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1,500 metres, Men

Date27 – 30 April 1906
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants20 from 9 countries

A few top British runners were absent (notably George Butterfield, 1905-1907 AAA champion; and Charles Henderson-Hamilton, the 1905 Oxbridge champion) but the favorites here were still probably Britain’s John McGough, who had been second in the 1906 AAA championships, and Reginald Crabbe. The Americans held out for the defending champion, their own Jim Lightbody, who had also been AAU champion in 1905. All three qualified easily, Lightbody and Crabbe winning their heats, with McGough second to Crabbe.

In the finals, the pace was set by George Bonhag, who kept it quite slow, with Greg Wheatley second, Lightbody in 4th, and McGough 7th entering the last lap. The two British favorites sat at the back of the pack, apparently unaware that Lightbody had barely finished second in a heat of the 400 to Nigel Barker, thus possessing great finishing speed. With about 200 metres remaining, Lightbody took the lead and there was no chance for anyone to catch him. McGough closed just as rapidly, however, to take second place.

1370Jim LightbodyUSA4:19.4 (1 h1)4:12.0 (1)Gold
2428John McGoughGBR4:18.8 (1 h2)4:12.6 (2)Silver
3253Kristian HellströmSWE– (2 h1)4:13.4 (3)Bronze
4726Dad WheatleyAUS– (4 h1)at 13 yards (4)
5626James SullivanUSA– (3 h1)– (5)
654George BonhagUSA– (3 h2)– (6)
7Reginald CrabbeGBR– (2 h2)– (7)
8108Harvey CohnUSA– (4 h2)– (8)
5 h2 r1/2621Michel SoalhatFRA– (5 h2)
AC h1 r1/2118Arnold ChurchillGBR– (AC h1)
AC h1 r1/2245Henry HawtreyGBR– (DNF h1)
AC h1 r1/2696Christos TsatsanifosGRE– (AC h1)
AC h1 r1/25Georgios AnastasiadisGRE– (AC h1)
AC h1 r1/2516Vahram PapazyanTUR– (AC h1)
AC h2 r1/253George BlakeAUS– (AC h2)
AC h2 r1/2824Felix KwietonAUT– (DNF h2)
AC h2 r1/2341Dimitrios KantziasGRE– (AC h2)
AC h2 r1/211Andreas AndreadisGRE– (AC h2)
AC h2 r1/2849Pericle PaglianiITA– (AC h2)
AC h2 r1/2147Edward DahlSWE– (AC h2)
DNS620G. SofochleousGRE
DNS41J. H. A. AnderiessenNED
DNS144Jan DvoräkBOH
DNS481N. NikoloudakisGRE
DNS122Ken CornwallisGBR
DNS430Reginald MacPhersonGBR
DNS590Johannes RungeGER
DNS347Anastasios KoutoulakisGRE
DNS829Emilio LunghiITA
DNS848Roberto PennaITA
DNS643John SvanbergSWE
DNS43Charles BaconUSA
DNS714Howard ValentineUSA
DNS50Marc Bellin du CoteauFRA
DNS13William AndersonGBR
DNS180Francis EdwardsGBR
DNS256John HorneGBR
DNS104Martin BeckmannGER
DNS646Dimitrios StamouGRE
DNS87Loukas VenizelosGRE
DNS73Evangelos VolanakisCRT
DNS295Mikhail GiannarakisCRT
DNS861György SztanticsHUN
DNS637Ernst SerranderSWE
DNS195William FrankUSA
DNS524Eli ParsonsUSA

Round One (27 April 1906)

Top two in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1370Jim LightbodyUSA4:19.4Q
2253Kristian HellströmSWEQ
3626James SullivanUSAQ
4726Dad WheatleyAUSQ
AC516Vahram PapazyanTUR
AC696Christos TsatsanifosGRE
AC5Georgios AnastasiadisGRE
AC118Arnold ChurchillGBR
DNF245Henry HawtreyGBR

Heat Two

1428John McGoughGBR4:18.8Q
2Reginald CrabbeGBRQ
354George BonhagUSAQ
4108Harvey CohnUSAQ
5621Michel SoalhatFRA
DNF824Felix KwietonAUT
AC147Edward DahlSWE
AC53George BlakeAUS
AC849Pericle PaglianiITA
AC341Dimitrios KantziasGRE
AC11Andreas AndreadisGRE

Final (30 April 1906)

1370Jim LightbodyUSA4:12.0
2428John McGoughGBR4:12.6
3253Kristian HellströmSWE4:13.4
4726Dad WheatleyAUSat 13 yards
5626James SullivanUSA
654George BonhagUSA
7Reginald CrabbeGBR
8108Harvey CohnUSA


1100 mGeorge Bonhag