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Épée, Individual, Men

Date24 – 25 April 1906
LocationZappeion, Athina
Participants29 from 10 countries

Bouts were for three touches or until 20 minutes had elapsed. If the score was tied at the end of 20 minutes, both fencers were credited with a loss. The maximum length of the entire épée was 110 centimetres with the maximum length of the blade being 88 centimetres. The weight of the épée had to be between 450 and 670 grams.

Twenty-nine competitors started in the individual épée event. Seven first round elimination pools were used to narrow them down to 15 semi-finalists, who then fought two pools to determine the six finalists. The Frenchman, Georges de la Falaise, was an easy victor in the final. His teammate, Georges Dillon-Cavanagh, finished second. However, this was only after a fence-off between Dillon-Cavanagh and Félix Vigeveno, Hendrik van Blijenburgh, and Emil Schön, who all tied for second place. De la Falaise was French champion at both épée and sabre.

1Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRAGold
2Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRASilver
3Lex van BlijenburghNEDBronze
4Félix VigevenoNED
5Emil SchönGER
6Maurits van Löben SelsNED
4 p1 r2/3Jetze DoormanNED
=4 p2 r2/3Georgios PetropoulosGRE
=4 p2 r2/3Lóránt MészárosHUN
AC p1 r2/3Edgar SeligmanGBR
AC p1 r2/3Emil FickSWE
AC p1 r2/3Fernand de MontignyBEL
AC p2 r2/3Edmond CrahayBEL
AC p2 r2/3James, Baron Melvill van CarnbéeNED
AC p2 r2/3Pierre d'HuguesFRADNF
3 p1 r1/3Péter TóthHUN
3 p3 r1/3Magnus JensenDEN
3 p4 r1/3Ernst KönigsgartenAUT
3 p6 r1/3Aristidis PapadakisGRE
4 p1 r1/3Ioannis GeorgiadisGRE
AC p2 r1/3Hendrik van der GrintenNED
AC p2 r1/3Villiam WilkenschildtDEN
AC p2 r1/3Konstantinos TamvakosGRE
AC p5 r1/3Arie de JongNED
AC p5 r1/3Khristos ZorbasGRE
AC p7 r1/3Johannes OstenNED
AC p7 r1/3Willem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
AC p7 r1/3Gabriël VigevenoNED
AC p7 r1/3Frits KoenNED

Round One (24 April 1906)

Top two in pools 1-6 and top three in pool 7 qualified for the semi-finals

Pool One

1Edgar SeligmanGBRQ
2Félix VigevenoNEDQ
3Péter TóthHUN
4Ioannis GeorgiadisGRE

Pool Two

1Emil FickSWEQ
2Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRAQ
ACHendrik van der GrintenNED
ACVilliam WilkenschildtDEN
ACKonstantinos TamvakosGRE

Pool Three

1Fernand de MontignyBELQ
2Lex van BlijenburghNEDQ
3Magnus JensenDEN

Pool Four

1Jetze DoormanNEDQ
2James, Baron Melvill van CarnbéeNEDQ
3Ernst KönigsgartenAUT

Pool Five

1Pierre d'HuguesFRAQ
2Lóránt MészárosHUNQ
ACArie de JongNED
ACKhristos ZorbasGRE

Pool Six

1Edmond CrahayBELQ
2Maurits van Löben SelsNEDQ
3Aristidis PapadakisGRE

Pool Seven

1Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAQ
=2Georgios PetropoulosGREQ
=2Emil SchönGERQ
ACJohannes OstenNED
ACWillem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
ACGabriël VigevenoNED
ACFrits KoenNED

Semi-Finals (25 April 1906)

Top three finishers in each pool qualified for the final

Pool One

1Félix VigevenoNEDQ
2Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRAQ
3Lex van BlijenburghNEDQ
4Jetze DoormanNED
ACEdgar SeligmanGBR
ACEmil FickSWE
ACFernand de MontignyBEL

Pool Two

=1Emil SchönGERQ
=1Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRAQ
3Maurits van Löben SelsNEDQ
=4Georgios PetropoulosGRE
=4Lóránt MészárosHUN
ACEdmond CrahayBEL
ACJames, Baron Melvill van CarnbéeNED
ACPierre d'HuguesFRADNF

Final Pool (25 April 1906)

1Gabriel, Count de la FalaiseFRA
2Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRA
3Lex van BlijenburghNED
4Félix VigevenoNED
5Emil SchönGER
6Maurits van Löben SelsNED