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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date25 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants60 from 14 countries

This was the final swimming event for women in Montréal. Of the previous 12 events at the 1976 Olympics, the German Democratic Republic (GDR – East Germany) had won 11, with one won by the Soviet Union (200 metre breaststroke). The GDR were overwhelming favorites and they put out their best swimmer, Kornelia Ender, on the opening leg to finish the race early. Ender opened a 1.16 second lead over American Kim Peyton and it seemed over. But Wendy Boglioli, swimming the second leg for the US, pulled back time as did third swimmer Jill Sterkel, who actually put the USA in the lead. As Claudia Hempel (GDR) and Shirley Babashoff started their anchor legs, the USA led by .40 seconds. Babashoff had been frustrated at Montréal by her inability to defeat Ender, whom she openly accused of using drugs, accusations that would prove to be true, but not fully known until after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the release of East German sporting documents. But on the anchor Babashoff achieved a measure of redemption when she out-swam Hempel to give the United States its only women’s swimming gold medal in Montréal.

1United StatesUSA3:50.27 (1 h1)3:44.82 (1)Gold
Kim PeytonWendy BoglioliJill SterkelShirley BabashoffJennifer Hooker
2East GermanyGDR3:48.95 (1 h2)3:45.50 (2)Silver
Kornelia EnderPetra PriemerAndrea PollackClaudia Hempel
3CanadaCAN3:49.69 (2 h2)3:48.81 (3)Bronze
Gail AmundrudBarbara ClarkBecky SmithAnne JardinDebbie Clarke
4NetherlandsNED3:53.40 (2 h1)3:51.67 (4)
Ineke RanLinda FaberAnnelies MaasEnith BrigithaBerber Kamstra (DNS)
5Soviet UnionURS3:53.67 (3 h2)3:52.69 (5)
Lyubov KobzovaIrina VlasovaMarina KlyuchnikovaLarisa Tsaryova
6FranceFRA3:56.89 (3 h1)3:56.73 (6)
Guylaine BergerSylvie Le NoachCaroline CarpentierChantal SchertzCatherine Recouvreur (DNS)
7SwedenSWE3:57.48 (4 h1)3:57.25 (7)
Pia MårtenssonYlva PerssonDiana OlssonIda HansonGunilla LundbergCarina Ljungdahl (DNS)
8West GermanyFRG3:58.09 (5 h1)3:58.33 (8)
Jutta WeberMarion PlattenRegina NissenBeate JaschGudrun Beckmann
9AustraliaAUS3:58.87 (4 h2)
Jenny TateLesleigh HarveyTracey WickhamDrue Le GuierSonya Gray (DNS)
10BelgiumBEL4:00.35 (6 h1)
Anne RichardCarine VerbauwenChantal GrimardGeert Boekhout
11Great BritainGBR4:00.97 (5 h2)
Debbie HillAnn BradshawSusan EdmondsonElaine Gray
12VenezuelaVEN4:12.81 (7 h1)
Vania VázquezIvis PoleoMarianela HuenMaría PérezMaría Hung (DNS)
13ArgentinaARG4:14.57 (6 h2)
Susana CoppoPatricia SpohnClaudia BellottoRossana Juncos
14Puerto RicoPUR4:18.40 (7 h2)
Diana HatlerÁngela LópezMaría MockJane Fayer
Laura BortolottiIris CornianiElisabetta DessyAntonella Roncelli

Round One (25 July 1976 — 9:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:50.27QOR
Jill Sterkel57.3157.31 (1)
Wendy Boglioli57.351:54.66 (1)
Jennifer Hooker58.172:52.83 (1)
Kim Peyton57.443:50.27 (1)
Ineke Ran58.5858.58 (3)
Linda Faber59.761:58.34 (2)
Annelies Maas58.242:56.58 (2)
Enith Brigitha56.823:53.40 (2)
Chantal Schertz1:00.231:00.23 (6)
Sylvie Le Noach59.151:59.38 (3)
Caroline Carpentier59.562:58.94 (3)
Guylaine Berger57.953:56.89 (3)
Pia Mårtensson59.4959.49 (4)
Ylva Persson59.251:58.74 (4)
Gunilla Lundberg59.832:58.57 (4)
Ida Hanson58.913:57.48 (4)
53West GermanyFRG3:58.09Q
Jutta Weber58.2058.20 (2)
Gudrun Beckmann59.881:58.08 (5)
Regina Nissen1:00.902:58.98 (5)
Marion Platten59.113:58.09 (5)
Anne Richard59.5159.51 (5)
Carine Verbauwen1:00.141:59.65 (6)
Chantal Grimard1:01.023:00.67 (6)
Geert Boekhout59.684:00.35 (6)
Vania Vázquez1:02.751:02.75 (7)
Ivis Poleo1:02.582:05.33 (7)
Marianela Huen1:03.363:08.69 (7)
María Pérez1:04.124:12.81 (7)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14East GermanyGDR3:48.95QOR
Kornelia Ender56.7756.77 (1)
Petra Priemer57.171:53.94 (1)
Andrea Pollack58.242:52.18 (1)
Claudia Hempel56.773:48.95 (1)
Gail Amundrud57.9357.93 (2)
Barbara Clark56.591:54.52 (2)
Debbie Clarke58.092:52.61 (2)
Anne Jardin57.083:49.69 (2)
33Soviet UnionURS3:53.67Q
Lyubov Kobzova58.4258.42 (3)
Irina Vlasova58.761:57.18 (3)
Marina Klyuchnikova59.162:56.34 (3)
Larisa Tsaryova57.333:53.67 (3)
Jenny Tate59.3559.35 (4)
Lesleigh Harvey1:00.231:59.58 (4)
Tracey Wickham1:00.352:59.93 (4)
Drue Le Guier58.943:58.87 (4)
52Great BritainGBR4:00.97
Debbie Hill1:00.141:00.14 (5)
Ann Bradshaw1:01.002:01.14 (5)
Susan Edmondson59.793:00.93 (5)
Elaine Gray1:00.044:00.97 (5)
Susana Coppo1:02.471:02.47 (6)
Patricia Spohn1:05.662:08.13 (6)
Claudia Bellotto1:05.283:13.41 (6)
Rossana Juncos1:01.164:14.57 (6)
71Puerto RicoPUR4:18.40
Diana Hatler1:02.631:02.63 (7)
Ángela López1:08.282:10.91 (7)
María Mock1:04.483:15.39 (7)
Jane Fayer1:03.014:18.40 (7)

Final (25 July 1976 — 20:45)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
13United StatesUSA3:44.82WR
Kim Peyton56.9556.95 (1)
Wendy Boglioli55.811:52.76 (1)
Jill Sterkel55.782:48.54 (1)
Shirley Babashoff56.283:44.82 (1)
24East GermanyGDR3:45.50
Kornelia Ender55.7955.79 (2)
Petra Priemer56.161:51.95 (2)
Andrea Pollack56.992:48.94 (2)
Claudia Hempel56.563:45.50 (2)
Gail Amundrud57.6057.60 (3)
Barbara Clark57.051:54.65 (3)
Becky Smith57.132:51.78 (3)
Anne Jardin57.033:48.81 (3)
Ineke Ran58.8658.86 (4)
Linda Faber59.421:58.28 (4)
Annelies Maas57.482:55.76 (4)
Enith Brigitha55.913:51.67 (4)
52Soviet UnionURS3:52.69
Lyubov Kobzova58.0758.07 (5)
Irina Vlasova58.581:56.65 (5)
Marina Klyuchnikova58.572:55.22 (5)
Larisa Tsaryova57.473:52.69 (5)
Guylaine Berger58.9958.99 (6)
Sylvie Le Noach58.761:57.75 (6)
Caroline Carpentier59.822:57.57 (6)
Chantal Schertz59.163:56.73 (6)
Pia Mårtensson59.5759.57 (7)
Ylva Persson59.061:58.63 (7)
Diana Olsson59.762:58.39 (7)
Ida Hanson58.863:57.25 (7)
88West GermanyFRG3:58.33
Jutta Weber58.0258.02 (8)
Marion Platten59.351:57.37 (8)
Regina Nissen1:00.592:57.96 (8)
Beate Jasch1:00.373:58.33 (8)