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20 kilometres Race Walk, Men

Date14 October 1968 — 16:50
LocationEstadio Olímpico Universitario, Ciudad de México
Participants34 from 20 countries

Volodymyr Holubnychiy won his third consecutive medal in the event, repeating his gold medal from 1960. But it did not come easy and the finish was the closest ever in the Olympics for this race. Entering the stadium, Holubnychiy had a slight lead over his teammate, Nikolay Smaga, but Mexico’s José Pedraza was only 30 metres behind as they got onto the track. The Mexican fans went crazy, cheering for Pedraza, who began closing quickly on the Soviets, with a technique that was of marginal legality. But no judge would have been brave enough to red flag Pedraza in front of 80,000 cheering spectators. Pedraza caught Smaga on the last turn and then began closing on Holubnychiy, and was by now in almost a full sprint. But Holubnychiy held off Pedraza, saving the officials from making a difficult decision. The three medalists finished within five seconds of one another.

11Vladimir GolubnichyURS1-33:58.4Gold
220José PedrazaMEX1-34:00.0Silver
331Nikolay SmagaURS1-34:03.4Bronze
44Rudy HaluzaUSA1-35:00.2
533Gerhard SperlingGDR1-35:27.2
616Otto BarchURS1-36:16.8
7Hans-Georg ReimannGDR1-36:31.4
8Stefan IngvarssonSWE1-36:43.4
9Leonida CaraiosifogluROU1-37:07.6
10Peter FrenkelGDR1-37:20.8
11Arthur JonesGBR1-37:32.0
12Pasquale BuscaITA1-37:32.0
13José OliverosMEX1-38:17
1435Antal KissHUN1-38:24
1533Stig LindbergSWE1-40:03
16Frank ClarkAUS1-40:06
17Tom DooleyUSA1-40:08
18Karl-Heinz MerschenzCAN1-40:11
19Charel SowaLUX1-40:17
20Eladio CamposMEX1-41:52
21Örjan AnderssonSWE1-41:58
22John WebbGBR1-42:51
23René PfisterSUI1-43:36
24Bob HughesGBR1-43:50
25Ron LairdUSA1-44:38
26Mieczysław RutynaPOL1-47:29
27Euclides CalzadoCUB1-49:27
28Julio OrtizGUA1-54:481
29Roberto CastellanosESA1-58:482
DQJulius MüllerFRG3
DNFJosé Esteban ValleNCA4
DNFCarlos VanegasNCA5
DNFFelix CappellaCAN6
DNFKazuo SaitoJPN7