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200 metres Butterfly, Women

Date19 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants32 from 20 countries

The top 200 butterflyer in the world since Munich was East German Rosemarie Gabriel (formerly Kother), who was World Champion in 1973 and 1975 and had set five consecutive world records in the event, the last two at the June GDR Olympic Trials in Berlin. You are forgiven if you had not heard of Andrea Pollack, her teammate, prior to the Montréal Olympics. Pollack was only 15 and had been ranked 49th in the world in 1975. In the final Gabriel could not match her Berlin times and won bronze, as Pollack won the gold medal, followed by the third East German Ulrike Tauber. The East German sweep made them only the third nation to sweep a women’s Olympic swimming event, after the United States (11 times) and Australia (1956 100 freestyle), although the Soviet Union would join them in the 1976 200 breaststroke two days later.

Five days after this final, Tauber won gold in the 400 individual medley. Pollack never again won a major international in the 200 fly, although she did win the 1977 European 100 butterfly, and several international golds in the medley relay. In 1998 she joined several other former East German swimmers by going public and accusing their coaches and physicians of systematically doping them.

1Andrea PollackGDR2:11.56 (1 h3)2:11.41 (1)Gold
2Ulrike TauberGDR2:13.50 (1 h4)2:12.50 (2)Silver
3Rosemarie GabrielGDR2:12.93 (1 h5)2:12.86 (3)Bronze
4Karen Moe-ThorntonUSA2:14.53 (1 h1)2:12.90 (4)
5Wendy QuirkCAN2:14.30 (2 h4)2:13.68 (5)
6Cheryl GibsonCAN2:14.65 (3 h4)2:13.91 (6)
7Tamara ShelofastovaURS2:14.39 (1 h2)2:14.26 (7)
8Nataliya PopovaURS2:14.65 (2 h3)2:14.50 (8)
9Camille WrightUSA2:14.77 (2 h5)
10Donnalee WennerstromUSA2:15.56 (2 h2)
11Becky SmithCAN2:15.79 (2 h1)
12Linda HanelAUS2:17.66 (3 h2)
13Lynne RoweNZL2:17.89 (3 h3)
14Yasue HatsudaJPN2:18.03 (4 h3)
15Judith HudsonAUS2:18.12 (3 h1)
16Michelle FordAUS2:18.24 (3 h5)
17Beate JaschFRG2:19.19 (4 h2)
18Joanne AtkinsonGBR2:21.23 (5 h2)
19Kuniko BannoJPN2:21.68 (4 h5)
20José DamenNED2:21.73 (5 h5)
21Donatella Talpo-SchiavonITA2:21.88 (4 h4)
22Gunilla AnderssonSWE2:22.04 (4 h1)
23Anne AdamsGBR2:22.62 (5 h3)
24María ParísCRC2:23.52 (5 h4)
25María HungVEN2:23.64 (6 h4)
26María MockPUR2:23.71 (5 h1)
27Rosemary RibeiroBRA2:23.79 (6 h1)
28Miriam HopkinsIRL2:24.96 (6 h2)
29Chantal GrimardBEL2:26.04 (6 h3)
30Jane AlexanderGBR2:26.61 (7 h4)
31Rossana JuncosARG2:28.81 (6 h5)
32Þórunn AlfreðsdóttirISL2:29.22 (7 h2)
DNSSansanee ChangkasiriTHA– (DNS h3)
DNSFlávia NadaluttiBRA– (DNS h5)

Round One (19 July 1976 — 10:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Karen Moe-ThorntonUSA2:14.53QOR
25Becky SmithCAN2:15.79
33Judith HudsonAUS2:18.12
46Gunilla AnderssonSWE2:22.04
57María MockPUR2:23.71
62Rosemary RibeiroBRA2:23.79

Heat Two

14Tamara ShelofastovaURS2:14.39QOR
25Donnalee WennerstromUSA2:15.56
33Linda HanelAUS2:17.66
42Beate JaschFRG2:19.19
56Joanne AtkinsonGBR2:21.23
67Miriam HopkinsIRL2:24.96
71Þórunn AlfreðsdóttirISL2:29.22

Heat Three

14Andrea PollackGDR2:11.56QOR
25Nataliya PopovaURS2:14.65Q
36Lynne RoweNZL2:17.89
43Yasue HatsudaJPN2:18.03
52Anne AdamsGBR2:22.62
67Chantal GrimardBEL2:26.04
DNS1Sansanee ChangkasiriTHA

Heat Four

14Ulrike TauberGDR2:13.50Q
23Wendy QuirkCAN2:14.30Q
35Cheryl GibsonCAN2:14.65Q
42Donatella Talpo-SchiavonITA2:21.88
51María ParísCRC2:23.52
67María HungVEN2:23.64
76Jane AlexanderGBR2:26.61

Heat Five

14Rosemarie GabrielGDR2:12.93Q
25Camille WrightUSA2:14.77
33Michelle FordAUS2:18.24
47Kuniko BannoJPN2:21.68
56José DamenNED2:21.73
61Rossana JuncosARG2:28.81
DNS2Flávia NadaluttiBRA

Final (19 July 1976 — 20:45)

14Andrea PollackGDR2:11.41OR
23Ulrike TauberGDR2:12.50
35Rosemarie GabrielGDR2:12.86
47Karen Moe-ThorntonUSA2:12.90
56Wendy QuirkCAN2:13.68
68Cheryl GibsonCAN2:13.91
72Tamara ShelofastovaURS2:14.26
81Nataliya PopovaURS2:14.50