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Cross-Country, Team, Men

Date15 July 1912 — 14:15
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants41 from 6 countries
Formatcirca 12,000 metres. Point-for-place scoring from the individual event, with the top three finishers for each team counting in the team scoring.

The team cross-country title was determined by using the scores of the top three finishers from each team competing in the individual cross-country event. At the international cross-country meet, England would won the championship from 1903-1914, but this event was basically contested by the British Isles nations and France.

Although Hannes Kolehmainen won the race, Sweden’s finishes of 2nd, 3rd, and 5th narrowly brought Sweden the gold medal over Finland. Great Britain was a distant third.

Hjalmar Andersson245:44.8
John Eke346:37.6
Josef Ternström547:07.7
Brynolf Larsson947:37.4non-scoring
Johan Sundkvist1047:40.0non-scoring
Klas Lundström1348:45.4non-scoring
Bror Fock1750:15.8non-scoring
Gustaf Carlén2151:26.8non-scoring
Axel LindahlDNFnon-scoring
Edvin HellgrenDNFnon-scoring
Henrik NordströmDNFnon-scoring
John KlintbergDNFnon-scoring
Hannes Kolehmainen145:11.6
Lauri Eskola446:54.8
Albin Stenroos647:23.4
Ville Kyrönen747:32.0non-scoring
Viljam Johansson1148:03.0non-scoring
Väinö Heikkilä2554:08.0non-scoring
Aarne LindholmDNFnon-scoring
Efraim HarjuDNFnon-scoring
3Great BritainGBR49Bronze
Frederick Hibbins1549:18.2
Ernest Glover1649:53.7
Thomas Humphreys1850:28.0
William CottrillDNFnon-scoring
William ScottDNFnon-scoring
Olaf Hovdenak1950:40.8
Parelius Finnerud2051:16.2
Johannes Andersen2251:26.8
Nils DahlDNFnon-scoring
Lauritz Christiansen1449:06.4
Viggo Pedersen2353:00.8
Gerhard Topp2654:24.9
Steen Rasmussen2855:27.0non-scoring
Karl Julius JensenDNFnon-scoring
Fritz DanildDNFnon-scoring
Holger BadenDNFnon-scoring
ACUnited StatesUSADNF
Harry Hellawell1248:12.0
Louis Scott2453:51.4
George BonhagDNFnon-scoring
Tell BernaDNFnon-scoring
William KramerDNFnon-scoring