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Discus Throw, Women

Date31 July – 1 August 1980
LocationBolshaya arena, Tsentralny stadion imeni V.I. Lenina, Moskva
Participants17 from 10 countries

The American-led boycott had absolutely no impact on the outcome of this event. After winning the 1976 gold medal in an upset, Evelin Jahl had become the top discus thrower in the world, winning the 1978 European Championships and setting two world records, one in 1978 and one earlier in 1980. But only a few weeks before Moskva, Bulgaria’s Mariya Petkova had broken Jahl’s record with 71.80 (235-6¾). Jahl took the lead in the second round with 69.76 (228-10½) and that would be good enough to win, although she improved to 69.96 (229-6½) in the next round. Petkova led after the first round with 67.68 (222-0¾), but was pushed back to second by Jahl’s second round throw, who held onto that position and improved in the final round with 67.90 (222-9¼) to seal the gold medal.

1116Evelin JahlGDR60.22 (8)69.96 (1)GoldOR
237Mariya PetkovaBUL65.02 (2)67.90 (2)Silver
3274Tatyana LesovayaURS62.20 (4)67.40 (3)Bronze
4108Gisela BeyerGDR62.86 (3)67.08 (4)
5130Margitta PufeGDR65.52 (1)66.12 (5)
6224Florenţa ŢacuROU60.40 (6)64.38 (6)
7279Galina MurašovaURS60.32 (7)63.84 (7)
823Svetla BozhkovaBUL60.84 (5)63.14 (8)
9100Meg RitchieGBR58.66 (10)61.16 (9)
1056Carmen RomeroCUB58.60 (11)60.86 (10)
11251Zdeňka BartoňováTCH59.48 (9)57.78 (11)
12152Ágnes HerczeghHUN57.80 (12)55.06 (12)
13 r1/253María BetancourtCUB57.62 (13)
14 r1/2148Katalin CsőkeHUN57.38 (14)
15 r1/25Gael MulhallAUS54.90 (15)
16 r1/2277Faina MelnikURS53.76 (16)
AC r1/2190Ludovina de OliveiraMOZ– (NM)
DNS68Ulla LundholmFIN– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (31 July 1980 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 60.00 metres advanced to the final.

116Margitta PufeGDR65.5265.52--Q
211Mariya PetkovaBUL65.0265.02--Q
313Gisela BeyerGDR62.8662.86--Q
414Tatyana LesovayaURS62.2062.20--Q
59Svetla BozhkovaBUL60.8458.9660.84-Q
618Florenţa ŢacuROU60.4060.40--Q
77Galina MurašovaURS60.3254.5660.32-Q
83Evelin JahlGDR60.2257.8660.22-Q
915Zdeňka BartoňováTCH59.48×59.4857.78q
104Meg RitchieGBR58.6658.66××q
112Carmen RomeroCUB58.60××58.60q
1212Ágnes HerczeghHUN57.8057.8053.7456.86q
135María BetancourtCUB57.6254.16×57.62
1417Katalin CsőkeHUN57.38×56.8457.38
158Gael MulhallAUS54.9054.9054.5853.32
1610Faina MelnikURS53.7651.6453.76×
NM1Ludovina de OliveiraMOZ×××
DNS6Ulla LundholmFIN

Final Round (1 August 1980 — 17:00)

12Evelin JahlGDR69.9666.1469.7669.9668.4468.5266.66OR
210Mariya PetkovaBUL67.9067.6865.3667.6665.5667.6867.90
38Tatyana LesovayaURS67.4064.12×65.7264.8467.4066.20
44Gisela BeyerGDR67.0867.0860.54××66.4865.56
59Margitta PufeGDR66.1251.7264.8461.2458.70×66.12
66Florenţa ŢacuROU64.38×64.06×63.9264.1664.38
77Galina MurašovaURS63.8461.3661.4663.84×63.02×
85Svetla BozhkovaBUL63.1456.8263.1461.70×59.5461.26
911Meg RitchieGBR61.16×60.7261.16
1012Carmen RomeroCUB60.8660.8659.4460.06
113Zdeňka BartoňováTCH57.7856.9657.7457.78
121Ágnes HerczeghHUN55.06×55.06×