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100 metres Freestyle, Men

Date26 – 27 July 1980
LocationPlavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants39 from 26 countries

The United States’ sprinters would have been favored in this event, led by Rowdy Gaines, who shortly after Moscow had best times of 49.61, which he had done twice. The world record holder, Jonty Skinner of South Africa, also was absent, because the IOC banned his nation due to their policy of apartheid in sporting events. In the semi-finals, East German teenager Jörg Woithe set a European record of 50.21 in the semi-finals, which made him only the fifth fastest performer ever. He was not quite as good in the final, going 50.40, but that was sufficient for the gold medal. He was surprisingly followed by two Swedes, Per Holmertz and Peter Johansson who won the silver and bronze medals.

1Jörg WoitheGDR50.49 (1 h5)50.21 (1 h2)50.40 (1)Gold
2Per HolmertzSWE52.01 (1 h4)51.19 (2 h2)50.91 (2)Silver
3Per JohanssonSWE52.11 (=1 h3)51.42 (1 h1)51.29 (3)Bronze
4Sergey KoplyakovURS52.08 (1 h2)51.51 (3 h2)51.34 (4)
5Raffaele FranceschiITA52.26 (3 h3)51.87 (5 h2)51.69 (5)
6Sergey KrasyukURS52.08 (1 h1)51.81 (2 h1)51.80 (6)
7René ÉcuyerFRA52.09 (2 h4)51.62 (4 h2)52.01 (7)
8Graeme BrewerAUS52.59 (4 h3)51.91 (3 h1)52.22 (8)
9Per WikströmSWE52.29 (2 h1)52.15 (4 h1)
10Mark TonelliAUS52.04 (3 h5)52.17 (5 h1)
=11David López-ZuberoESP52.43 (2 h2)52.18 (6 h2)
=11Sergey SmiryaginURS52.21 (3 h4)52.18 (6 h1)
13Martin SmithGBR51.88 (2 h5)52.41 (7 h1)
14Neil BrooksAUS52.11 (=1 h3)52.70 (7 h2)
15Cees VervoornNED52.57 (4 h5)52.73 (8 h2)
16Jorge FernandesBRA52.51 (4 h4)52.91 (8 h1)
17Alberto MestreVEN52.62 (5 h4)
18Mark TaylorGBR52.65 (3 h2)
19Stéfan VolérySUI52.68 (3 h1)
20Fabrizio RampazzoITA52.71 (4 h1)
21Paolo RevelliITA52.74 (4 h2)
22Herwig BayerAUT52.79 (5 h5)
23Rui de AbreuPOR52.85 (5 h1)
24Guy GoosenZIM52.87 (5 h2)
25Frank KühneGDR52.93 (6 h5)
26Cyro DelgadoBRA53.00 (6 h4)
27Ramón LavínESP53.45 (5 h3)
28Tsvetan GolomeevBUL53.50 (6 h3)
29Yuliyan VasilevBUL53.61 (6 h2)
30Gábor MészárosHUN54.41 (6 h1)
31Mohamed HalimiALG55.16 (7 h3)
32Tô Văn VệVIE56.75 (7 h5)
33Lakis FylaktouCYP57.41 (7 h2)
34Adham HemdanKUW58.33 (7 h4)
35Jorge LimaANG59.39 (8 h2)
36Abdulwahab WerfeliLBA1:01.55 (7 h1)
37Bilall YamoutLBN1:03.48 (8 h1)
38Zoë AndrianifahaMAD1:04.92 (8 h3)
39Edgar MartinsMOZ1:06.17 (8 h5)
DNSDavid CumminsIRL– (DNS h4)

Round One (26 July 1980 — 10:00)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

15Sergey KrasyukURS52.08Q
24Per WikströmSWE52.29Q
36Stéfan VolérySUI52.68
43Fabrizio RampazzoITA52.71
52Rui de AbreuPOR52.85
67Gábor MészárosHUN54.41
71Abdulwahab WerfeliLBA1:01.55
88Bilall YamoutLBN1:03.48

Heat Two

14Sergey KoplyakovURS52.08Q
23David López-ZuberoESP52.43Q
32Mark TaylorGBR52.65
46Paolo RevelliITA52.74
55Guy GoosenZIM52.87
67Yuliyan VasilevBUL53.61
78Lakis FylaktouCYP57.41
81Jorge LimaANG59.39

Heat Three

=14Per JohanssonSWE52.11Q
=15Neil BrooksAUS52.11Q
32Raffaele FranceschiITA52.26
43Graeme BrewerAUS52.59
56Ramón LavínESP53.45
67Tsvetan GolomeevBUL53.50
78Mohamed HalimiALG55.16
81Zoë AndrianifahaMAD1:04.92

Heat Four

14Per HolmertzSWE52.01Q
25René ÉcuyerFRA52.09Q
33Sergey SmiryaginURS52.21Q
46Jorge FernandesBRA52.51Q
57Alberto MestreVEN52.62
62Cyro DelgadoBRA53.00
71Adham HemdanKUW58.33
DNS8David CumminsIRL

Heat Five

14Jörg WoitheGDR50.49Q
26Martin SmithGBR51.88Q
35Mark TonelliAUS52.04Q
42Cees VervoornNED52.57Q
53Herwig BayerAUT52.79
67Frank KühneGDR52.93
71Tô Văn VệVIE56.75
88Edgar MartinsMOZ1:06.17

Semi-Finals (26 July 1980 — 18:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

16Per JohanssonSWE51.42Q
23Sergey KrasyukURS51.81Q
38Graeme BrewerAUS51.91Q
47Per WikströmSWE52.15
55Mark TonelliAUS52.17
62Sergey SmiryaginURS52.18
74Martin SmithGBR52.41
81Jorge FernandesBRA52.91

Heat Two

14Jörg WoitheGDR50.21Q
25Per HolmertzSWE51.19Q
33Sergey KoplyakovURS51.51Q
46René ÉcuyerFRA51.62Q
57Raffaele FranceschiITA51.87Q
61David López-ZuberoESP52.18
72Neil BrooksAUS52.70
88Cees VervoornNED52.73

Final (27 July 1980 — 20:00)

14Jörg WoitheGDR50.40
25Per HolmertzSWE50.91
33Per JohanssonSWE51.29
46Sergey KoplyakovURS51.34
51Raffaele FranceschiITA51.69
67Sergey KrasyukURS51.80
72René ÉcuyerFRA52.01
88Graeme BrewerAUS52.22