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Pole Vault, Women

Date23 – 25 September 2000
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants30 from 20 countries

From 1996-1999, Australia’s Emma George had been dominant in this new event for women, setting 12 consecutive world records. But she was battling injuries and would not qualify for the final round. The favorite’s role fell to America’s Stacy Dragila, who broke George’s world record in October 1999, and had set three new marks in 2000. She had also won the 1999 World Championships. There were four vaulters remaining after 4.50 metres (14-9) – Dragila, Russian émigré Tatiana Grigorieva competing for Australia, Icelander Vala Flosadóttir, and Czech Daniela Bártová. Bártová had competed at the Olympics in 1992 as a gymnast but had then turned to pole vaulting. In 1995 she had set nine world records, but George and Dragila had surpassed her. Only Dragila and Grigorieva cleared 4.55 (14-11). Dragila went over 4.60 (15-1) on her first attempt to win the gold. Grigorieva had a miss at 4.60 and then passed to 4.65 (15-3) but could not get over the height and Dragila won the gold medal. Grigorieva was the glamour girl of the event, with model-like looks and had recently done a nude photo layout in an Australian magazine.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
13343Stacy DragilaUSA4.30 (11)4.60 (1)GoldOR
21113Tatiana GrigorievaAUS4.30 (=1)4.55 (2)SilverOR
32168Vala FlosadóttirISL4.30 (=1)4.50 (3)BronzeOR
41527Daniela BártováCZE4.30 (=1)4.50 (4)OR
51910Nicole HumbertGER4.30 (=1)4.45 (5)OR
61898Yvonne BuschbaumGER4.30 (=7)4.40 (6)OR
72737Monika PyrekPOL4.30 (12)4.40 (7)OR
81544Marie Bagger RasmussenDEN4.30 (=7)4.35 (8)
91149Doris AuerAUT4.30 (13)4.25 (9)
101377Gao ShuyingCHN4.30 (=7)4.15 (10)
113377Kellie SuttleUSA4.30 (=1)4.00 (11)
AC r2/22857Elmarie GerrytsRSA4.30 (=7)– (NH)
AC r2/23222Anzhela BalakhonovaUKR4.30 (=1)– (NH)
14 r1/23365Mel MuellerUSA4.25 (14)
=15 r1/21112Emma GeorgeAUS4.25 (=15)
=15 r1/21641María del Mar SánchezESP4.25 (=15)
17 r1/21746Caroline AmmelFRA4.15 (17)
=18 r1/21041Alejandra GarcíaARG4.15 (=18)
=18 r1/21762Marie PoissonnierFRA4.15 (=18)
20 r1/21848Janine WhitlockGBR4.15 (20)
21 r1/23252Déborah GyurcsekURU4.15 (21)
=22 r1/21534Pavla HamáčkováCZE4.00 (=22)
=22 r1/22166Þórey Edda ElísdóttirISL4.00 (=22)
AC r1/21298Tanya KolevaBUL– (NH)
AC r1/21992Thaleia IakovidouGRE– (NH)
AC r1/22069Katalin DonáthHUN– (NH)
AC r1/22075Zsuzsa SzabóHUN– (NH)
AC r1/22931Svetlana FeofanovaRUS– (NH)
AC r1/22940Yelena IsinbayevaRUS– (NH)
AC r1/22923Yelena BelyakovaRUS– (NH)

Qualifying Round (23 September 2000)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 4.40 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Daniela BártováCZE4.3000q
=1Nicole HumbertGER4.3000q
=1Tatiana GrigorievaAUS4.3000q
=1Vala FlosadóttirISL4.3000q
=1Anzhela BalakhonovaUKR4.3000q
=1Kellie SuttleUSA4.3000q
=7Yvonne BuschbaumGER4.3001q
=7Gao ShuyingCHN4.3001q
=7Marie Bagger RasmussenDEN4.3001q
=7Elmarie GerrytsRSA4.3001q
11Stacy DragilaUSA4.3011q
12Monika PyrekPOL4.3013q
13Doris AuerAUT4.3024q
14Mel MuellerUSA4.2500
=15Emma GeorgeAUS4.2522
=15María del Mar SánchezESP4.2522
17Caroline AmmelFRA4.1500
=18Alejandra GarcíaARG4.1501
=18Marie PoissonnierFRA4.1501
20Janine WhitlockGBR4.1502
21Déborah GyurcsekURU4.1522
=22Pavla HamáčkováCZE4.0000
=22Þórey Edda ElísdóttirISL4.0000
NHTanya KolevaBUL
NHThaleia IakovidouGRE
NHKatalin DonáthHUN
NHZsuzsa SzabóHUN
NHYelena BelyakovaRUS
NHSvetlana FeofanovaRUS
NHYelena IsinbayevaRUS

Qualifying Round, Group A (23 September 2000 — 18:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.00 m4.15 m4.25 m4.30 m
=1Daniela BártováCZE4.3000o-oo
=1Nicole HumbertGER4.3000-o-o
=1Tatiana GrigorievaAUS4.3000-ooo
=1Anzhela BalakhonovaUKR4.3000---o
5Marie Bagger RasmussenDEN4.3001oxooo
6Stacy DragilaUSA4.3011-ooxo
7Monika PyrekPOL4.3013ooxxoxo
8Caroline AmmelFRA4.1500ooxxx
9Alejandra GarcíaARG4.1501xooxxx
10Janine WhitlockGBR4.1502xxooxxx
11Þórey Edda ElísdóttirISL4.0000oxxx
NHTanya KolevaBUL
NHZsuzsa SzabóHUN
NHSvetlana FeofanovaRUS
NHYelena IsinbayevaRUS

Qualifying Round, Group B (23 September 2000 — 18:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.00 m4.15 m4.25 m4.30 m
=1Vala FlosadóttirISL4.3000oooo
=1Kellie SuttleUSA4.3000oooo
=3Yvonne BuschbaumGER4.3001-xooo
=3Gao ShuyingCHN4.3001ooxoo
=3Elmarie GerrytsRSA4.3001ooxoo
6Doris AuerAUT4.3024-oxxoxxo
7Mel MuellerUSA4.2500oooxxx
=8Emma GeorgeAUS4.2522-oxxoxxx
=8María del Mar SánchezESP4.2522ooxxoxxx
10Marie PoissonnierFRA4.1501xooxxx
11Déborah GyurcsekURU4.1522oxxoxxx
12Pavla HamáčkováCZE4.0000o-xxx
NHThaleia IakovidouGRE
NHKatalin DonáthHUN
NHYelena BelyakovaRUS

Final Round (25 September 2000 — 18:00)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses4.00 m4.15 m4.25 m4.35 m4.40 m4.45 m4.50 m4.55 m4.60 m4.65 m
1Stacy DragilaUSA4.6004--ooxooxxoxooxxxOR
2Tatiana GrigorievaAUS4.5502-xoooooxoox-xx-OR
3Vala FlosadóttirISL4.5000oooooooxxxOR
4Daniela BártováCZE4.5004o-oxxo-xxooxxxOR
5Nicole HumbertGER4.4528-xxoxxoxxo-xxo-xxxOR
6Yvonne BuschbaumGER4.4012--xooxoxxxOR
7Monika PyrekPOL4.4014xoxxoooxoxxxOR
8Marie Bagger RasmussenDEN4.3500ooooxxx
9Doris AuerAUT4.2500--oxxx
10Gao ShuyingCHN4.1500ooxxx
11Kellie SuttleUSA4.0000oxxx
NHElmarie GerrytsRSAxx-
NHAnzhela BalakhonovaUKR