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Shot Put, Women

Date 4 August 1948
LocationEmpire Stadium, Wembley, London
Participants19 from 12 countries

While overshadowed by Fanny Blankers-Koen’s four gold medals, the three Olympic medals won by Micheline Ostermeyer were just as remarkable. She doubled in winning the shot put and discus throw, and added a bronze in the high jump. In addition to these events, she was also a good sprinter and pentathlete. The Frenchwoman’s talents did not end there, as she was also a concert pianist. She had won several piano competitions, and graduated from the Conservatoire Nationale in 1948. Ostermeyer was not the best female shot putter on the 4th of August 1948, however. In the Soviet Union, which did not take part in the Olympics, a contest was organized which featured among others European Champion Tatyana Sevryukova. With 14.59 (47-10½), she set a new World Record, well ahead of the 13.75 (45-1½) that Ostermeyer achieved in London.

1748Micheline OstermeyerFRA13.140 (NP)13.750 (1)GoldOR
2808Amelia PiccininiITA– (NP)13.095 (2)Silver
3793Ine SchäfferAUT– (NP)13.080 (3)Bronze
4776Paulette VesteFRA– (NP)12.985 (4)
5Jaroslava KomárkováTCH– (NP)12.920 (5)
6804Anni BrukAUT– (NP)12.500 (6)
7810Marija RadosavljevićYUG– (NP)12.355 (7)
8779Bevis ReidGBR12.570 (NP)12.170 (8)
9771Ingeborg MelloARG– (NP)12.085 (9)
10807Paulette LaurentFRA– (NP)12.030 (10)
11809Eivor OlsonSWE12.620 (NP)11.840 (11)
12773Marianne SchlägerAUT– (NP)11.775 (12)
NP r1/2676Elisabeth MüllerBRA11.870 (NP)
NP r1/2778Elspeth WhyteGBR10.755 (NP)
NP r1/2777Margaret BirtwistleGBR9.740 (NP)
NP r1/2780Ans Panhorst-NiesinkNED11.180 (NP)
NP r1/2704Liv PaulsenNOR10.200 (NP)
NP r1/2789Frances KaszubskiUSA11.310 (NP)
NP r1/2788Dorothy DodsonUSA11.055 (NP)
DNS790Julija MatejYUG– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (4 August 1948 — 11:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 12.30 metres advanced to the final.

NPMicheline OstermeyerFRA13.140QOR
NPEivor OlsonSWE12.620Q
NPBevis ReidGBR12.570Q
NPAmelia PiccininiITAQ
NPIne SchäfferAUTQ
NPPaulette VesteFRAQ
NPJaroslava KomárkováTCHQ
NPMarija RadosavljevićYUGQ
NPIngeborg MelloARGQ
NPPaulette LaurentFRAQ
NPMarianne SchlägerAUTQ
NPElisabeth MüllerBRA11.870
NPFrances KaszubskiUSA11.310
NPAns Panhorst-NiesinkNED11.180
NPDorothy DodsonUSA11.055
NPElspeth WhyteGBR10.755
NPLiv PaulsenNOR10.200
NPMargaret BirtwistleGBR9.740
DNSJulija MatejYUG

Final Round (4 August 1948 — 17:00)

1Micheline OstermeyerFRA13.750OR
2Amelia PiccininiITA13.095
3Ine SchäfferAUT13.080
4Paulette VesteFRA12.985
5Jaroslava KomárkováTCH12.920
6Anni BrukAUT12.500
7Marija RadosavljevićYUG12.355
8Bevis ReidGBR12.170
9Ingeborg MelloARG12.085
10Paulette LaurentFRA12.030
11Eivor OlsonSWE11.840
12Marianne SchlägerAUT11.775