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Decathlon, Men

Date27 – 28 September 2000
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants38 from 23 countries
FormatScoring by 1985 point tables.

Tomáš Dvořák of the Czech Republic had won the 1997 and 1999 World Championships. In 1999 he had scared the 9,000 barrier with a world-record 8,994 points in Praha. In June 2000 he would show his form by winning at Götzis with 8,900 points, which would lead the world list for 2000. He was favored in Sydney, with only Estonia’s Erki Nool, 1998 European Champion, given much chance against him. Nool was world-ranked #2 in both 1998-99, trailing Dvořák in 1999. American, Chris Huffins, a top sprinter/jumper, won the 100 in 10.48 and led after every event on day one, finishing with 4,554 points, eight points ahead of Britain’s Dean Macey, and 49 points ahead of Nool. Dvořák struggled on day one, placing seventh, 250 points behind Huffins. Huffins placed second in the 110 hurdles with 13.91 and continued to lead thru the pole vault, the eighth event, Nool still trailing in second place. By then Dvořák was out of medal consideration in eighth place. Nool was fortunate in the discus throw. After two fouls, his third throw was also declared a foul, but was then reinstated by an official, giving him a valid throw and keeping him in the competition. There were protests from other teams but the discus mark was allowed to stand. In the javelin, Nool defeated Huffins by 9.20 metres, narrowing the gap to only 14 points behind him – 7,907-7,893. Nool had to defeat Huffins by about three seconds in the 1,500 to win the gold medal but was considered a much better 1,500 runner. Nool ran 4:29.48, leading Huffins comfortably (by 9.23 seconds), and won the gold medal by 35 points over the Czech decathlete, Roman Šebrle, with Huffins getting the bronze medal. Tomáš Dvořák placed sixth.

PosNrAthleteNOCPoints100 metresLong JumpShot PutHigh Jump400 metres110 metres HurdlesDiscus ThrowPole VaultJavelin Throw1,500 metres
11647Erki NoolEST864110.687.7615.112.0046.7114.4843.665.0065.824:29.48Gold
21522Roman ŠebrleCZE860610.927.6215.222.1248.2013.8744.394.8064.044:28.79Silver
33286Chris HuffinsUSA859510.487.7115.272.0948.3113.9149.554.7056.624:38.71Bronze
41806Dean MaceyGBR856710.817.7714.622.0946.4114.5343.374.8060.384:23.45
53306Tom PappasUSA842510.827.4114.872.2148.6414.1541.424.9062.264:45.10
61512Tomáš DvořákCZE838510.917.5015.911.9749.1114.3447.154.4069.944:32.23
71863Frank BusemannGER835110.917.6414.522.0948.9714.1633.715.0064.914:25.32
82066Attila ZsivóczkyHUN827711.107.0014.962.0648.6115.2747.434.8065.874:23.37
91885Stefan SchmidGER820610.947.1714.042.0048.6114.3840.815.0067.034:36.49
103101Henrik DagårdSWE817810.847.0814.971.9448.7514.3042.955.1065.054:49.51
112058Zsolt KürtösiHUN814911.007.1915.132.0048.8114.1546.624.8057.164:43.39
122745Mário AníbalPOR813610.976.9015.392.0348.7114.7145.014.9057.514:32.68
132885Lev LobodinRUS807110.757.1815.751.9448.8714.0244.555.0050.164:50.73
141521Jiří RybaCZE805611.147.1014.212.0048.9714.9942.834.9057.764:18.21
151468Raúl DuanyCUB805411.097.3313.342.0649.7314.4441.174.6064.314:29.68
163218Oleksandr YurkovUKR799310.896.6814.781.9748.6615.0248.675.0054.774:39.94
171645Indrek KaseorgEST793211.317.2213.261.9750.0314.5741.984.8066.544:35.64
181143Klaus AmbroschAUT791711.017.1715.301.9150.2314.9241.224.6067.944:40.94
191726Laurent HernuFRA790911.197.1413.542.0650.6314.5141.785.0056.344:37.82
201710Wilfrid BoulineauFRA782111.077.0813.382.0349.8215.0239.864.8059.694:35.59
213289Kip JanvrinUSA772611.266.6313.571.8549.1215.1542.205.0056.844:17.81
223207Volodymyr MykhailenkoUKR767611.107.0413.532.0648.8014.8440.454.6047.274:36.23
233204Fedir LaukhinUKR765211.217.0113.162.0349.6415.1638.334.9055.534:41.48
241685Eduard HämäläinenFIN752011.017.1914.061.8548.1414.3735.984.8047.114:54.18
251879Mike MaczeyGER722811.177.1013.842.0349.9143.645.1061.494:27.99
AC1463Eugenio BalanquéCUB10.876.1914.901.9448.2314.3646.56DNF
AC2253Claston BernardJAM10.7913.682.0949.7715.0141.15DNF
AC1970Prodromos KorkizoglouGRE10.747.1613.701.9753.57DNF
AC1066Scott FerrierAUS11.117.1913.501.97DNF
AC2899Roman RazbeykoRUS11.456.8213.981.97DNF
AC1500Georgios AndreouCYP10.976.7314.24DNF
AC1689Aki HeikkinenFIN11.1513.37DNF
AC2663Trond HøibyNOR11.566.2214.03DNF
AC1731Sébastien LevicqFRA11.486.5713.53DNF
AC2164Jón Arnar MagnússonISL10.8515.48DNF
AC1567Francisco BenetESP11.426.32DNF
AC3070Philipp HuberSUI11.35DNF
AC3395Oleg VeretelnikovUZB12.17DNF