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200 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date23 July 1980
LocationPlavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants25 from 18 countries

The Soviet Union never produced a plethora of great swimmers, but for some reason they did in the women’s 200 breaststroke. In Moscow they swept the medals, as they had done in Montréal, led by Lithuanian Lina Kačiušytė, the 1978 World Champion and world record holder, who won gold. The silver medalist, Svetlana Varganova, and bronze medalist, Yuliya Bogdanova, were also former world record holders. Varganova led for most of the race, having 1½ seconds on Kačiušytė at 50 and 100 metres, and 2½ seconds at 150 metres, but Kačiušytė’s final 50 split was 2.58 seconds faster and brought her home 7/100ths in front.

1Lina KačiušytėURS2:33.04 (1 h4)2:29.54 (1)Gold
2Svetlana VarganovaURS2:29.77 (1 h3)2:29.61 (2)Silver
3Yuliya BogdanovaURS2:33.45 (1 h2)2:32.39 (3)Bronze
4Susanne NielssonDEN2:34.42 (2 h4)2:32.75 (4)
5Irena FleissnerováTCH2:32.79 (2 h3)2:33.23 (5)
6Ute GewenigerGDR2:35.42 (2 h1)2:34.34 (6)
7Bettina LöbelGDR2:35.31 (1 h1)2:34.51 (7)
8Silvia RinkaGDR2:34.88 (2 h2)2:35.38 (8)
9Eva-Marie HåkanssonSWE2:35.64 (3 h3)
10Ann-Sofi RoosSWE2:35.99 (3 h4)
11Debbie RuddGBR2:36.32 (3 h2)
12Maggie KellyGBR2:37.67 (3 h1)
13Tanya BogomilovaBUL2:39.11 (4 h4)
14Lisa CurryAUS2:39.42 (5 h4)
15Brigitte PrassROU2:39.90 (6 h4)
16Odile BihanFRA2:40.55 (4 h3)
17Sabrina SeminatoreITA2:41.77 (7 h4)
18Elke HoltzMEX2:42.59 (4 h2)
19Brigitte BosmansBEL2:42.87 (4 h1)
20Catherine BohanIRL2:43.30 (5 h3)
21Annick de SusiniFRA2:44.03 (5 h1)
22Gabriella KindlHUN2:44.08 (5 h2)
23Lynne TaskerZIM2:48.86 (6 h3)
24Hoàng Thị HoàVIE2:55.94 (6 h2)
25Nicole RajoharisonMAD3:12.40 (6 h1)

Round One (23 July 1980 — 10:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Bettina LöbelGDR2:35.31Q
23Ute GewenigerGDR2:35.42Q
35Maggie KellyGBR2:37.67
42Brigitte BosmansBEL2:42.87
56Annick de SusiniFRA2:44.03
67Nicole RajoharisonMAD3:12.40

Heat Two

14Yuliya BogdanovaURS2:33.45Q
25Silvia RinkaGDR2:34.88Q
33Debbie RuddGBR2:36.32
46Elke HoltzMEX2:42.59
52Gabriella KindlHUN2:44.08
67Hoàng Thị HoàVIE2:55.94

Heat Three

14Svetlana VarganovaURS2:29.77QOR
25Irena FleissnerováTCH2:32.79Q
33Eva-Marie HåkanssonSWE2:35.64
46Odile BihanFRA2:40.55
52Catherine BohanIRL2:43.30
67Lynne TaskerZIM2:48.86

Heat Four

14Lina KačiušytėURS2:33.04Q
25Susanne NielssonDEN2:34.42Q
33Ann-Sofi RoosSWE2:35.99
41Tanya BogomilovaBUL2:39.11
52Lisa CurryAUS2:39.42
67Brigitte PrassROU2:39.90
76Sabrina SeminatoreITA2:41.77

Final (23 July 1980 — 18:30)

13Lina KačiušytėURS2:29.54OR
24Svetlana VarganovaURS2:29.61
36Yuliya BogdanovaURS2:32.39
42Susanne NielssonDEN2:32.75
55Irena FleissnerováTCH2:33.23
68Ute GewenigerGDR2:34.34
71Bettina LöbelGDR2:34.51
87Silvia RinkaGDR2:35.38