS68659195
4Ján KermietTCH67958891