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800 metres Freestyle, Women

Date21 – 22 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants26 from 21 countries

American Brooke Bennett had been the leading distance freestyle swimmer in the world since before the 1996 Olympic Games and was a red hot favourite to repeat her victory from Atlanta. Her gold medal win in the 400 metres sealed this status.

Bennett’s pace burned away the rest of the field in the early stages of the race and only Yana Klochkova, already winner of the two medley titles, could stay with her for the first portion of the race. Try as she might the Ukrainian was soon dropped by Bennett who sped away to a comfortable victory. Another American, 17-year-old Kaitlin Sandeno, recovered from a slow start to move through the field to win bronze. Bennett’s attempt to win a third straight Olympic title in 2004 was hampered by a series of shoulder operations and she narrowly failed to make the US team for Athens.

1Brooke BennettUSA8:26.47 (1 h4)8:19.67 (1)Gold
2Yana KlochkovaUKR8:29.84 (1 h3)8:22.66 (2)Silver
3Kaitlin SandenoUSA8:30.12 (2 h3)8:24.29 (3)Bronze
4Flavia RigamontiSUI8:30.44 (1 h2)8:25.91 (4)
5Hannah StockbauerGER8:31.74 (2 h4)8:30.11 (5)
6Chen HuaCHN8:33.23 (4 h3)8:30.58 (6)
7Jana HenkeGER8:31.86 (3 h3)8:31.97 (7)
8Sachiko YamadaJPN8:33.06 (3 h4)8:37.39 (8)
9Janelle AtkinsonJAM8:34.51 (4 h4)
10Kirsten VlieghuisNED8:35.80 (5 h3)
11Chantal StrasserSUI8:35.84 (2 h2)
12Rachel HarrisAUS8:36.94 (5 h4)
13Hayley LewisAUS8:38.75 (3 h2)
14Éva RisztovHUN8:43.07 (6 h3)
15Rebecca CookeGBR8:43.22 (4 h2)
16Karine LegaultCAN8:43.56 (5 h2)
17Irina UfimtsevaRUS8:44.64 (7 h3)
18Mirjana BoševskaMKD8:46.39 (6 h4)
19Hana ČernáCZE8:47.64 (6 h2)
20Ivanka MoralievaBUL8:52.61 (1 h1)
21Patricia VillarealMEX8:54.79 (2 h1)
22Marianna LymbertaGRE8:56.33 (8 h3)
23Olha BeresnievaUKR9:00.12 (7 h2)
24Lin Chi-ChanTPE9:01.09 (3 h1)
25Adi BichmanISR9:01.90 (8 h2)
26Cecilia BiagioliARG9:04.02 (4 h1)
DNSJoanne MalarCAN– (DNS h4)
DNSClaudia PollCRC– (DNS h4)

Round One (21 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (10:28)

13Ivanka MoralievaBUL8:52.610.88
24Patricia VillarealMEX8:54.790.87
35Lin Chi-ChanTPE9:01.090.82
46Cecilia BiagioliARG9:04.020.88

Heat Two (10:40)

14Flavia RigamontiSUI8:30.441.01Q
25Chantal StrasserSUI8:35.840.92
33Hayley LewisAUS8:38.750.78
42Rebecca CookeGBR8:43.220.84
57Karine LegaultCAN8:43.560.95
68Hana ČernáCZE8:47.640.88
76Olha BeresnievaUKR9:00.121.01
81Adi BichmanISR9:01.900.86

Heat Three (10:53)

12Yana KlochkovaUKR8:29.840.84Q
24Kaitlin SandenoUSA8:30.120.75Q
35Jana HenkeGER8:31.860.83Q
47Chen HuaCHN8:33.230.88Q
53Kirsten VlieghuisNED8:35.800.86
66Éva RisztovHUN8:43.070.90
71Irina UfimtsevaRUS8:44.640.89
88Marianna LymbertaGRE8:56.330.91

Heat Four (11:06)

14Brooke BennettUSA8:26.470.89Q
25Hannah StockbauerGER8:31.740.90Q
33Sachiko YamadaJPN8:33.060.93Q
46Janelle AtkinsonJAM8:34.510.71
52Rachel HarrisAUS8:36.940.81
68Mirjana BoševskaMKD8:46.390.77
DNS7Joanne MalarCAN
DNS1Claudia PollCRC

Final (22 September 2000 — 19:29)

14Brooke BennettUSA8:19.670.88OR
25Yana KlochkovaUKR8:22.660.81
33Kaitlin SandenoUSA8:24.290.76
46Flavia RigamontiSUI8:25.910.94
52Hannah StockbauerGER8:30.110.89
68Chen HuaCHN8:30.580.88
77Jana HenkeGER8:31.970.85
81Sachiko YamadaJPN8:37.390.93