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Shot Put, Women

Date18 August 2004
LocationStadio Arkhaias Olympias, Olympia
Participants38 from 28 countries

This event was contested at the Ancient Olympic site on the Peleponnesus, as was the men’s shot put. The women competed first, however, and American Kristin Heaston opened the competition, the first athlete to compete in the Olympic Games at the original site in 1,635 years. The favorite was Irina Korzhanenko (RUS), who had won the Russian indoor and outdoor championships in 2004, defeating 1992 Olympic champion Svetlana Krivelyova. And Korzhanenko ruled the event. Her first throw of 20.41 (66-11½) was good enough to win, but she bettered it in rounds two and three to seemingly win the gold medal with 21.06 (69-1¼). However a few days later she was disqualified for a doping positive for stanozolol, an anabolic steroid. The gold medal then reverted to Cuba’s Yumileidi Cumbá, who had only made the final three throws with her third round mark of 18.74 (61-5¾), and was in sixth place until her final throw. Cumbá had been Pan-American champion in 2003, after winning a silver medal in that event in 1999 and a bronze in 1995.

Krivelyova originally placed third, after Korzhanenko’s disqualification, also trailing Germany’s Nadine Kleinert. But in 2012, the IOC re-tested drug samples from the Athens Olympics and Krivelyova was disqualified for the presence of an oxandrolone metabolite, an anabolic steroid. It has been decided that no bronze medal would be awarded in this event.

11448Yumileidi CumbáCUB19.10 (2)19.59 (1)Gold
21901Nadine KleinertGER18.65 (5)19.55 (2)Silver
31189Nadzeya AstapchukBLR19.69 (1)19.01 (3)
41178Natallia KharanekaBLR18.52 (7)18.96 (4)
52712Krystyna ZabawskaPOL18.61 (6)18.64 (5)
61458Misleydis GonzálezCUB18.33 (9)18.59 (6)
72629Valerie AdamsNZL18.79 (4)18.56 (7)
81355Li MeijuCHN18.16 (10)18.37 (8)
93118Cleopatra BorelTTO18.90 (3)18.35 (9)
102578Lieja Tunks-KoemanNED18.38 (8)18.14 (10)
11 r1/21998Kalliopi OuzouniGRE18.03 (11)
12 r1/22931Olga RyabinkinaRUS18.00 (12)
13 r1/21541Flor VásquezDOM17.99 (13)
14 r1/21905Astrid KumbernussGER17.89 (14)
15 r1/21754Laurence ManfrédiFRA17.78 (15)
16 r1/21226Elisângela AdrianoBRA17.44 (16)
17 r1/22018Eirini TerzoglouGRE17.34 (17)
18 r1/23209Oksana ZakharchukUKR17.28 (18)
19 r1/21385Zhang XiaoyuCHN17.22 (19)
20 r1/23276Kristin HeastonUSA17.17 (20)
21 r1/21860Nadine BeckelGER17.11 (21)
22 r1/21353Li FengfengCHN16.90 (22)
23 r1/23002Zhang GuirongSGP16.58 (23)
24 r1/23100Juttaporn KrasaeyanTHA16.49 (24)
25 r1/23264Laura GerraughtyUSA16.47 (25)
26 r1/22215Kim BarrettJAM16.45 (26)
27 r1/22387Lee Mi-YeongKOR16.35 (27)
28 r1/21617Irache QuintanalESP15.99 (28)
29 r1/21284Aneliya KumanovaBUL15.91 (29)
30 r1/22275Chinatsu MoriJPN15.86 (30)
31 r1/23098Ana Po'uhilaTGA15.33 (31)
32 r1/23148Filiz KadoğanTUR15.20 (32)
33 r1/21856Marie KevkhishviliGEO15.06 (33)
34 r1/22327Iolanta UlyevaKAZ14.88 (34)
35 r1/22078Éva KürtiHUN14.60 (35)
AC r1/23385Olga ShchukinaUZB[14.44] (DQ)DQ
DQ2896Irina KorzhanenkoRUS[19.43] (DQ)[21.06] (DQ)
DQ2901Svetlana KrivelyovaRUS[18.57] (DQ)[19.49] (DQ)1

Qualifying Round (18 August 2004 — 8:30-9:29)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 18.50 metres advanced to the final.

1Nadzeya AstapchukBLR19.69Q
2Yumileidi CumbáCUB19.10Q
3Cleopatra BorelTTO18.90Q
4Valerie AdamsNZL18.79Q
5Nadine KleinertGER18.65Q
6Krystyna ZabawskaPOL18.61Q
7Natallia KharanekaBLR18.52Q
8Lieja Tunks-KoemanNED18.38q
9Misleydis GonzálezCUB18.33q
10Li MeijuCHN18.16q
11Kalliopi OuzouniGRE18.03
12Olga RyabinkinaRUS18.00
13Flor VásquezDOM17.99
14Astrid KumbernussGER17.89
15Laurence ManfrédiFRA17.78
16Elisângela AdrianoBRA17.44
17Eirini TerzoglouGRE17.34
18Oksana ZakharchukUKR17.28
19Zhang XiaoyuCHN17.22
20Kristin HeastonUSA17.17
21Nadine BeckelGER17.11
22Li FengfengCHN16.90
23Zhang GuirongSGP16.58
24Juttaporn KrasaeyanTHA16.49
25Laura GerraughtyUSA16.47
26Kim BarrettJAM16.45
27Lee Mi-YeongKOR16.35
28Irache QuintanalESP15.99
29Aneliya KumanovaBUL15.91
30Chinatsu MoriJPN15.86
31Ana Po'uhilaTGA15.33
32Filiz KadoğanTUR15.20
33Marie KevkhishviliGEO15.06
34Iolanta UlyevaKAZ14.88
35Éva KürtiHUN14.60
DQOlga ShchukinaUZB[14.44]2
DQIrina KorzhanenkoRUS[19.43]Q3
DQSvetlana KrivelyovaRUS[18.57]Q4

Qualifying Round, Group A (18 August 2004 — 8:30-9:29)

113Yumileidi CumbáCUB19.1019.10--
23Valerie AdamsNZL18.7918.79--
37Nadine KleinertGER18.6518.65--
46Krystyna ZabawskaPOL18.6118.0518.61-
517Natallia KharanekaBLR18.5217.7018.52-
614Misleydis GonzálezCUB18.3318.33×18.15
710Laurence ManfrédiFRA17.7817.7817.0517.20
818Elisângela AdrianoBRA17.4417.3117.0717.44
912Zhang XiaoyuCHN17.2217.0317.2216.21
104Li FengfengCHN16.9016.8016.3616.90
111Zhang GuirongSGP16.5816.5816.51×
1215Laura GerraughtyUSA16.4715.94×16.47
132Kim BarrettJAM16.4515.8016.4516.09
149Lee Mi-YeongKOR16.3515.7616.35×
1511Filiz KadoğanTUR15.2015.2014.73×
165Marie KevkhishviliGEO15.0614.1015.0215.06
1716Iolanta UlyevaKAZ14.8814.4814.5514.88
DQ8Irina KorzhanenkoRUS[19.43][19.43][-][-]5
DQ19Olga ShchukinaUZB[14.44][14.19][14.13][14.44]6

Qualifying Round, Group B (18 August 2004 — 8:30-9:29)

110Nadzeya AstapchukBLR19.6919.69--
22Cleopatra BorelTTO18.9018.90--
36Lieja Tunks-KoemanNED18.3818.38×18.33
45Li MeijuCHN18.1618.1618.0118.13
512Kalliopi OuzouniGRE18.0318.0317.87×
617Olga RyabinkinaRUS18.0018.00×17.99
719Flor VásquezDOM17.9916.0017.9917.08
811Astrid KumbernussGER17.8917.8917.5217.86
913Eirini TerzoglouGRE17.3417.34×-
103Oksana ZakharchukUKR17.2817.1917.28×
111Kristin HeastonUSA17.1716.41×17.17
129Nadine BeckelGER17.1117.1117.03×
137Juttaporn KrasaeyanTHA16.4916.4516.4916.22
1415Irache QuintanalESP15.9915.2715.9915.52
154Aneliya KumanovaBUL15.9115.4915.9115.50
1614Chinatsu MoriJPN15.8615.8614.59×
178Ana Po'uhilaTGA15.3314.1615.3315.08
1818Éva KürtiHUN14.6014.60××
DQ16Svetlana KrivelyovaRUS[18.57][18.45][17.89][18.57]7

Final Round (18 August 2004 — 16:00-17:00)

17/3Yumileidi CumbáCUB19.59×18.3918.74××19.59
23/7Nadine KleinertGER19.5518.7719.5519.1718.55××
312/5Nadzeya AstapchukBLR19.0118.25×19.01×××
46/4Natallia KharanekaBLR18.9618.8218.0918.8717.8018.5918.96
51/2Krystyna ZabawskaPOL18.64×17.9718.64×18.60×
610/1Misleydis GonzálezCUB18.5917.3318.2518.5918.52××
74Valerie AdamsNZL18.5618.56×17.93
82Li MeijuCHN18.3717.8217.6118.37
98Cleopatra BorelTTO18.3517.3718.2818.35
105Lieja Tunks-KoemanNED18.14×18.1318.14
DQ9/8Irina KorzhanenkoRUS[21.06][20.41][20.70][21.06][20.04][x][x]8
DQ11/6Svetlana KrivelyovaRUS[19.49][18.55][19.49][19.29][19.15][19.20][18.44]9