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1,500 metres, Men

Date12 February 2006
LocationPalavela, Torino
Participants28 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 2:15.942 / Kim Dong-Seong KOR / 20 February 2002

The red-hot favorite in this event was An Hyeon-Su. After his compatriot Kim Dong-Seong had retired in 2002, An had become the dominant short track skater. He had won the overall title at the 2003, 2004 and 2005 World Championships, winning the 1,500 m on each occasion. With 2:10.639, the world record had also been in An’s hands since 2003.

One of An’s opponents, defending champion Apolo Anton Ohno, was surprisingly eliminated in the semi-finals. The Koreans expressed regret over this, as they wanted to take revenge for Ohno’s win in the event back in 1,500, when Kim Dong-Seong had been controversially disqualified in favor of Ohno. But the Koreans did not care much, as they easily won the competition. An won the race, while his compatriot Lee Ho-Seok finished second. Four-time Olympian Li Jiajun grabbed his fifth Olympic medal, placing third. Later in the Games, An and Lee would repeat their 1-2 finish in the 1,000 m.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePointsBest Time
1239Hyeon-Su AnKORAF-1Gold
2240Lee Ho-SeokKORAF-2Silver
3215Li JiajunCHNAF-3Bronze
4210Charles HamelinCANAF-4
5228Viktor KnochHUNAF-5
6212Mathieu TurcotteCANBF-1
7229Fabio CartaITABF-2
8254Apolo Anton OhnoUSABF-3
9238Satoru TeraoJPNBF-4
10245Niels KerstholtNEDBF-5
11227Péter DarázsHUNBF-6
12251Alex IzykowskiUSASF-5182:18.610
13220Jon EleyGBRSF-5182:21.862
14232Nicola RodigariITASF-6242:18.615
15247Vyacheslav KurginyanRUSSF-6162:24.604
16244Cees JuffermansNEDSF-DNF212:27.696
17224Tyson HeungGERR1-482:20.075
18218Maxime ChâtaignierFRAR1-482:23.966
19237Hayato SueyoshiJPNR1-482:25.280
20204Mark McNeeAUSR1-482:29.356
21226Sebastian PrausGERR1-482:30.292
22246Dariusz KuleszaPOLR1-552:24.118
23248Mikhail RazhinRUSR1-552:33.809
24219Jean-Charles MatteiFRAR1-552:43.543
DQ207Pieter GyselBEL
DQ206Wim De DeyneBEL
DQ249Matúš UžákSVK

Round One (12 February 2006)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (19:30)

13Mathieu TurcotteCAN2:23.40234Q
24Pieter GyselBEL2:23.41121Q
31Jon EleyGBR2:23.88713Q
45Maxime ChâtaignierFRA2:23.9668
52Dariusz KuleszaPOL2:24.1185

Heat Two (19:35)

12Lee Ho-SeokKOR2:31.51134Q
23Satoru TeraoJPN2:31.90321Q
34Vyacheslav KurginyanRUS2:33.80213Q
DQ1Wim De DeyneBEL

Heat Three (19:40)

13Li YeCHN2:27.62234Q
22Cees JuffermansNED2:27.69621Q
35Fabio CartaITA2:27.79913Q
44Mark McNeeAUS2:29.3568
51Mikhail RazhinRUS2:33.8095

Heat Four (19:45)

12Hyeon-Su AnKOR2:29.80834Q
24Nicola RodigariITA2:29.88521Q
31Péter DarázsHUN2:30.28113Q
43Sebastian PrausGER2:30.2928

Heat Five (19:50)

14Charles HamelinCAN2:19.46934Q
22Li JiajunCHN2:19.63121Q
35Alex IzykowskiUSA2:19.73113Q
43Tyson HeungGER2:20.0758
51Jean-Charles MatteiFRA2:43.5435

Heat Six (19:55)

14Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:23.66834Q
21Niels KerstholtNED2:23.85421Q
32Viktor KnochHUN2:23.87613Q
45Hayato SueyoshiJPN2:25.2808
DQ3Matúš UžákSVK

Semi-Finals (12 February 2006)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (20:54)

14Charles HamelinCAN2:20.85434Q
21Lee Ho-SeokKOR2:20.90121Q
33Niels KerstholtNED2:21.74813QB
42Satoru TeraoJPN2:21.7748QB
55Jon EleyGBR2:21.8625
66Vyacheslav KurginyanRUS2:24.6043

Heat Two (20:59)

14Hyeon-Su AnKOR2:17.71834Q
25Li JiajunCHN2:17.83621Q
36Mathieu TurcotteCAN2:18.28013QB
43Péter DarázsHUN2:18.3488QB
51Alex IzykowskiUSA2:18.6105
62Nicola RodigariITA2:18.6153

Heat Three (21:04)

11Li YeCHN2:19.38634Q
25Viktor KnochHUN2:19.60021Q
36Fabio CartaITA2:19.72413QB
42Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:20.3468QB
DNF4Cees JuffermansNED
DQ3Pieter GyselBEL

Final Round (12 February 2006 — 21:53)

B Final (21:53)

12Mathieu TurcotteCAN2:24.558
26Fabio CartaITA2:24.658
35Apolo Anton OhnoUSA2:24.789
43Satoru TeraoJPN2:24.875
54Niels KerstholtNED2:24.962
61Péter DarázsHUN2:24.969

A Final (21:58)

14Hyeon-Su AnKOR2:25.341
22Lee Ho-SeokKOR2:25.600
31Li JiajunCHN2:26.005
45Charles HamelinCAN2:26.375
53Viktor KnochHUN2:26.806