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Standing High Jump, Men

Date13 July 1912
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants17 from 8 countries

Ray Ewry had won the standing high jump every time it had been contested at the Olympics, from 1900-1908, with four consecutive victories. But he retired in early 1911 and was not present in Stockholm. In 1909 and 1910, Platt Adams had won the AAU indoor title in this event, although Ewry did not compete in either year. After Ewry’s retirement, Adams seemed poised to take over as the top standing jumper. For the second time in Olympic history, brothers won the gold and silver medals, with Platt defeating his brother, Ben. This feat had been accomplished at Athens in 1896, in the 25-metre military pistol event, in which John Paine won the gold medal and his brother, Sumner, the silver. The standing high jump was never again contested at the Olympics.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1Platt AdamsUSA1.50 (NP)1.63 (1)GoldOR
2Ben AdamsUSA1.50 (NP)1.60 (2)Silver
3Kostas TsiklitirasGRE1.50 (NP)1.55 (3)Bronze
=4Edvard MöllerSWE1.50 (NP)1.50 (=4)
=4Dick ByrdUSA1.50 (NP)1.50 (=4)
=4Leo GoehringUSA1.50 (NP)1.50 (=4)
NP r1/2Rodolfo HammersleyCHI1.40 (NP)
NP r1/2Géo AndréFRA1.45 (NP)
NP r1/2Howard BakerGBR1.35 (NP)
NP r1/2Birger BrodtkorbNOR1.40 (NP)
NP r1/2Alfred SchwarzRUS1.40 (NP)
NP r1/2Karl BerghSWE1.45 (NP)
NP r1/2Rolf SmedmarkSWE1.45 (NP)
NP r1/2Leif EkmanSWE1.45 (NP)
NP r1/2Forest FletcherUSA1.45 (NP)
NP r1/2Frank BeloteUSA1.45 (NP)
NP r1/2Helmer MåhlSWE1.30 (NP)
DNSJohn JohanssonSWE
DNSCarl FrickSWE
DNSIsaac KahnFRA
DNSErnö HolecsekHUN1
DNSAndor SzendeHUN
DNSDaniel CampbellGBR
DNSMaurice GaronFRA
DNSGéza VadonHUN
DNSRuss PalmerUSA
DNSLeone LinardiITA
DNSRussell BeattyUSA
DNSPaul SmutnýBOH
DNSMartin JacobsenNOR
DNSGeorg HolmqvistSWE
DNSGiulio AlvisiITA
DNSAndré PeuxFRA
DNSClive TaylorGBR
DNSRafael PeltonenFIN
DNSColombo ZevolaITA
DNSAndré PettréFRA
DNSFrancesco d'ErcoleITA
DNSHans LangkjærDEN
DNSLadislav Jiránek-StranaBOH
DNSSvend LangkjærDEN
DNSMarius DelabyFRA
DNSArmand EstangFRA
DNSHenri JardinFRA
DNSAlfred MottéFRA
DNSTimothy CarrollGBR
DNSWalter HendersonGBR
DNSThomas O'DonohueGBR
DNSIván, Báró WardenerHUN
DNSManlio LegatITA
DNSAngelo ToniniITA
DNSGeorg ÅbergSWE
DNSDouglas MelinSWE
DNSGunnar NilssonSWE
DNSJohn BillerUSA
DNSFrank IronsUSA
DNSAndor HorvayHUN

Qualifying Round (13 July 1912 — 9:30)

Qualifiers were seperated into three groups. All those clearing 1.50 metres advanced to the final.

NPPlatt AdamsUSA1.50Q
NPBen AdamsUSA1.50Q
NPKostas TsiklitirasGRE1.50Q
NPDick ByrdUSA1.50Q
NPLeo GoehringUSA1.50Q
NPEdvard MöllerSWE1.50Q
NPKarl BerghSWE1.45
NPForest FletcherUSA1.45
NPRolf SmedmarkSWE1.45
NPFrank BeloteUSA1.45
NPLeif EkmanSWE1.45
NPGéo AndréFRA1.45
NPRodolfo HammersleyCHI1.40
NPBirger BrodtkorbNOR1.40
NPAlfred SchwarzRUS1.40
NPHoward BakerGBR1.35
NPHelmer MåhlSWE1.30

Qualifying Round, Group A (13 July 1912 — 9:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeight1.30 m1.35 m1.40 m1.45 m1.48 m1.50 m
1Platt AdamsUSA1.50ooooooQ
2Karl BerghSWE1.45oooxoxxx
=3Rodolfo HammersleyCHI1.40oooxxx
=3Birger BrodtkorbNOR1.40xoxoxoxxx
5Howard BakerGBR1.35xooxxx

Qualifying Round, Group B (13 July 1912 — 9:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeight1.30 m1.35 m1.40 m1.45 m1.50 m
=1Ben AdamsUSA1.50oooooQ
=1Kostas TsiklitirasGRE1.50oooooQ
=1Dick ByrdUSA1.50ooooxxoQ
=1Leo GoehringUSA1.50oooxxoxoQ
=5Forest FletcherUSA1.45ooooxxx
=5Rolf SmedmarkSWE1.45ooooxxx
=5Frank BeloteUSA1.45ooxxooxxx
8Alfred SchwarzRUS1.40oooxxx

Qualifying Round, Group C (13 July 1912 — 9:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeight1.30 m1.35 m1.40 m1.45 m1.50 m
1Edvard MöllerSWE1.50oooooQ
=2Leif EkmanSWE1.45oooxxoxxx
=2Géo AndréFRA1.45-oxoxoxxx
4Helmer MåhlSWE1.30op

Final Round (13 July 1912 — 16:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeight1.30 m1.40 m1.45 m1.50 m1.55 m1.60 m1.63 m1.66 m
1Platt AdamsUSA1.63oooooxooxxxOR
2Ben AdamsUSA1.60ooooooxxx
3Kostas TsiklitirasGRE1.55oooxoxoxxx
=4Dick ByrdUSA1.50oooxoxxx
=4Leo GoehringUSA1.50oxoooxxx
=4Edvard MöllerSWE1.50ooooxxx