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Sabre, Individual, Men

Date28 April 1906
LocationZappeion, Athina
Participants29 from 8 countries

Sabre bouts were for one touch as was customary in France at that time but a second sabre event using three touches was then added on May 1 to please the sabre fencers from other countries where three-touch sabre bouts were customary. Unlike foil and épée, no time limit was specified. The target area was reduced slightly from what was used at the 1896 Olympics. Instead of the entire body being valid target area, touches “below the knee” were no longer valid.

Because there were no international regulations as to what constituted a “sabre”, the Organizing Committee allowed every fencer to use the type of sabre in use in his own country. The length of the blades, however, had to be between 82 and 91 centimeters and the weight of the weapon between 450 and 950 grams. The committee “reserved to themselves the right to prohibit any weapons whose use they thought would be dangerous”.

The sabre competition resulted in a popular victory for the Greek fencer, Ioannis Georgiadis. As in the épée, there were 29 competitors originally. Six elimination pools narrowed the field to 13 semi-finalists who fought two pools to determine the six finalists. In the finals, a three-way tie occurred for first place between Georgiadis, Gustav Casmir, and Federico Cesarano. In a fence-off between the three, Georgiadis won with Casmir second and Cesarano third.

One competitor from 1906, Hendrik van Blijenburgh, described this event as follows, “As to what happened in the sabre events, that entirely belongs into the world of humour. It did not matter who did what, or how he did it - but if someone touched his opponent, he lost! I highly respected the Greek fencers, but that the Greek jury should ‘appoint’ Georgiadis as the winner, that was a bit too much.”

1Ioannis GeorgiadisGREGold
2Gustav CasmirGERSilver
3Federico CesaranoITABronze
4Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA
5Lóránt MészárosHUN
6Jenő ApáthyHUN
AC p1 r2/3Christos ZorbasGRE
AC p1 r2/3James, Baron Melvill van CarnbéeNED
AC p1 r2/3Alexandros CharalampopoulosGRE
AC p1 r2/3Herbert SanderDEN
AC p2 r2/3George van RossemNED
AC p2 r2/3Hendrik van der GrintenNED
AC p2 r2/3Konstantinos FotiadisGRE
AC p1 r1/3Ernst KönigsgartenAUT
AC p1 r1/3Jetze DoormanNED
AC p2 r1/3Jakob Erckrath de BaryGER
AC p2 r1/3Maurits van Löben SelsNED
AC p2 r1/3Georges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRA
AC p3 r1/3Emil SchönGER
AC p3 r1/3Johannes OstenNED
AC p4 r1/3August PetriGER
AC p4 r1/3Péter TóthHUN
AC p4 r1/3Arie de JongNED
AC p5 r1/3Béla NagyHUN
AC p5 r1/3Lex van BlijenburghNED
AC p5 r1/3Robert KrünertGER
AC p5 r1/3Pierre d'HuguesFRA
AC p6 r1/3Willem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
AC p6 r1/3Menelaos SakorafosGRE
DNSHenri de LabordeFRA
DNSPaul AnspachBEL
DNSL. AghioniITA
DNSH. BoneskiNED
DNSLouis BuscarletSUI
DNSConstant CloquetBEL
DNSThomas, Lord Howard de WaldenGBR
DNSAristidis KritikosGRE
DNSEugène OlivierFRA
DNSEgisto PrucherITA
DNSAristidis PapadakisGRE
DNSPaul ReinboldSUI
DNSJ. Ph. SchaefferNED
DNSJoseph SénatFRA
DNSAlexandre SimonsonBEL
DNSF. W. H. van StraatenNED
DNSJacques VerreytBEL
DNSEdmond CrahayBEL
DNSAntal HámosHUN
DNSMartin HardenAUT
DNSOtto HerschmannAUT

Round One (28 April 1906)

Top two finishers in pools 1-4 and pool 6 and top three finishers from pool 5 advanced to semi-finals.

Pool 1

1Gustav CasmirGERQ
2Alexandros CharalampopoulosGREQ
ACErnst KönigsgartenAUT
ACJetze DoormanNED

Pool 2

1Ioannis GeorgiadisGREQ
2Jenő ApáthyHUNQ
ACJakob Erckrath de BaryGER
ACMaurits van Löben SelsNED
ACGeorges, Baron Dillon-KavanaghFRA

Pool 3

1Lóránt MészárosHUNQ
2Christos ZorbasGREQ
ACEmil SchönGER
ACJohannes OstenNED

Pool 4

=1James, Baron Melvill van CarnbéeNEDQ
=1Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRAQ
ACAugust PetriGER
ACPéter TóthHUN
ACArie de JongNED

Pool 5

1Federico CesaranoITAQ
=2George van RossemNEDQ
=2Konstantinos FotiadisGREQ
ACBéla NagyHUN
ACLex van BlijenburghNED
ACRobert KrünertGER
ACPierre d'HuguesFRA

Pool 6

1Herbert SanderDENQ
2Hendrik van der GrintenNEDQ
ACWillem Hubert van BlijenburghNED
ACMenelaos SakorafosGRE

Semi-Finals (28 April 1906)

Top three finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

1Ioannis GeorgiadisGREQ
2Lóránt MészárosHUNQ
3Jenő ApáthyHUNQ
ACChristos ZorbasGRE
ACJames, Baron Melvill van CarnbéeNED
ACAlexandros CharalampopoulosGRE
ACHerbert SanderDEN

Pool 2

1Gustav CasmirGERQ
2Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRAQ
3Federico CesaranoITAQ
ACGeorge van RossemNED
ACHendrik van der GrintenNED
ACKonstantinos FotiadisGRE

Final Pool (28 April 1906)

1Ioannis GeorgiadisGRE
2Gustav CasmirGER
3Federico CesaranoITA
4Gabriel, Comte de la FalaiseFRA
5Lóránt MészárosHUN
6Jenő ApáthyHUN