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Cross-Country, Team, Men

Date12 July 1924
LocationStade Olympique de Colombes, Colombes
Participants34 from 7 countries
Formatcirca 10,000 metres. Point-for-place scoring from the individual event, with the top three finishers for each team counting in the team scoring.

Led by Paavo Nurmi and Ville Ritola was a strong favorite in this race and when they finished 1-2, with Nurmi 2½ minutes clear of the third-place runner in the individual event, there seemed no way Finland could lose. But the 1924 cross-country race was held on one of the hottest days in Paris history, temperatures climbing over 40° C. (103° F.), and only 15 of 38 starters finished the race. The third Finnish runner was Heikki Liimatainen and he barely finished to allow the Finns to win the gold medal. Liimatainen was stumbling near the finish, overcome by the heat. He stopped 30 metres short of the finish, and tried to turn off the course. But the crowd yelled at him that he had not yet crossed the finish line, and he returned to the course, disoriented and walked across the finish line, taking over two minutes to finish his last 30 metres.

Paavo Nurmi132:54.8
Ville Ritola234:19.4
Heikki Liimatainen838:18.0
Eero BergDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Eino RastasDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Väinö SipiläDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
2United StatesUSA14Silver
Earl Johnson335:21.0
Art Studenroth536:45.4
Gus Fager637:40.6
Jimmy Henigan1138:00.0non-scoringnon-scoring
John GrayDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Verne BoothDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Henri Lauvaux436:44.8
Gaston Heuet737:52.0
Maurice Norland941:48.6
André LauseigDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Lucien DolquèsDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Robert MarchalDNFnon-scoringnon-scoring
Fabián Velasco1339:07.6
Miguel Peña1441:34.0
Amador PalmaDNF
José AndíaDNF
Jesús DiéguezDNF
DNFGreat BritainGBR
Ernie Harper435:45.4
Arthur SewellDNF
John BenhamDNF
Joe WilliamsDNF
Eddie WebsterDNF
DNFCarlo Martinenghi / Carlo SperoniITA
Carlo Martinenghi737:01.0
Carlo SperoniDNF
Edvin WideDNF
Gösta BergströmDNF
Sidon EbelingDNF
Sven ThuressonDNF
Georges Bertrand (DNS)
Léopold Cattelain (DNS)
Léon Degrande (DNS)
Georges Vandenbroele (DNS)
Julien Van Campenhout (DNS)
Camiel Vandevelde (DNS)
José Francisco Cuevas (DNS)
Pedro Curiel (DNS)
Juan Escutia (DNS)
Daniel Eslava (DNS)