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High Jump, Women

Date26 – 28 July 1976
LocationStade olympique, Parc olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants35 from 23 countries

The top jumper since München had been East German Rosemarie Witschas-Ackermann. She was European Champion in 1974 and broke the world record twice in 1974 and again in May 1976. Eight jumpers were alive after 1.87 metres (6-1½), and there were still three left thru 1.89 (6-2¼), with Ackermann surprisingly missing her first jump at that height. But at 1.91 (6-3¼) she and Sara Simeoni (ITA) had first attempt successes, while Yordanka Blagoyeva (BUL), silver medalist in 1972, missed her first attempt before clearing. At 1.93 (6-4) Ackermann won the gold medal with a second-attempt clearance. Ackermann won as a straddle jumper, the last high jumper, male or female, to win Olympic gold using that technique.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1132Rosie AckermannGDR1.80 (15)1.93 (1)GoldOR
2228Sara SimeoniITA1.80 (=4)1.91 (2)Silver
342Yordanka BlagoevaBUL1.80 (=4)1.91 (3)Bronze
4314Mária MračnováTCH1.80 (=16)1.89 (4)
5368Joni HuntleyUSA1.80 (=2)1.89 (5)
6350Tatyana ShlyakhtoURS1.80 (=4)1.87 (6)
7309Annette TånnanderSWE1.80 (=18)1.87 (7)
8292Cornelia PopaROU1.80 (13)1.87 (8)
9203Andrea MátayHUN1.80 (=4)1.87 (9)
1075Julie WhiteCAN1.80 (=4)1.87 (10)
11176Brigitte HolzapfelFRG1.80 (1)1.87 (11)
=12199Ria AhlersNED1.80 (=4)1.84 (=12)
=12335Galina FilatovaURS1.80 (=2)1.84 (=12)
=12392Snežana HrepevnikYUG1.80 (=4)1.84 (=12)
=15100Susann SundqvistFIN1.80 (=18)1.84 (=15)
=15102Marie-Christine DebourseFRA1.80 (=4)1.84 (=15)
1729Anne-Marie PiraBEL1.80 (=4)1.84 (17)
18367Paula GirvenUSA1.80 (21)1.84 (18)
19313Milada KarbanováTCH1.80 (=18)1.81 (19)
2072Louise WalkerCAN1.80 (14)1.78 (20)
21236Audrey ReidJAM1.80 (=16)1.78 (21)
=22 r1/2179Ulrike MeyfarthFRG1.78 (=22)
=22 r1/2147Rita KirstGDR1.78 (=22)
24 r1/2217Donatella BulfoniITA1.75 (24)
=25 r1/239Maria Luíza BetioliBRA1.75 (=25)
=25 r1/2310Věra BradáčováTCH1.75 (=25)
=27 r1/2239Mikiko SoneJPN1.70 (=27)
=27 r1/2253Astrid TveitNOR1.70 (=27)
=27 r1/2345Nadezhda MarinenkoURS1.70 (=27)
=27 r1/2384Pam SpencerUSA1.70 (=27)
31 r1/2130Moira WallsGBR1.70 (31)
AC r1/260Debbie BrillCAN– (NH)
AC r1/2111Denise BrownGBR– (NH)
AC r1/2211Disa GísladóttirISL– (NH)
AC r1/2304Giuseppina GrassiSMR– (NH)

Qualifying Round (26 July 1976 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 1.80 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts
1Brigitte HolzapfelFRG1.80002Q
=2Galina FilatovaURS1.80003Q
=2Joni HuntleyUSA1.80003Q
=4Anne-Marie PiraBEL1.80004Q
=4Yordanka BlagoevaBUL1.80004Q
=4Julie WhiteCAN1.80004Q
=4Marie-Christine DebourseFRA1.80004Q
=4Andrea MátayHUN1.80004Q
=4Sara SimeoniITA1.80004Q
=4Ria AhlersNED1.80004Q
=4Tatyana ShlyakhtoURS1.80004Q
=4Snežana HrepevnikYUG1.80004Q
13Cornelia PopaROU1.80015Q
14Louise WalkerCAN1.80026Q
15Rosie AckermannGDR1.80114Q
=16Audrey ReidJAM1.80115Q
=16Mária MračnováTCH1.80115Q
=18Susann SundqvistFIN1.80126Q
=18Annette TånnanderSWE1.80126Q
=18Milada KarbanováTCH1.80126Q
21Paula GirvenUSA1.80137Q
=22Rita KirstGDR1.78014
=22Ulrike MeyfarthFRG1.78014
24Donatella BulfoniITA1.75002
=25Maria Luíza BetioliBRA1.75224
=25Věra BradáčováTCH1.75224
=27Mikiko SoneJPN1.70001
=27Astrid TveitNOR1.70001
=27Nadezhda MarinenkoURS1.70001
=27Pam SpencerUSA1.70001
31Moira WallsGBR1.70112
NHDebbie BrillCAN
NHDenise BrownGBR
NHDisa GísladóttirISL
NHGiuseppina GrassiSMR

Qualifying Round, Group A (26 July 1976)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.70 m1.75 m1.78 m1.80 m
1Brigitte HolzapfelFRG1.80002--oo
=2Galina FilatovaURS1.80003-ooo
=2Joni HuntleyUSA1.80003oo-o
=4Anne-Marie PiraBEL1.80004oooo
=4Yordanka BlagoevaBUL1.80004oooo
=4Marie-Christine DebourseFRA1.80004oooo
=4Sara SimeoniITA1.80004oooo
=4Ria AhlersNED1.80004oooo
=4Tatyana ShlyakhtoURS1.80004oooo
10Cornelia PopaROU1.80015oxooo
11Rosie AckermannGDR1.80114-ooxo
12Mária MračnováTCH1.80115oooxo
13Milada KarbanováTCH1.80126ooxoxo
=14Rita KirstGDR1.78014xoooxxx
=14Ulrike MeyfarthFRG1.78014xoooxxx
16Věra BradáčováTCH1.75224oxxoxxx
17Nadezhda MarinenkoURS1.70001oxxx
NHDebbie BrillCAN

Qualifying Round, Group B (26 July 1976)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.70 m1.75 m1.78 m1.80 m
=1Julie WhiteCAN1.80004oooo
=1Andrea MátayHUN1.80004oooo
=1Snežana HrepevnikYUG1.80004oooo
4Louise WalkerCAN1.80026oxxooo
5Audrey ReidJAM1.80115oooxo
=6Susann SundqvistFIN1.80126oxooxo
=6Annette TånnanderSWE1.80126oxooxo
8Paula GirvenUSA1.80137ooxxoxo
9Donatella BulfoniITA1.75002ooxxx
10Maria Luíza BetioliBRA1.75224oxxoxxx
=11Mikiko SoneJPN1.70001oxxx
=11Astrid TveitNOR1.70001oxxx
=11Pam SpencerUSA1.70001oxxx
14Moira WallsGBR1.70112xoxxx
NHDenise BrownGBR
NHDisa GísladóttirISL
NHGiuseppina GrassiSMR

Final Round (28 July 1976 — 14:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts1.70 m1.75 m1.78 m1.81 m1.84 m1.87 m1.89 m1.91 m1.93 m1.97 m
1Rosie AckermannGDR1.93129-o-oooxooxoxxxOR
2Sara SimeoniITA1.91007-oooooooxxx
3Yordanka BlagoevaBUL1.91117--oooooxoxxx
4Mária MračnováTCH1.89005-o-ooooxxx
5Joni HuntleyUSA1.891410-xooxxoooxoxxx
6Tatyana ShlyakhtoURS1.87006ooooooxxx
7Annette TånnanderSWE1.87117oooooxoxxx
8Cornelia PopaROU1.87226--oooxxoxxx
9Andrea MátayHUN1.87227-ooooxxoxxx
10Julie WhiteCAN1.87239oxooooxxoxxx
11Brigitte HolzapfelFRG1.87247---xxooxxoxxx
=12Ria AhlersNED1.84015-ooxooxxx
=12Galina FilatovaURS1.84015-oxoooxxx
=12Snežana HrepevnikYUG1.84015-ooxooxxx
=15Susann SundqvistFIN1.84114-o-oxoxxx
=15Marie-Christine DebourseFRA1.84114-o-oxoxxx
17Anne-Marie PiraBEL1.84115-oooxoxxx
18Paula GirvenUSA1.84248oo-xxoxxoxxx
19Milada KarbanováTCH1.81236-oxoxxoxxx
20Louise WalkerCAN1.78114ooxoxxx
21Audrey ReidJAM1.78125oxoxoxxx