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400 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date27 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants32 from 25 countries
Olympic Record 4:14.75 WR / Tamás Darnyi HUN / 21 September 1988

Hungary’s Tamás Darnyi was the defending champion and not lost an individual medley race since 1984, including winning both events at the 1985, 1987, and 1989 Europeans and the 1986 and 1991 World Championships. He had also set the last three world records in the event, and was named World Swimmer of the Year in 1987 and 1991. The early leader in the final was American Dave Wharton, silver medalist in the event in Seoul, who had two seconds on Darnyi after butterfly, but he would drop back and place fourth. The leader after backstroke was the other American, Eric Namesnik, but Darnyi took the lead early in the breaststroke, and kept opening up, winning easily in 4:14.23, with Namesnik second, 1.34 seconds behind.

A few days later, Darnyi would again win the 200 IM, completing a double-double in the individual medleys, a rare occurrence at the Olympics. It had only been done before in a single stroke or specialty in the 100/200 back by East German Roland Matthes in 1968-72, although Ukrainian Yana Klochkova would repeat Darnyi’s double-double in the women’s IMs in 2000-04.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Tamás DarnyiHUN4:18.34 (1 h5)4:14.23 (1)Gold
2Eric NamesnikUSA4:17.75 (1 h4)4:15.57 (2)Silver
3Luca SacchiITA4:19.42 (1 h3)4:16.34 (3)Bronze
4Dave WhartonUSA4:20.73 (2 h5)4:17.26 (4)
5Christian GeßnerGER4:19.92 (2 h3)4:17.88 (5)
6Patrick KühlGER4:18.68 (2 h4)4:19.66 (6)
7Serghei MariniucEUN4:19.05 (3 h4)4:22.93 (7)
8Takahiro FujimotoJPN4:20.07 (4 h4)4:23.86 (8)1
9Attila CzeneHUN4:26.31 (5 h3)4:21.28 (1)
10Curtis MydenCAN4:22.41 (5 h5)4:21.91 (2)
11Jorge PérezESP4:21.33 (3 h5)4:22.06 (3)
12Petteri LehtinenFIN4:22.10 (4 h5)4:22.10 (4)
13Philip BryantAUS4:21.45 (3 h3)4:22.36 (5)
14Marcin MalińskiPOL4:24.72 (5 h4)4:22.59 (6)
15Jan BidrmanSWE4:22.96 (6 h5)4:23.52 (7)
16Robert BairdCAN4:24.31 (4 h3)4:25.06 (8)
17Marian SatnoianuROU4:26.33 (6 h4)
18Matt DunnAUS4:27.65 (7 h4)
19Marcel WoudaNED4:28.51 (7 h5)
20Igor ŁuczakPOL4:28.60 (1 h2)
21Desmond KohSGP4:28.95 (1 h1)
22Renato RamalhoBRA4:29.28 (2 h2)
23Denislav KalchevBUL4:31.49 (8 h4)
24Clifford LyneRSA4:32.64 (3 h2)
25Andy RolleyGBR4:32.82 (8 h5)
26Andrés MinelliARG4:33.41 (6 h3)
27Alejandro BermúdezCOL4:33.87 (4 h2)
28David MonasterioPUR4:36.39 (7 h3)
29Ratapong SirisanontTHA4:37.95 (5 h2)
30Duncan ToddHKG4:41.84 (2 h1)
31Roberto BonillaGUA4:43.54 (3 h1)
ACToshiaki KurasawaJPN– (AC h3)DQ

Round One (27 July 1992 — 11:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

14Desmond KohSGP4:28.95
26Duncan ToddHKG4:41.84
35Roberto BonillaGUA4:43.54

Heat Two

13Igor ŁuczakPOL4:28.60
25Renato RamalhoBRA4:29.28
36Clifford LyneRSA4:32.64
44Alejandro BermúdezCOL4:33.87
52Ratapong SirisanontTHA4:37.95

Heat Three

14Luca SacchiITA4:19.42Q
25Christian GeßnerGER4:19.92Q
36Philip BryantAUS4:21.45q
47Robert BairdCAN4:24.31q
53Attila CzeneHUN4:26.31q
68Andrés MinelliARG4:33.41
71David MonasterioPUR4:36.39
AC2Toshiaki KurasawaJPNDQ

Heat Four

14Eric NamesnikUSA4:17.75Q
25Patrick KühlGER4:18.68Q
32Serghei MariniucEUN4:19.05Q
43Takahiro FujimotoJPN4:20.07Q
57Marcin MalińskiPOL4:24.72q
61Marian SatnoianuROU4:26.33
76Matt DunnAUS4:27.65
88Denislav KalchevBUL4:31.49

Heat Five

14Tamás DarnyiHUN4:18.34Q
25Dave WhartonUSA4:20.73Q
32Jorge PérezESP4:21.33q
48Petteri LehtinenFIN4:22.10q
53Curtis MydenCAN4:22.41q
67Jan BidrmanSWE4:22.96q
76Marcel WoudaNED4:28.51
81Andy RolleyGBR4:32.82

B Final (27 July 1992 — 18:30)

18Attila CzeneHUN4:21.28
26Curtis MydenCAN4:21.91
34Jorge PérezESP4:22.06
43Petteri LehtinenFIN4:22.10
55Philip BryantAUS4:22.36
61Marcin MalińskiPOL4:22.59
72Jan BidrmanSWE4:23.52
87Robert BairdCAN4:25.06

Final (27 July 1992 — 18:30)

15Tamás DarnyiHUN4:14.23OR
24Eric NamesnikUSA4:15.57
32Luca SacchiITA4:16.34
48Dave WhartonUSA4:17.26
57Christian GeßnerGER4:17.88
63Patrick KühlGER4:19.66
76Serghei MariniucEUN4:22.93
81Takahiro FujimotoJPN4:23.862