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1,000 metres, Men

Date17 February 1998
LocationWhite Ring, Nagano
Participants30 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 1:29.58 / Lee Jun-Ho KOR / 22 February 1994

South Koreans had won the previous two editions of this event, and another South Korean was expected to win in Nagano. At the 1997 World Championships, held at the Olympic venue, then junior Kim Dong-Seong had claimed the title, winning the 1,000 m in the process. But that race had seen a disputed disqualification of his chief opponent, Marc Gagnon of Canada. Gagnon had later lowered the world record to 1:28.230, proving his capabilities in the event.

But Gagnon failed to make the semi-finals, being disqualified for obstructing Lee Jun-Hwan in their quarter-final heat. The semi-finals then saw the 1994 500 m champion, Chae Ji-Hun also out due to disqualification. Kim, however, did make the final, along with Li Jiajun of China, 33-year-old “veteran” Andy Gabel (USA) and Éric Bédard (Canada). In the final, Li was in the lead most of the way, ,Kim snuck up from behind on the final curve to edge his blade over the line first.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
1132Kim Dong-SeongKORGold
2114Li JiajunCHNSilver
3106Éric BédardCANBronze
4147Andy GabelUSA
5155Naoya TamuraJPN
6127Fabio CartaITA
7135Lee Jun-HwanKOR
8122Matt JasperGBR
9156Satoru TeraoJPN91:32.636
10131Chae Ji-HunKOR8DQ
11108François DroletCAN71:32.513
12144Martin JohanssonSWE61:33.047
13150Rusty SmithUSA61:39.775
14112An YulongCHN51:29.784
15157Hitoshi UematsuJPN5DQ
16109Marc GagnonCAN3DQ
17117Bruno LoscosFRA21:30.805
18113Feng KaiCHN21:31.724
19119Arian NachbarGER21:32.493
20139Dave VersteegNED21:32.748
21101Steven BradburyAUS21:33.108
22121Nicky GoochGBR21:33.638
23140Han Sang-GukPRK21:34.220
24145Yevhen YakovlevUKR21:36.005
25148Scott KoonsUSA11:31.110
26142Yun CholPRK11:33.133
27143Maciej PryczekPOL11:33.555
28118Ludovic MathieuFRA11:36.076
29137Boldyn SansarbilegMGL11:39.913
30125Michele AntonioliITA0DQ

Round One (17 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (19:00)

12Chae Ji-HunKOR1:35.2405Q
21Satoru TeraoJPN1:35.3233Q
33Yevhen YakovlevUKR1:36.0052
44Ludovic MathieuFRA1:36.0761

Heat Two (19:04)

12Naoya TamuraJPN1:31.1685Q
21Fabio CartaITA1:31.3153Q
33Arian NachbarGER1:32.4932
44Maciej PryczekPOL1:33.5551

Heat Three (19:08)

12Martin JohanssonSWE1:31.5155Q
23Andy GabelUSA1:31.6723Q
31Feng KaiCHN1:31.7242
44Yun CholPRK1:33.1331

Heat Four (19:12)

11Lee Jun-HwanKOR1:32.8795Q
23Éric BédardCAN1:32.9753Q
32Steven BradburyAUS1:33.1082

Heat Five (19:16)

13François DroletCAN1:32.9495Q
21Kim Dong-SeongKOR1:33.0393Q
32Nicky GoochGBR1:33.6382

Heat Six (19:20)

13Matt JasperGBR1:32.7095Q
22An YulongCHN1:32.7313Q
31Dave VersteegNED1:32.7482
44Boldyn SansarbilegMGL1:39.9131

Heat Seven (19:24)

12Hitoshi UematsuJPN1:30.4665Q
21Marc GagnonCAN1:30.4763Q
33Bruno LoscosFRA1:30.8052
44Scott KoonsUSA1:31.1101

Heat Eight (19:28)

12Rusty SmithUSA1:33.3265Q
21Li JiajunCHN1:34.0233Q
34Han Sang-GukPRK1:34.2202
DQ3Michele AntonioliITA

Quarter-Finals (17 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (20:00)

14Satoru TeraoJPN1:29.3985QOR
21Matt JasperGBR1:31.7983Q
32Lee Jun-HwanKOR1:38.1152ADV
DQ3Marc GagnonCAN

Heat Two (20:04)

13Fabio CartaITA1:32.3585Q
24Kim Dong-SeongKOR1:32.4233Q
32François DroletCAN1:32.5132
41Martin JohanssonSWE1:33.0471

Heat Three (20:08)

11Naoya TamuraJPN1:29.5095Q
24Éric BédardCAN1:29.6223Q
33An YulongCHN1:29.7842
42Rusty SmithUSA1:39.7751

Heat Four (20:12)

14Li JiajunCHN1:34.5105Q
22Chae Ji-HunKOR1:34.9023Q
33Andy GabelUSA1:35.6412ADV
DQ1Hitoshi UematsuJPN

Semi-Finals (17 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (20:40)

15Andy GabelUSA1:32.9855Q
24Éric BédardCAN1:36.2333Q
32Fabio CartaITA1:39.4022QB
41Naoya TamuraJPN1:42.9081QB
DQ3Chae Ji-HunKOR

Heat Two (20:44)

15Kim Dong-SeongKOR1:32.0365Q
23Li JiajunCHN1:32.1833Q
32Matt JasperGBR1:32.5492QB
44Lee Jun-HwanKOR1:32.6341QB
51Satoru TeraoJPN1:32.636

Final Round (17 February 1998 — 21:15)

B Final (21:10)

11Naoya TamuraJPN1:32.927
23Fabio CartaITA1:33.015
34Lee Jun-HwanKOR1:33.131
42Matt JasperGBR1:34.285

A Final (21:15)

11Kim Dong-SeongKOR1:32.375
22Li JiajunCHN1:32.428
34Éric BédardCAN1:32.661
43Andy GabelUSA1:33.518