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10,000 metres, Men

Date23 November 1956 — 18:00
LocationMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants25 from 15 countries
FormatFinal only.

The favorites were Soviet Vladimir Kuts and Britain’s Gordon Pirie. Kuts had broken the world record in September 1956, but had been beaten by Pirie in July. Kuts set out in the Olympic race at a suicidal pace, passing 5,000 in 14:06.8, only 0.2 seconds off the Olympic record for that race. But he did not drop Pirie. Kuts then put on a series of surges followed by dramatic slowing of the pace, attempt to lose the Briton. Finally, Kuts almost came to a stop, forcing Pirie to take the lead. When he did so, he looked in Pirie’s face and realized he was almost ashen from the effort, and at 8 km. Kuts sprinted ahead, never again challenged by Pirie, who struggled home in 8th place. Hungary’s József Kovács ran a careful race, closing almost 60 metres in the last few laps.

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (H)Time (A)
1200Vladimir KutsURS28:45.628:45.59GoldOR1
2687József KovácsHUN28:52.428:52.36Silver
3178Al LawrenceAUS28:53.628:53.59Bronze
4218Zdzisław KrzyszkowiakPOL29:05.029:05.41
5210Ken NorrisGBR29:21.6
6199Ivan ChernyavskyURS29:31.6
7201Dave PowerAUS29:49.2
8189Gordon PirieGBR29:49.6
9186Herbert SchadeGER30:00.6
10211Frank SandoGBR30:05.0
11205Pavel KantorekTCH30:06.0
12184Alain MimounFRA30:18.0
13207Walter KonradGER30:30.0
14203Frans HermanBEL
15182Thyge ThøgersenDEN
16198Pyotr BolotnikovURS
17208Klaus PorbadnikGER
18216Gordon McKenzieUSA30:34.4
19194Rune ÅhlundSWE30:57.0
20202Dave StephensAUS
21215Dick HartUSA31:06.8
22183Ilmari TaipaleFIN31:10.6
23180Doug KyleCAN31:21.0
DNF197Max TruexUSA
DNF204Myitung NawMYA
DNS305Demissie GamatchoETH
DNS206Olavi RinteenpääFIN
DNS685Miklós SzabóHUN
DNS509Ali BaghbanbashiIRI
DNS190Arere AnentiaKEN
DNS212Kanuti SumKEN
DNS217Jerzy ChromikPOL
DNS214Jan BarnardRSA
DNS213Mercer DaviesRSA
DNS181Emil ZátopekTCH


1000 m2:43Vladimir Kuts
2000 m5:31Vladimir Kuts
3000 m8:26Vladimir Kuts
4000 m11:16Vladimir Kuts
5000 m14:07Vladimir Kuts
6000 m17:02Vladimir Kuts
7000 m20:01Vladimir Kuts
8000 m23:01Vladimir Kuts
9000 m25:53Vladimir Kuts