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Shot Put, Men

Date28 – 30 July 1980
LocationBolshaya arena, Tsentralny stadion imeni V.I. Lenina, Moskva
Participants16 from 11 countries
Olympic Record 21.32 / Aleksandr Baryshnikov URS / 23 July 1976

The American boycott had minimal effect as the best throwers were now East Germans and Soviets. Brian Oldfield (USA) was a reinstated amateur and may have challenged. Udo Beyer had won the 1978 European Championship, was the defending champion, and was the world record holder. But he would win only a bronze medal. Aleksandr Baryshnikov (URS) moved up from his 1976 bronze to win silver in 1980. The winner was a big surprise. Vladimir Kiselyov (URS) opened with 21.10 (69-2¾), only three centimeters off his PR, and that was good enough for the gold medal. But he would improve in the final round to 21.35 (70-0½), securing the gold, and surpassing 70-feet for the first time at the Olympics. Kiselyev would never medal again at any major international competition.

1708Vladimir KiselyovURS20.72 (1)21.35 (1)GoldOR
2690Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS20.58 (2)21.08 (2)Silver
3295Udo BeyerGDR19.94 (6)21.06 (3)Bronze
4218Reijo StåhlbergFIN20.53 (4)20.82 (4)
5253Geoff CapesGBR19.75 (8)20.50 (5)
6311Hans-Jürgen JacobiGDR19.92 (7)20.32 (6)
7666Jaromír VlkTCH19.69 (10)20.24 (7)
8759Vladimir MilićYUG20.56 (3)20.07 (8)
9477Anatoly YaroshURS20.19 (5)19.93 (9)
10417Hreinn HalldórssonISL19.74 (9)19.55 (10)
11418Óskar JakobssonISL19.66 (11)19.07 (11)
12611Jean-Pierre EggerSUI19.61 (12)18.90 (12)
13 r1/289Nikola KhristovBUL19.01 (13)
14 r1/2458Mohamed Al-ZinkawiKUW17.15 (14)
15 r1/2395Bahadur SinghIND17.05 (15)
AC r1/297Valcho StoevBUL– (AC)

Qualifying Round (28 July 1980 — 10:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 19.60 metres advanced to the final.

116Vladimir KiselyovURS20.7220.72--Q
23Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS20.5820.58--Q
39Vladimir MilićYUG20.5620.56--Q
410Reijo StåhlbergFIN20.5320.53--Q
513Anatoly YaroshURS20.1920.19--Q
67Udo BeyerGDR19.9419.94--Q
714Hans-Jürgen JacobiGDR19.9219.1519.5719.92Q
88Geoff CapesGBR19.7519.75--Q
91Hreinn HalldórssonISL19.7419.2919.74-Q
106Jaromír VlkTCH19.6919.5819.69-Q
1112Óskar JakobssonISL19.6619.30×19.66Q
1215Jean-Pierre EggerSUI19.6119.61--Q
135Nikola KhristovBUL19.0117.8218.9419.01
144Mohamed Al-ZinkawiKUW17.1517.15×17.03
1511Bahadur SinghIND17.0517.0516.9116.72
AC2Valcho StoevBUL×××NM

Final Round (30 July 1980 — 18:35)

14Vladimir KiselyovURS21.3521.1020.8621.0321.0321.0021.35OR
28Aleksandr BaryshnikovURS21.0820.2021.0820.6620.39××
36Udo BeyerGDR21.06×20.7021.0620.98××
45Reijo StåhlbergFIN20.8219.83×20.2019.6320.8220.58
53Geoff CapesGBR20.5020.50×19.47×19.6919.23
62Hans-Jürgen JacobiGDR20.3220.32×19.8019.50×20.00
710Jaromír VlkTCH20.2420.24×19.7719.6219.8420.01
812Vladimir MilićYUG20.0720.07×19.69×20.06×
99Anatoly YaroshURS19.9319.6319.93×
107Hreinn HalldórssonISL19.5519.5518.9919.16
111Óskar JakobssonISL19.0719.07××
1211Jean-Pierre EggerSUI18.9018.2518.2618.90