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Shot Put, Men

Date23 – 24 July 1976
LocationStade olympique, Parc olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants23 from 17 countries

In 1976, Aleksandr Baryshnikov (URS) set the first world record with the new spin technique, throwing 22.00 (72-2¼) in Paris. But this had already been surpassed three times in 1975 by 1972 Olympian Brian Oldfield who was competing in the short-lived International Track Association (ITA), a professional league. He threw 22.11 (72-6½) in April 1975, and on 10 May 1975, recorded 22.86 or exactly 75 feet, a mark that would not be bettered until 1987. But as a professional he was, in 1976, not eligible for the Olympics. In Montréal, Baryshnikov led in round one with 20.53 (67-4¼), but American Al Feuerbach took over in round two with 20.55 (67-5¼). Baryshnikov responded in round three with 21.00 (68-10¾). In round five, Udo Beyer (GDR) threw 21.05 (69-0¾) to take the lead, and a few throwers later, Yevgeny Mironov (URS) followed with 21.03 (69-0) to move into second place. That settled the medals as nobody improved in the final round.

1386Udo BeyerGDR19.69 (9)21.05 (1)Gold
2892Yevgeny MironovURS20.26 (4)21.03 (2)Silver
3875Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS21.32 (1)21.00 (3)Bronze
4924Al FeuerbachUSA19.87 (6)20.55 (4)
5389Hans-Peter GiesGDR20.52 (2)20.47 (5)
6356Geoff CapesGBR20.40 (3)20.36 (6)
7971George WoodsUSA19.35 (12)20.26 (7)
8817Hans HöglundSWE19.76 (8)20.17 (8)
9960Pete ShmockUSA19.48 (10)19.89 (9)
10398Heinz-Joachim RothenburgGDR19.92 (5)19.79 (10)
11826Jaroslav BrabecTCH19.80 (7)19.62 (11)
12295Reijo StåhlbergFIN19.40 (11)18.99 (12)
13 r1/2436Ralf ReichenbachFRG19.31 (13)
14 r1/2310Yves BrouzetFRA19.14 (14)
15 r1/2527Hreinn HalldórssonISL18.93 (15)
16 r1/2979Ivan IvančićYUG18.88 (16)
17 r1/2808Hans AlmströmSWE18.76 (17)
18 r1/2100Jos SchroederBEL18.33 (18)
19 r1/2799Jean-Pierre EggerSUI18.13 (19)
20 r1/2167Bruce PirnieCAN17.82 (20)
21 r1/219Juan Adolfo TurriARG17.76 (21)
22 r1/2624Mohamed Al-ZinkawiKUW13.17 (22)
23 r1/221Saad Al-BishiKSA11.68 (23)
DNS146Bishop DolegiewiczCAN– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (23 July 1976 — 10:15)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 19.40 metres advanced to the final.

1Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS21.32QOR
2Hans-Peter GiesGDR20.52Q
3Geoff CapesGBR20.40Q
4Yevgeny MironovURS20.26Q
5Heinz-Joachim RothenburgGDR19.92Q
6Al FeuerbachUSA19.87Q
7Jaroslav BrabecTCH19.80Q
8Hans HöglundSWE19.76Q
9Udo BeyerGDR19.69Q
10Pete ShmockUSA19.48Q
11Reijo StåhlbergFIN19.40Q
12George WoodsUSA19.35q
13Ralf ReichenbachFRG19.31
14Yves BrouzetFRA19.14
15Hreinn HalldórssonISL18.93
16Ivan IvančićYUG18.88
17Hans AlmströmSWE18.76
18Jos SchroederBEL18.33
19Jean-Pierre EggerSUI18.13
20Bruce PirnieCAN17.82
21Juan Adolfo TurriARG17.76
22Mohamed Al-ZinkawiKUW13.17
23Saad Al-BishiKSA11.68
DNSBishop DolegiewiczCAN

Qualifying Round, Group A (23 July 1976)

111Hans-Peter GiesGDR20.5220.52--
26Geoff CapesGBR20.4020.40--
35Hans HöglundSWE19.7619.3019.76-
412Udo BeyerGDR19.6919.69--
58Pete ShmockUSA19.4819.48--
63George WoodsUSA19.3519.2519.2719.35
77Yves BrouzetFRA19.1418.5918.7519.14
81Ivan IvančićYUG18.8818.8818.8018.75
92Bruce PirnieCAN17.82×17.82×
104Mohamed Al-ZinkawiKUW13.1713.17××
1110Saad Al-BishiKSA11.6810.8911.68×
DNS9Bishop DolegiewiczCAN

Qualifying Round, Group B (23 July 1976)

19Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS21.3221.32--OR
23Yevgeny MironovURS20.2618.9720.26-
31Heinz-Joachim RothenburgGDR19.9219.92--
411Al FeuerbachUSA19.8719.87--
510Jaroslav BrabecTCH19.8019.80--
612Reijo StåhlbergFIN19.4019.0819.2619.40
75Ralf ReichenbachFRG19.3119.1319.3118.56
88Hreinn HalldórssonISL18.93×18.9318.55
97Hans AlmströmSWE18.7618.3118.76×
106Jos SchroederBEL18.3317.7817.9218.33
112Jean-Pierre EggerSUI18.1318.06×18.13
124Juan Adolfo TurriARG17.7617.2416.7917.76

Final Round (24 July 1976 — 15:00)

13Udo BeyerGDR21.0520.3820.5020.49×21.0520.45
210Yevgeny MironovURS21.0319.6720.3820.1420.1721.0320.66
36Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS21.0020.5320.2721.0020.9620.58×
412Al FeuerbachUSA20.5519.7420.5520.0720.2120.1020.32
58Hans-Peter GiesGDR20.4719.9820.1920.4720.4520.1120.13
65Geoff CapesGBR20.3620.1520.2120.3620.3220.31×
77George WoodsUSA20.2620.1319.9720.2020.26×19.87
811Hans HöglundSWE20.1720.1720.1019.8519.61××
99Pete ShmockUSA19.8919.7719.8919.26
101Heinz-Joachim RothenburgGDR19.7919.2619.79×
114Jaroslav BrabecTCH19.6219.5319.62×
122Reijo StåhlbergFIN18.9918.7818.9918.82