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Shot Put, Men

Date 3 August 1948
LocationEmpire Stadium, Wembley, London
Participants24 from 15 countries

The best putter early in the year had been Charles Fonville who broke the world record in April with 17.68 (58-0¼), but he finished only fourth at the US Trials and did not make the team. The next strongest seemed to be Jim Delaney who was 1947-48 AAU Champion and had won the Olympic Trials. But the Trials runner-up, Wilbur Thompson, was the strongest in London. He threw 17.12 (56-2) in round two which would win, but he also had two other throws good enough to win over Delaney. Jim Fuchs completed the American sweep.

1570Wilbur ThompsonUSA15.090 (1 h2)17.120 (1)GoldOR
2568Jim DelaneyUSA14.970 (2 h1)16.680 (2)SilverOR
3569Jim FuchsUSA15.870 (1 h1)16.420 (3)Bronze
4543Mieczysław ŁomowskiPOL14.700 (=6 h1)15.430 (4)
5565Gösta ArvidssonSWE14.700 (=6 h1)15.370 (5)
6555Yrjö LehtiläFIN14.850 (3 h1)15.050 (6)
7554Jaakko JouppilaFIN14.720 (5 h1)14.590 (7)
8Čestmír KalinaTCH14.540 (3 h2)14.550 (8)1
9560Konstantinos GiataganasGRE14.630 (2 h2)14.540 (9)
10564Witold GeruttoPOL14.450 (8 h1)14.370 (10)
11557John GilesGBR14.795 (4 h1)13.730 (11)
12561Sigfús SigurðssonISL14.480 (4 h2)13.660 (12)
13567Willy SennSUI14.450 (5 h2)
14566Roland NilssonSWE14.360 (6 h2)
15520Eric CoyCAN14.150 (9 h1)
16553David GuineyIRL14.010 (10 h1)
17562Vilhjálmur VilmundarsonISL13.990 (7 h2)
18519Roger VerhaesBEL13.540 (9 h2)
19558Harold MoodyGBR13.400est (8 h2)
AC r1/2517Emilio MalchiodiARG– (AC h2)
AC r1/2552Juan KahnertARG– (AC h1)
AC r1/2563Lionelo PatiñoPER– (AC h2)
AC r1/2540Nazar Muhammad Khan MalikPAK– (AC h2)
AC r1/2539Ahmed Zahur KhanPAK– (AC h1)
DNS530Aad de BruynNED– (DNS h1)
DNS556François LapicqueFRA– (DNS h1)
DNS559K. MeraklisGRE– (DNS h2)
DNS544José Luis TorresESP– (DNS h2)
DNS494Leo RoininenCAN– (DNS h2)
DNS541Eduardo JulvePER– (DNS h1)

Qualifying Round (3 August 1948 — 11:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 14.60 metres advanced to the final.

1Jim FuchsUSA15.870Q
2Wilbur ThompsonUSA15.090Q
3Jim DelaneyUSA14.970Q
4Yrjö LehtiläFIN14.850Q
5John GilesGBR14.795Q
6Jaakko JouppilaFIN14.720Q
=7Mieczysław ŁomowskiPOL14.700Q
=7Gösta ArvidssonSWE14.700Q
9Konstantinos GiataganasGRE14.630Q
10Čestmír KalinaTCH14.540q2
11Sigfús SigurðssonISL14.480q
12Witold GeruttoPOL14.450q
13Willy SennSUI14.450
14Roland NilssonSWE14.360
15Eric CoyCAN14.150
16David GuineyIRL14.010
17Vilhjálmur VilmundarsonISL13.990
18Roger VerhaesBEL13.540
19Harold MoodyGBR13.400est
ACEmilio MalchiodiARG
ACJuan KahnertARG
ACLionelo PatiñoPER
ACNazar Muhammad Khan MalikPAK
ACAhmed Zahur KhanPAKNM
DNSAad de BruynNED
DNSFrançois LapicqueFRA
DNSK. MeraklisGRE
DNSJosé Luis TorresESP
DNSLeo RoininenCAN
DNSEduardo JulvePER

Group A

1Jim FuchsUSA15.870Q
2Jim DelaneyUSA14.970Q
3Yrjö LehtiläFIN14.850Q
4John GilesGBR14.795Q
5Jaakko JouppilaFIN14.720Q
=6Mieczysław ŁomowskiPOL14.700Q
=6Gösta ArvidssonSWE14.700Q
8Witold GeruttoPOL14.450q
9Eric CoyCAN14.150
10David GuineyIRL14.010
ACJuan KahnertARG
ACAhmed Zahur KhanPAK
DNSAad de BruynNED
DNSFrançois LapicqueFRA
DNSEduardo JulvePER

Group B

1Wilbur ThompsonUSA15.090Q
2Konstantinos GiataganasGRE14.630Q
3Čestmír KalinaTCH14.540q
4Sigfús SigurðssonISL14.480q
5Willy SennSUI14.450
6Roland NilssonSWE14.360
7Vilhjálmur VilmundarsonISL13.990
8Harold MoodyGBR13.400est
9Roger VerhaesBEL13.540
ACEmilio MalchiodiARG
ACLionelo PatiñoPER
ACNazar Muhammad Khan MalikPAK
DNSK. MeraklisGRE
DNSJosé Luis TorresESP
DNSLeo RoininenCAN

Final Round (3 August 1948 — 16:00)

112Wilbur ThompsonUSA17.12016.47017.12016.97016.67016.800×OR
22Jim DelaneyUSA16.68016.14016.68015.88016.03016.03016.280OR
33Jim FuchsUSA16.42016.32016.42015.60015.56014.82016.280
410Mieczysław ŁomowskiPOL15.430
51Gösta ArvidssonSWE15.370
69Yrjö LehtiläFIN15.050
77Jaakko JouppilaFIN14.590
88Čestmír KalinaTCH14.5503
95Konstantinos GiataganasGRE14.540
104Witold GeruttoPOL14.370
116John GilesGBR13.730
1211Sigfús SigurðssonISL13.660