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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date 3 August 1984
LocationOlympic Swim Stadium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Participants27 from 21 countries

As far back as 1978 Tracy Caulkins was the best swimmer in the world, being named that year World Swimmer of the Year. She was also American Swimmer of the year in 1980-82, and had been crushed by the 1980 Moscow boycott. In 1978 she had won both the 200 and 400 IM at the World Championships, but in 1982 had trailed in third in both races at the Worlds, as both were won by East German Petra Schneider, who had broken Caulkins’ world marks in 1980. Five days before this race Caulkins had won gold in the 400 IM.

The 200 IM final was the final race of Tracy Caulkins’ vaunted career. She was close to her old self, winning by 2½ seconds over teammate Nancy Hogshead, with Australians finishing 3-4, with Michelle Pearson taking bronze, followed by Lisa Curry. Caulkins’ time of 2:12.64 was the fourth fastest performance ever, although three weeks later East German Ute Geweniger won the Friendship Games in 2:11.79, close to her world record of 2:11.73, set in 1981.

Caulkins never competed again, as Swimming World noted, “The woman many consider to be the greatest female swimmer in history had left the pool.” She married Australian swimmer Mark Stockwell, who she met in Los Angeles, and they settled in Australia. Nancy Hogshead also retired after Los Angeles. The Duke University grad attended law school, and later became an outspoken proponent for women’s sports.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Tracy CaulkinsUSA2:14.47 (1 h4)2:12.64 (1)Gold
2Nancy HogsheadUSA2:16.29 (1 h3)2:15.17 (2)Silver
3Michele PearsonAUS2:17.46 (2 h3)2:15.92 (3)Bronze
4Lisa CurryAUS2:20.57 (1 h2)2:16.75 (4)
5Christiane PielkeFRG2:19.17 (1 h1)2:17.82 (5)
6Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:20.50 (3 h3)2:19.69 (6)
7Petra ZindlerFRG2:20.05 (3 h4)2:19.86 (7)
8Kathrine BomstadNOR2:19.88 (2 h4)2:20.48 (8)
9Maarit SihvonenFIN2:21.05 (4 h3)2:19.27 (1)
10Michelle MacPhersonCAN2:20.68 (2 h1)2:19.34 (2)
11Alison DozzoCAN2:20.85 (2 h2)2:19.70 (3)
12Anette PhilipssonSWE2:21.70 (3 h2)2:21.54 (4)
13Gaynor StanleyGBR2:24.94 (4 h1)2:21.71 (5)
14Zara LongGBR2:23.89 (4 h2)2:22.25 (6)
15Hideka KoshimizuJPN2:23.38 (6 h4)2:22.81 (7)
16Laurence BensimonFRA2:24.34 (3 h1)2:27.13 (8)
17Sabine PauwelsBEL2:22.86 (4 h4)1
18Maria KardumSWE2:22.87 (5 h4)2
19Gail JonsonNZL2:25.00 (5 h1)
20Brigitte WandererAUT2:26.85 (5 h2)
21Yan HongCHN2:27.95 (6 h2)
22Helen ChowMAS2:29.25 (5 h3)
23Faten GhattasTUN2:29.77 (6 h1)
24Karin BrandesPER2:29.87 (6 h3)
25Lotta FlinkHKG2:31.70 (7 h2)
26Sharon PickeringFIJ2:34.77 (7 h1)
27Blanca MoralesGUA2:38.16 (7 h4)
DNSSilvia PersiITA– (DNS h3)
DNSBeda LeirvaagNOR– (DNS h4)
DNSRosa María SilvaURU– (DNS h3)

Round One (3 August 1984 — 8:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

15Christiane PielkeFRG2:19.17QOR
24Michelle MacPhersonCAN2:20.68q
33Laurence BensimonFRA2:24.34
46Gaynor StanleyGBR2:24.94
52Gail JonsonNZL2:25.00
67Faten GhattasTUN2:29.77
71Sharon PickeringFIJ2:34.77

Heat Two

14Lisa CurryAUS2:20.57Q
25Alison DozzoCAN2:20.85q
36Anette PhilipssonSWE2:21.70q
43Zara LongGBR2:23.89q
52Brigitte WandererAUT2:26.85
67Yan HongCHN2:27.95
71Lotta FlinkHKG2:31.70

Heat Three

14Nancy HogsheadUSA2:16.29QOR
25Michele PearsonAUS2:17.46Q
33Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:20.50Q
46Maarit SihvonenFIN2:21.05q
51Helen ChowMAS2:29.25
67Karin BrandesPER2:29.87
DNS2Silvia PersiITA
DNS8Rosa María SilvaURU

Heat Four

14Tracy CaulkinsUSA2:14.47QOR
23Kathrine BomstadNOR2:19.88Q
35Petra ZindlerFRG2:20.05Q
48Sabine PauwelsBEL2:22.86q
56Maria KardumSWE2:22.87q
67Hideka KoshimizuJPN2:23.38q
72Blanca MoralesGUA2:38.16
DNS2Beda LeirvaagNOR

B Final (3 August 1984 — 17:10)

13Maarit SihvonenFIN2:19.27
24Michelle MacPhersonCAN2:19.34
35Alison DozzoCAN2:19.70
46Anette PhilipssonSWE2:21.54
58Gaynor StanleyGBR2:21.71
67Zara LongGBR2:22.25
72Hideka KoshimizuJPN2:22.81
81Laurence BensimonFRA2:27.13

Final (3 August 1984 — 17:00)

14Tracy CaulkinsUSA2:12.64OR
25Nancy HogsheadUSA2:15.17
33Michele PearsonAUS2:15.92
48Lisa CurryAUS2:16.75
56Christiane PielkeFRG2:17.82
61Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:19.69
77Petra ZindlerFRG2:19.86
82Kathrine BomstadNOR2:20.48