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Javelin Throw, Women

Date24 July 1952
LocationHelsingin Olympiastadion, Helsinki
Participants21 from 13 countries

The Soviet threesome of Aleksandra Chudina, Yelena Gorchakova, and Galina Zybina led the year lists, with Zybina, primarily a shot putter/discus thrower, having won bronze at the 1950 European Championships. Chudina was known as a multi-event athlete, but the women’s pentathlon was not an Olympic event until 1964. In round one, Czech Dana Zátopková opened with a PR of 50.47 (165-7) which would win her the gold medal, the three Soviets taking second thru fourth. Shortly before she won her gold medal, Zatopková’s husband, Emil Zátopek, won the 5,000 metres, and would win three distance running gold medals in Helsinki – 5K, 10K, and marathon. Dana Zatopková would set one world javelin record, 55.73 (182-10¼) in 1958 and won the European Championships in 1954 and 1958.

1912Dana ZátopkováTCH45.57 (3)50.47 (1)GoldOR
2489Aleksandra ChudinaURS46.17 (1)50.01 (2)Silver
3488Yelena GorchakovaURS45.18 (4)49.76 (3)Bronze
4490Galina ZybinaURS45.95 (2)48.35 (4)
5883Lily KelsbyDEN39.61 (13)46.23 (5)
6766Marlies MüllerGER44.99 (5)44.37 (6)
7592Maria CiachPOL39.96 (12)44.31 (7)
8765Jutta KrügerGER43.43 (6)44.30 (8)
9291Herma BaumaAUT43.07 (7)42.54 (9)
10967Estrella PuenteURU40.10 (11)41.44 (10)
11273Ada TurciITA39.31 (15)41.20 (11)
12764Inge BausenweinGER40.53 (9)41.16 (12)
131050Marjorie LarneyUSA41.44 (8)40.58 (13)
14836Anni RättyäFIN40.47 (10)40.56 (14)
15231Di CoatesGBR39.45 (14)40.17 (15)
16837Kaisa ParviainenFIN39.10 (17)39.82 (16)
17838Elsa TorikkaFIN39.27 (16)39.58 (17)
18 r1/288Gerda MartínCHI36.94 (18)
19 r1/2411Amalia YubiMEX35.59 (19)
AC r1/2292Gerda StaniekAUT– (NM)
AC r1/289Edith ThomasCHI– (NM)

Qualifying Round (24 July 1952 — 11:30)

All those reaching 38.00 metres advanced to the final.

13Aleksandra ChudinaURS46.1746.17--QOR
221Galina ZybinaURS45.9545.95--Q
320Dana ZátopkováTCH45.5745.57--Q
46Yelena GorchakovaURS45.1845.18--Q
511Marlies MüllerGER44.9944.99--Q
67Jutta KrügerGER43.4343.43--Q
71Herma BaumaAUT43.0737.1043.07-Q
89Marjorie LarneyUSA41.4441.44--Q
92Inge BausenweinGER40.53××40.53Q
1014Anni RättyäFIN40.4736.7440.47-Q
1113Estrella PuenteURU40.10××40.10Q
124Maria CiachPOL39.9639.96--Q
138Lily KelsbyDEN39.6139.61--Q
145Di CoatesGBR39.4539.45--Q
1518Ada TurciITA39.3139.31--Q
1615Elsa TorikkaFIN39.2737.3839.27-Q
1712Kaisa ParviainenFIN39.10×37.9039.10Q
1810Gerda MartínCHI36.94×36.9435.05
1919Amalia YubiMEX35.5933.0533.5135.59
NM17Edith ThomasCHI×××
NM16Gerda StaniekAUT×××

Final Round (24 July 1952 — 16:45)

15Dana ZátopkováTCH50.4750.4741.3446.2843.4545.6247.63OR
213Aleksandra ChudinaURS50.0146.7145.2047.52×49.6150.01
317Yelena GorchakovaURS49.7646.6749.7648.2745.2843.1043.28
42Galina ZybinaURS48.3544.8648.3547.2447.9447.8145.95
54Lily KelsbyDEN46.2346.2340.9045.5342.3844.8244.77
611Marlies MüllerGER44.37×44.37×43.21×43.08
73Maria CiachPOL44.3142.5543.5344.31
86Jutta KrügerGER44.3044.3042.1741.77
910Herma BaumaAUT42.5442.5442.2741.13
1015Estrella PuenteURU41.4439.4141.44×
1112Ada TurciITA41.2041.1541.2040.03
129Inge BausenweinGER41.1641.1639.6039.55
131Marjorie LarneyUSA40.58×40.5836.04
1416Anni RättyäFIN40.5640.3338.8540.56
1514Di CoatesGBR40.1740.1739.2838.55
167Kaisa ParviainenFIN39.8238.0339.82×
178Elsa TorikkaFIN39.5839.58×36.73