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400 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date27 July 1980
LocationPlavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants24 from 15 countries

The world record holder was American Jesse Vassallo, who had finished in 4:20.05 at the 1978 World Championships to win gold, a mark that bettered his own world record from the 1978 US Nationals. In his absence the favorite was Soviet Sergey Fesenko, silver medalist from the 1978 Worlds, and 1977 European Champion, who had recorded 4:22.10 earlier in the year. But he was upset by his teammate Oleksandr Sydorenko, bronze medalist in the 200 IM at the 1978 Worlds and the 1977 Europeans, with Fesenko taking silver behind Sydorenko’s 4:22.89. Sydorenko would later win gold in the 200 IM at the 1981 European meet and the 1982 Worlds. In Moscow he brazenly said that he did not think the 400 IM results would have been different if Vassallo had been present. Vassallo probably did not think much of this remark and three days after the Moscow final, won the US Nationals in 4:21.51

1Aleksandr SidorenkoURS4:28.02 (1 h4)4:22.89 (1)Gold
2Sergey FesenkoURS4:28.18 (2 h3)4:23.43 (2)Silver
3Zoltán VerrasztóHUN4:25.57 (1 h1)4:24.24 (3)Bronze
4András HargitayHUN4:27.00 (1 h3)4:24.48 (4)
5Djan MadrugaBRA4:28.77 (1 h2)4:26.81 (5)
6Miloslav RoľkoTCH4:29.19 (2 h2)4:26.99 (6)
7Leszek GórskiPOL4:26.02 (2 h1)4:28.89 (7)
8Daniel MachekTCH4:28.66 (3 h3)4:29.86 (8)
9Simon GrayGBR4:29.43 (3 h2)
10Csaba SósHUN4:29.69 (2 h4)
11Dariusz WolnyPOL4:31.28 (4 h3)
12Ricardo PradoBRA4:31.69 (3 h1)
13Thomas LejdströmSWE4:33.05 (3 h4)
14Giovanni FranceschiITA4:33.66 (4 h2)
15Vladimir ShemetovURS4:34.01 (5 h3)
16Steve PoulterGBR4:35.21 (4 h4)
17Franky De GrooteBEL4:36.99 (6 h3)
18Guillermo ZavalaMEX4:37.58 (7 h3)
19Vangelis KoskinasGRE4:39.44 (4 h1)
20Gary AnderssonSWE4:41.32 (6 h2)
21Andrey AguilarCRC4:41.74 (5 h1)
22Rafael EscalasESP4:42.49 (6 h1)
23Paul MoorfootAUS4:43.28 (5 h2)
DQJörg WalterGDR– (DQ h4)
DNSAntónio MonteiroANG– (DNS h2)
DNSMax MetzkerAUS– (DNS h3)
DNSJean-Marie FrançoisVEN– (DNS h3)

Round One (27 July 1980 — 10:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Zoltán VerrasztóHUN4:25.57Q
25Leszek GórskiPOL4:26.02Q
33Ricardo PradoBRA4:31.69
47Vangelis KoskinasGRE4:39.44
52Andrey AguilarCRC4:41.74
66Rafael EscalasESP4:42.49

Heat Two

14Djan MadrugaBRA4:28.77Q
27Miloslav RoľkoTCH4:29.19Q
36Simon GrayGBR4:29.43
45Giovanni FranceschiITA4:33.66
53Paul MoorfootAUS4:43.28
62Gary AnderssonSWE4:41.32
DNS1António MonteiroANG

Heat Three

15András HargitayHUN4:27.00Q
24Sergey FesenkoURS4:28.18Q
36Daniel MachekTCH4:28.66Q
42Dariusz WolnyPOL4:31.28
53Vladimir ShemetovURS4:34.01
61Franky De GrooteBEL4:36.99
77Guillermo ZavalaMEX4:37.58
DNS7Max MetzkerAUS
DNS1Jean-Marie FrançoisVEN

Heat Four

14Aleksandr SidorenkoURS4:28.02Q
23Csaba SósHUN4:29.69
36Thomas LejdströmSWE4:33.05
42Steve PoulterGBR4:35.21
DQ5Jörg WalterGDR

Final (27 July 1980 — 19:00)

16Aleksandr SidorenkoURS4:22.89OR
22Sergey FesenkoURS4:23.43
34Zoltán VerrasztóHUN4:24.24
43András HargitayHUN4:24.48
51Djan MadrugaBRA4:26.81
68Miloslav RoľkoTCH4:26.99
75Leszek GórskiPOL4:28.89
87Daniel MachekTCH4:29.86