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Individual All-Around, Men

Date29 – 30 July 1900
LocationVélodrome Municipal de Vincennes, Paris
Participants135 from 8 countries
FormatMaximum 320 points based on 16 scores from 0-20 for compulsory and optional exercises done on horizontal bar, parallel bars, rings, pommelled horse, floor exercises, horse vault, combined high and long jump, long jump, pole vault, rope climbing, and weightlifting.

The scoring for the individual all-around called for a maximum of 320 points in 16 events, of which 12 are considered today gymnastics disciplines. The sixteen events contested in the “Championnat International de Gymnastique” were as follows: 1) Horizontal Bar – Compulsory; 2) Horizontal Bar – Optional; 3) Parallel Bars – Compulsory; 4) Parallel Bars – Optional; 5) Rings – Compulsory; 6) Rings – Optional; 7) Pommelled Horse – Compulsory; 8) Pommelled Horse – Optional; 9) Floor exercises – Compulsory; 10) Floor exercises – Optional; 11) Long horse vault – Compulsory; 12) “Combined” high jump – Compulsory; 13) Long jump – Compulsory; 14) Pole vault – Compulsory; 15) Rope climbing – Compulsory; and 16) Weight lifting 50 kg. 10 times – Compulsory.

Scoring for the first ten events was from 0-20, depending on the quality of the exercises, as follows, per the 1900 Official Report: 20 – Perfect; 18-19 – Very good; 15-17 – Good; 12-14 – Fairly good; 9-11 – Acceptable; 6-8 – Mediocre; 3-5 – Poor; 1-2 – Very Poor; 0 – No try made.

In the athletics events, which were commonly held at the turn of the century in combined events in gymnastics, the athletes were apparently scored for “style” points while attempting to perform at a certain standard. In the long jump, the standard was to jump 5.00 metres. In the pole vault, the standard was to vault 2.20 metres. In the combined high and long jump, they were required to jump over a rope held at a height of 1.25 metres and set at 1.00 metre from the take-off. In rope climbing, the gymnasts were asked to climb a 6.00 metre tall rope. In the 20th event, or the weightlifting, the gymnasts were given 2 points for each time that they could lift the 50 kg. overhead to arms height, to a maximum of 10 times, or 20 points.

Le Gymnaste and the 1900 Official Report made several comments about the nationality of the gymnasts. They stated that no Russians had entered but 12 or 14 Germans would be present. They also noted that only a few Swiss would compete, because the Swiss championships were to be held the next week, preventing many of them from traveling to Paris for the contests. Of note, Joseph Martinez, who finished 7th in the Olympic event, eventually also finished 3rd at the Swiss championships. Also mentioned was that only one Italian competed, that being Camillo Pavanello from Sampierdarena. Interestingly, Le Gymnaste commented that four (4) Algerians were competing, all from Oran, and none from Algiers. Algeria was a French colony until 1962, but these four athletes – Jean Martinez, Jean Castiglioni, Lévy, and Koubi – could be considered the first African Olympians.

The events were held outdoors and it was very hot, with temperatures between 35° and 40° C. (95°-104° F.). The event was closed by a dinner for all contestants held on 31 July at The Restaurant de la Lune à l’Exposition.

1Gustave SandrasFRA302Gold
2Noël BasFRA295Silver
3Lucien DémanetFRA293Bronze
=4Pierre PaysséFRA290
=4Jules RollandFRA290
6Gustave FahyFRA283
7Joseph MartinezFRA277
=8Marcel LaluFRA275
=8Georges MauvezainFRA275
10Joseph LéstienneFRA273
11Georges DejaeghèreFRA272
=12 GachéFRA270
=12Joseph LavielleFRA270
14Jean BerhouzouqFRA268
=15Charles BolletFRA267
=15Joseph CastiglioniFRA267
17 GaucherFRA266
18Henri MorenoFRA265
=19Paul ObrechtFRA264
=19Jules DucretSUI264
21Daniel LavielleFRA263
22 MonteilFRA262
=23Félix GhyselsFRA261
=23 SchaanFRA261
=23Oscar JeanfavreSUI261
26 AllègréFRA257
27Fernand RavouxFRA256
28Camillo PavanelloITA255
29Hugo PeitschGER252
30Paulin LemaireFRA251
31William ConnorGBR250
=32František ErbenBOH249
=32Henri BettremieuxFRA249
=32Dominique RavouxFRA249
=35Auguste CastilleFRA248
=35Jules PerretFRA248
=37Paul GibiardFRA247
=37Jules LecoutreFRA247
=37Alexis VedeuxFRA247
=40 BalossierFRA246
=40 ImbertFRA246
=40Henri PratvielFRA246
=43Élie BourgoisFRA245
=43Jonathan HonorezFRA245
=43Charles BrodbeckGBR245
46 BouchonFRA244
=47 BornesFRA243
=47Émile FréteurFRA243
49 MichaudFRA242
=50 JardinierFRA241
=50 LabonalFRA241
=50 ThirietFRA241
53Eugen FürstenbergerGER240
=54Richard GenserowskiGER238
=54William PearceGBR238
=56Jacques FehrnbachFRA236
=56Émile ScherbFRA236
=56 StrasserFRA236
59Emil RotongGER234
=60 GrimmFRA233
=60Charles SimonFRA233
=62 BoulangerFRA232
=62 LévyFRA232
64 DeroubaixFRA231
=65 BlanchardFRA230
=65Jean-Marie le BourvelecFRA230
=67Jules DelevalFRA229
=67Octave SalzardFRA229
69 FierensFRA228
70Georges DuboisFRA225
71Carl WiegandGER224
72Fritz ManteuffelGER223
73W. Lloyd PhillipsGBR222
74Gabriel DéjeanFRA221
=75Joseph BourgougnouxFRA220
=75Henri FréteurFRA220
=77Otto MeyerFRA219
=77Franz AbbéGER219
=79 DouchetFRA216
=79Jean PradairolFRA216
=79 ViartFRA216
=79Fritz DannerGER216
=79Erwin KurtzGER216
=84 DebaillyFRA214
=84Joseph DecrozeFRA214
=84 RostinFRA214
=84Fritz SauerGER214
=88Gyula KakasHUN211
=88 AubertFRA211
=88 DufeiteFRA211
=88 GilletFRA211
=88 LabouretFRA211
=93 BourryFRA210
=93 PelatFRA210
=93 ViévilleFRA210
=93Abram KoubiFRA210
97 OllivierFRA209
98 ChapauFRA208
99 De PoortenBEL207
100 MinotFRA206
101 CooneFRA205
=102Gustav FlatowGER204
=102 DenisFRA204
=102Jules PinaudFRA204
105Albert BarodetFRA201
106 SidracFRA200
107Julius NuningerGER199
108Raoul SourzatFRA196
=109 BuchertFRA195
=109 LacombeFRA195
111 Van HuleFRA194
112 MicheletBEL192
=113 FavierFRA190
=113 FouchéFRA190
115 LemoineFRA187
116Charles DeckertFRA184
117Paul GermainFRA183
=118 JacqueminFRA180
=118Adolf TannertGER180
120Daniel KehrFRA178
121 CoucouFRA177
=122 CousinFRA175
=122 LerouxFRA175
124Henry HiattGBR172
125 VandenhauteFRA166
=126 BernillonFRA164
=126 DelaleauFRA164
=126 ParisotFRA164
=126Samuel RocheFRA164
130 ToucheFRA154
131 PrilleuxFRA149
132 BayerFRA145
133 TerrierFRA133
DNFOskar NäumannGER
DNFGyula KatonaHUN