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Trap, Women

Date16 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Skopovolis Markopoulou, Markopoulo
Participants17 from 16 countries

This event had several surprises. The two favorites were the defending champion Lithuania’s Daina Gudzinevičiūtė and China’s Gao E. But neither made the final. The gold went to Australian Suzanne Balogh, who was ranked only 20th in the world and had never won a medal at a major international previously. She led after the qualifying with 66 and with 22/25 in the final won easily, by four points.

1Suzy BaloghAUS88Gold
2María QuintanalESP84Silver
3Lee Bo-NaKOR83Bronze
4Whitly LoperUSA82
5Susanne KiermayerGER79
6Sue NattrassCAN76
7Emanuela FeliciSMR60
8Taeko TakebaJPN59
=9Sarah GibbinsGBR58
=9Pia HansenSWE58
=9Roberta PelosiITA58
12Stéphanie NeauFRA57
13Irina LarichevaRUS56
14Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU55
15Viktoriya ChuikoUKR54
16Cynthia MeyerCAN52
17Gao ECHN48

Preliminary Round (16 August 2004 — 09:00)

75 targets in three rounds of 25 targets. 75 possible. Top six advanced to 25-target final round.

1Suzy BaloghAUS66232320Q
2María QuintanalESP65241922Q
=3Susanne KiermayerGER62202121Q
=3Whitly LoperUSA62212021Q
5Sue NattrassCAN61202219Q
=6Lee Bo-NaKOR601823192Q
=6Emanuela FeliciSMR602021191
8Taeko TakebaJPN59201920
=9Sarah GibbinsGBR58211720
=9Pia HansenSWE58191920
=9Roberta PelosiITA58201523
12Stéphanie NeauFRA57172119
13Irina LarichevaRUS56181820
14Daina GudzinevičiūtėLTU55191917
15Viktoriya ChuikoUKR54142218
16Cynthia MeyerCAN52201616
17Gao ECHN48151518

Final Round (16 August 2004 — 13:00)

Top six from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Suzy BaloghAUS886622
2María QuintanalESP846519
3Lee Bo-NaKOR836023
4Whitly LoperUSA826220
5Susanne KiermayerGER796217
6Sue NattrassCAN766115