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Running Target, 10 metres, Men

Date31 July – 1 August 1992
LocationCampo de Tiro Olímpico de Mollet, Mollet del Vallès
Participants24 from 15 countries

Germany’s Michael Jakosits shot 290 in both the slow and fast runs to lead the preliminaries with 580 over Russian Anatoly Asrabayev, who fired 579. In the final both shot 93 as Jakosits held on for the gold medal and Asrabayev won silver. Czechoslovakian Luboš Račanský was only in sixth after the qualifying but had the highest score in the final round, 94, to move up to the bronze medal.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary RoundFinal
1Michael JakositsGER673580 (1)673 (1)Gold
2Anatoly AsrabayevEUN672579 (2)672 (2)Silver
3Luboš RačanskýTCH670576 (6)670 (3)Bronze
4Andrei VasilieuEUN667576 (4)667 (4)
5József SikeHUN667576 (5)667 (5)
6Jens ZimmermannGER667578 (3)667 (6)
7Kim Man-CholPRK573573 (7)
8Shu QingquanCHN573573 (8)
9Miroslav JanušTCH572572 (9)
10Tor HeiestadNOR571571 (10)
=11Carlo ColomboITA570570 (=11)
=11Rusty HillUSA570570 (=11)
13Attila SoltiHUN569569 (13)
14Jorge RíosCUB568568 (14)
=15Fritz AllenUSA564564 (=15)
=15Eduard ElyavISR564564 (=15)
17Julio SandovalGUA563563 (17)
18Zhang RonghuiCHN561561 (18)
19Valerio DonnianniITA555555 (19)
20Cristián BermúdezGUA554554 (20)
21Hernando BarrientosCOL548548 (21)
=22David ChapmanGBR547547 (=22)
=22Li Yong-CholPRK547547 (=22)
24Jean-Luc TricoireFRA512512 (24)

Preliminary Round

Date31 July – 1 August 1992
Format50 metres. 60 shots. 600 possible.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsSlow Run PointsFast Run Points
1Michael JakositsGER580290290Q
2Anatoly AsrabayevEUN579295284Q
3Jens ZimmermannGER578292286Q
4Andrei VasilieuEUN576293283Q
5József SikeHUN576292284Q
6Luboš RačanskýTCH576290286Q
7Kim Man-CholPRK573290283Q
8Shu QingquanCHN573290283Q
9Miroslav JanušTCH572290282
10Tor HeiestadNOR571289282
=11Carlo ColomboITA570289281
=11Rusty HillUSA570287283
13Attila SoltiHUN569286283
14Jorge RíosCUB568287281
=15Fritz AllenUSA564285279
=15Eduard ElyavISR564288276
17Julio SandovalGUA563282281
18Zhang RonghuiCHN561282279
19Valerio DonnianniITA555282273
20Cristián BermúdezGUA554289265
21Hernando BarrientosCOL548278270
=22David ChapmanGBR547272275
=22Li Yong-CholPRK547277270
24Jean-Luc TricoireFRA512254258

Final Round

Date1 August 1992 — 14:30
FormatTop eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.
PosNumberCompetitorNOCTotal PointsPreliminary Round PointsFinal Round Points
1Michael JakositsGER67393580
2Anatoly AsrabayevEUN67293579
3Luboš RačanskýTCH67094576
4Andrei VasilieuEUN66791576
5József SikeHUN66791576
6Jens ZimmermannGER66789578