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4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay, Men

Date31 August 1972
LocationSchwimmhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants67 from 14 countries

The United States was considered unbeatable, as Mark Spitz was looking to win his fifth gold medal in Munich. One hour before the final he had won gold in the 100 butterfly. The US sent out there B team for the prelims, but they still posted the fastest qualifier by 2.61 seconds over Australia. The opening leg of the final was a shocker, however, as Soviet swimmer Igor Grivennikov led American John Kinsella by half a bodylength. On the second leg, Fred Tyler gave the Americans a bodylength lead over West Germany at 400 metres, the Soviets dropping back. But Steve Genter then put the race away with a 1:52.78 split to give Spitz a big lead for the anchor. Spitz came home in a somewhat pedestrian 1:54.24 but it was good enough for the gold medal, a world record 7:35.78, and nearly a six-second margin over the West Germans. The USSR held on to win the bronze medal.

1United StatesUSA7:46.42 (1 h2)7:35.78 (1)Gold
John KinsellaFred TylerSteve GenterMark SpitzGary ConellyTom McBreenMike Burton
2West GermanyFRG7:53.98 (4 h2)7:41.69 (2)Silver
Klaus SteinbachWerner LampeHans-Günther VosselerHans FaßnachtGerhard SchillerFolkert Meeuw
3Soviet UnionURS7:51.44 (3 h2)7:45.76 (3)Bronze
Igor GrivennikovViktor MazanovGeorgijs KuļikovsVladimir BureViktor AboimovAleksandr Samsonov
4SwedenSWE7:57.54 (5 h2)7:47.37 (4)
Bengt GingsjöHans LjungbergAnders BellbringGunnar LarssonRolf Pettersson (DNS)
5AustraliaAUS7:49.03 (1 h1)7:48.66 (5)
Mike WendenGraham WindeattRobert NayBrad CooperBruce FeatherstonGraham White
6East GermanyGDR7:51.11 (2 h2)7:49.11 (6)
Wilfried HartungPeter BruchUdo PoserLutz UngerRoger Pyttel
7CanadaCAN7:57.69 (2 h1)7:53.61 (7)
Bruce RobertsonBrian PhillipsIan MacKenzieRalph HuttonDean Buckborough
8Great BritainGBR7:58.33 (3 h1)7:55.59 (8)
Brian BrinkleyJohn MillsMichael BaileyColin CunninghamRaymond Terrell (DNS)
9FranceFRA8:00.79 (6 h2)
Pierre CalandPierre-Yves CopinJean-Jacques MoineMichel RousseauGilles Vigne (DNS)
10NetherlandsNED8:00.87 (4 h1)
Peter PrijdekkerBert BergsmaRoger van HamburgHans Elzerman
11ItalyITA8:03.98 (7 h2)
Roberto PangaroArnaldo CinquettiLorenzo MarugoRiccardo TargettiSandro Grassi (DNS)
12MexicoMEX8:08.39 (5 h1)
Guillermo GarcíaRoberto StraussJosé Luis PradoJorge Urreta
13BrazilBRA8:17.91 (6 h1)
FedolaRuy OliveiraPaulo ZanettiJosé Roberto Aranha
14PhilippinesPHI8:44.01 (7 h1)
Luis Ayesa (DNS)Dae ImlaniEdwin BorjaCarlos BrosasJairulla Jaitulla
DNSEl SalvadorESA– (DNS h2)
Antonio FerracutiSergio HasbúnTomás RengifoSalvador Vilanova
Jorge DelgadoFernando GonzálezEduardo OrejuelaDaniel Pinargote
Ken BorainPaul BrosterRod HamiltonAndrew Young

Round One (31 August 1972 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 m100 m150 mTimeExchange (Pos)
Graham Windeatt1:57.341:57.34 (1)
Bruce Featherston1:58.423:55.76 (1)
Graham White1:58.085:53.84 (1)
Mike Wenden1:55.187:49.04 (1)
Ralph Hutton1:57.971:57.97 (3)
Dean Buckborough2:00.203:58.17 (3)
Ian MacKenzie1:59.545:57.71 (2)
Brian Phillips1:59.977:57.68 (2)
3Great BritainGBR7:58.33Q
Brian Brinkley1:57.491:57.49 (2)
John Mills1:59.033:56.52 (2)
Michael Bailey2:01.355:57.87 (3)
Colin Cunningham2:00.447:58.31 (3)
Peter Prijdekker1:59.401:59.40 (5)
Bert Bergsma1:59.563:58.96 (4)
Roger van Hamburg2:00.385:59.34 (4)
Hans Elzerman2:01.528:00.86 (4)
Guillermo García1:58.581:58.58 (4)
Roberto Strauss2:02.904:01.48 (5)
José Luis Prado2:04.936:06.41 (5)
Jorge Urreta2:01.978:08.38 (5)
Fedola2:01.202:01.20 (6)
Ruy Oliveira2:02.064:03.26 (6)
Paulo Zanetti2:05.856:09.11 (6)
José Roberto Aranha2:08.808:17.91 (6)
Dae Imlani2:06.232:06.23 (7)
Edwin Borja2:14.314:20.54 (7)
Carlos Brosas2:15.926:36.46 (7)
Jairulla Jaitulla2:07.548:44.00 (7)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 m100 m150 mTimeExchange (Pos)
1United StatesUSA7:46.42QOR
Gary Conelly1:54.111:54.11 (1)
Tom McBreen1:57.343:51.45 (1)
Mike Burton1:57.735:49.18 (1)
John Kinsella1:57.237:46.41 (1)
2East GermanyGDR7:51.11Q
Wilfried Hartung1:57.751:57.75 (3)
Udo Poser1:57.393:55.14 (2)
Roger Pyttel1:58.325:53.46 (2)
Lutz Unger1:57.647:51.10 (2)
3Soviet UnionURS7:51.44Q
Viktor Aboimov1:58.921:58.92 (4)
Aleksandr Samsonov1:57.833:56.75 (4)
Viktor Mazanov1:56.935:53.68 (3)
Georgijs Kuļikovs1:57.747:51.42 (3)
4West GermanyFRG7:53.98Q
Hans Faßnacht1:57.701:57.70 (2)
Gerhard Schiller1:58.123:55.82 (3)
Folkert Meeuw1:58.465:54.28 (4)
Hans-Günther Vosseler1:59.697:53.97 (4)
Hans Ljungberg2:00.392:00.39 (7)
Bengt Gingsjö1:57.463:57.85 (5)
Anders Bellbring1:59.065:56.91 (5)
Gunnar Larsson2:00.627:57.53 (5)
Pierre Caland1:59.911:59.91 (5)
Pierre-Yves Copin2:03.164:03.07 (7)
Jean-Jacques Moine2:01.456:04.52 (7)
Michel Rousseau1:56.268:00.78 (6)
Roberto Pangaro2:00.312:00.31 (6)
Arnaldo Cinquetti2:01.394:01.70 (6)
Lorenzo Marugo2:01.816:03.51 (6)
Riccardo Targetti2:00.468:03.97 (7)
DNSEl SalvadorESA
Antonio Ferracuti (DNS)– (–)
Sergio Hasbún (DNS)– (–)
Tomás Rengifo (DNS)– (–)
Salvador Vilanova (DNS)– (–)

Final (31 August 1972 — 18:20)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 m100 m150 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA7:35.78WR
John Kinsella1:54.491:54.49 (1)
Fred Tyler1:54.323:48.81 (2)
Steve Genter1:52.725:41.53 (1)
Mark Spitz1:54.247:35.77 (1)
22West GermanyFRG7:41.69
Klaus Steinbach1:54.621:54.62 (2)
Werner Lampe1:53.493:48.11 (1)
Hans-Günther Vosseler1:57.455:45.56 (2)
Hans Faßnacht1:56.117:41.67 (2)
36Soviet UnionURS7:45.76
Igor Grivennikov1:56.241:56.24 (3)
Viktor Mazanov1:57.283:53.52 (4)
Georgijs Kuļikovs1:56.925:50.44 (3)
Vladimir Bure1:55.307:45.74 (3)
Bengt Gingsjö1:56.881:56.88 (7)
Hans Ljungberg1:59.183:56.06 (7)
Anders Bellbring1:57.455:53.51 (6)
Gunnar Larsson1:53.847:47.35 (4)
Mike Wenden1:56.411:56.41 (4)
Graham Windeatt1:57.033:53.44 (3)
Robert Nay1:57.685:51.12 (4)
Brad Cooper1:57.547:48.66 (5)
63East GermanyGDR7:49.11
Wilfried Hartung1:56.761:56.76 (6)
Peter Bruch1:58.883:55.64 (5)
Udo Poser1:56.845:52.48 (5)
Lutz Unger1:56.617:49.09 (6)
Bruce Robertson1:57.551:57.55 (8)
Brian Phillips2:00.463:58.01 (8)
Ian MacKenzie1:57.425:55.43 (8)
Ralph Hutton1:58.177:53.60 (7)
88Great BritainGBR7:55.59
Brian Brinkley1:56.751:56.75 (5)
John Mills1:58.913:55.66 (6)
Michael Bailey1:59.615:55.27 (7)
Colin Cunningham2:00.307:55.57 (8)1