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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Men

Date15 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants75 from 16 countries

Before the Sydney Olympics it seemed to many as if there was an extra rule written into the laws of Olympic swimming which read “America turns up at the Olympics, America wins the men’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay “. Australia’s victory on home soil in 2000 had broken US invincibility in the event and they added the world title in 2001 with Russia following as World Champions 2 years later. In that 2003 World Championships final South Africa had trailed in last but a year later they were the fastest qualifiers from the heat. Even with that qualifying performance the talk was still of the more favoured nations of the USA, Australia, the Netherlands and Russia, with each country having at least one bona fide superstar in their ranks. The South Africans sent out Roland Schoeman, their fastest swimmer, on the opening leg and he opened up a lead that never looked like being closed down. Ryk Neethling anchored the team to a new world record as they finished over a second ahead of a fast finishing Netherlands team with the USA having to settle for third place.

1South AfricaRSA3:13.84 (1 h1)3:13.17 (1)Gold
Lyndon FernsRyk NeethlingRoland SchoemanDarian Townsend
2NetherlandsNED3:16.42 (4 h1)3:14.36 (2)Silver
Johan KenkhuisPieter van den HoogenbandMitja ZastrowKlaas-Erik ZweringMark Veens
3United StatesUSA3:15.83 (2 h1)3:14.62 (3)Bronze
Nate DusingJason LezakMichael PhelpsNeil WalkerIan CrockerGary Hall, Jr.Gabe Woodward
=4Russian FederationRUS3:17.46 (1 h2)3:15.75 (=4)
Andrey KapralovYevgeny LagunovDenis PimankovAleksandr PopovIvan Usov
=4ItalyITA3:16.18 (3 h1)3:15.75 (=4)
Christian GalendaFilippo MagniniMichele ScaricaLorenzo VismaraAlessandro Calvi
6AustraliaAUS3:17.64 (=2 h2)3:15.77 (6)
Michael KlimTodd PearsonEamon SullivanIan ThorpeAshley CallusJono Van Hazel
7FranceFRA3:17.64 (=2 h2)3:16.23 (7)
Romain BarnierFréd BousquetFabien GilotJulien SicotAmaury Leveaux
8GermanyGER3:17.97 (5 h1)3:17.18 (8)
Lars ConradStefan HerbstJens SchreiberTorsten SpannebergChristian KellerStephan Kunzelmann
9CanadaCAN3:18.35 (4 h2)
Brent HaydenRiley JanesYannick LupienMike Mintenko
10UkraineUKR3:18.95 (5 h2)
Pavlo KhnykinAndriy SerdinovDenys SyzonenkoYuriy Yehoshyn
11LithuaniaLTU3:19.28 (6 h1)
Saulius BinevičiusRolandas GimbutisVytautas JanušaitisPaulius Viktoravičius
12BrazilBRA3:20.20 (6 h2)
Gustavo BorgesRodrigo CastroCarlos JaymeJader Souza
13CroatiaCRO3:21.01 (7 h1)
Igor ČerenšekMario DelačDuje DraganjaIvan Mladina
14GreeceGRE3:24.26 (7 h2)
Spyros BitsakisAristidis GrigoriadisAlexandros TsoltosAndreas Zisimos
15People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:24.31 (8 h1)
Chen ZuoHuang ShaohuaLiu WeijiaZheng Kunliang
DQSwedenSWE– (DQ h2)
Lars FrölanderEric la FleurStefan NystrandMattias Ohlin

Round One (15 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (12:01)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
16South AfricaRSA3:13.84Q
Roland Schoeman22.8948.380.6648.38 (1)
Lyndon Ferns22.8948.340.201:36.72 (1)
Darian Townsend22.8449.130.272:25.85 (1)
Ryk Neethling22.7947.990.393:13.84 (1)
24United StatesUSA3:15.83Q
Gabe Woodward23.6249.930.7049.93 (5)
Nate Dusing23.1249.010.141:38.94 (4)
Neil Walker22.5748.160.192:27.10 (2)
Gary Hall, Jr.22.9148.730.083:15.83 (2)
Lorenzo Vismara24.0649.670.8249.67 (3)
Michele Scarica23.7848.920.111:38.59 (3)
Alessandro Calvi23.7349.350.152:27.94 (4)
Christian Galenda22.6648.240.263:16.18 (3)
Mark Veens23.7249.730.8149.73 (4)
Johan Kenkhuis23.0748.800.231:38.53 (2)
Mitja Zastrow23.3948.900.262:27.43 (3)
Klaas-Erik Zwering23.4748.990.343:16.42 (4)
Stephan Kunzelmann23.7550.090.8450.09 (6)
Christian Keller23.7250.160.111:40.25 (7)
Torsten Spanneberg23.4649.360.312:29.61 (5)
Lars Conrad23.1948.360.133:17.97 (5)
Rolandas Gimbutis23.4449.110.7749.11 (2)
Saulius Binevičius24.1450.350.321:39.46 (5)
Paulius Viktoravičius22.8950.200.272:29.66 (6)
Vytautas Janušaitis23.4449.620.293:19.28 (6)
Duje Draganja23.7450.380.8150.38 (7)
Mario Delač23.6749.750.151:40.13 (6)
Ivan Mladina23.7550.160.182:30.29 (7)
Igor Čerenšek23.6550.720.043:21.01 (7)
88People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:24.31
Chen Zuo24.650.750.7850.75 (8)
Liu Weijia24.3951.150.241:41.90 (8)
Zheng Kunliang24.7451.340.392:33.24 (8)
Huang Shaohua24.4351.070.483:24.31 (8)

Heat Two (12:08)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14Russian FederationRUS3:17.46Q
Andrey Kapralov23.8549.120.8049.12 (1)
Yevgeny Lagunov23.5849.680.221:38.80 (1)
Ivan Usov23.7149.860.212:28.66 (2)
Denis Pimankov22.9948.800.363:17.46 (1)
Ashley Callus24.1650.040.7650.04 (3)
Eamon Sullivan23.4949.130.221:39.17 (4)
Jono Van Hazel23.1149.650.192:28.82 (3)
Todd Pearson23.4848.820.213:17.64 (=2)
Romain Barnier24.1549.730.7349.73 (2)
Julien Sicot23.7349.290.361:39.02 (2)
Fabien Gilot23.4349.210.212:28.23 (1)
Amaury Leveaux23.7349.410.263:17.64 (=2)
Yannick Lupien23.8750.160.7350.16 (6)
Riley Janes23.1149.490.111:39.65 (5)
Mike Mintenko23.3949.600.212:29.25 (4)
Brent Hayden23.3249.100.293:18.35 (4)
Denys Syzonenko24.3750.050.9350.05 (4)
Andriy Serdinov23.9549.940.221:39.99 (6)
Pavlo Khnykin23.5249.470.272:29.46 (6)
Yuriy Yehoshyn23.449.490.173:18.95 (5)
Jader Souza24.0750.890.7450.89 (8)
Gustavo Borges23.949.590.091:40.48 (7)
Carlos Jayme23.1849.670.112:30.15 (7)
Rodrigo Castro23.9950.050.063:20.20 (6)
Aristidis Grigoriadis24.5650.150.8950.15 (5)
Alexandros Tsoltos23.9451.030.101:41.18 (8)
Spyros Bitsakis24.3452.250.322:33.43 (8)
Andreas Zisimos24.9250.830.353:24.26 (7)
Eric la Fleur24.2850.430.7750.43 (7)1
Stefan Nystrand22.7348.610.131:39.04 (3)
Mattias Ohlin23.4550.240.072:29.28 (5)
Lars Frölander-0.12– (–)

Final (15 August 2004 — 21:00)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14South AfricaRSA3:13.17WR
Roland Schoeman22.6248.170.6548.17 (1)
Lyndon Ferns22.5148.130.181:36.30 (1)
Darian Townsend23.1148.960.212:25.26 (1)
Ryk Neethling22.3247.910.273:13.17 (1)
Johan Kenkhuis23.6349.810.7849.81 (6)
Mitja Zastrow23.6249.250.171:39.06 (8)
Klaas-Erik Zwering23.1648.510.152:27.57 (5)
Pieter van den Hoogenband22.2546.790.213:14.36 (2)
35United StatesUSA3:14.62
Ian Crocker23.6450.050.7650.05 (8)
Michael Phelps23.4348.740.441:38.79 (6)
Neil Walker22.5447.970.162:26.76 (4)
Jason Lezak22.2547.860.153:14.62 (3)
=42Russian FederationRUS3:15.75
Andrey Kapralov23.8949.270.8149.27 (3)
Yevgeny Lagunov23.5849.170.331:38.44 (=3)
Denis Pimankov22.9249.250.402:27.69 (3)
Aleksandr Popov22.548.060.403:15.75 (4)
Lorenzo Vismara23.4149.160.8149.16 (2)
Filippo Magnini22.9148.300.091:37.46 (2)
Michele Scarica23.8549.210.142:26.67 (2)
Christian Galenda23.2449.080.143:15.75 (5)
Michael Klim23.4849.370.7449.37 (4)
Todd Pearson23.349.070.151:38.44 (=3)
Eamon Sullivan23.449.190.182:27.63 (6)
Ian Thorpe22.9748.140.113:15.77 (6)
Romain Barnier23.7549.650.6949.65 (5)
Julien Sicot23.5749.310.101:38.96 (7)
Fabien Gilot23.0848.950.122:27.91 (8)
Fréd Bousquet22.6748.320.423:16.23 (7)
Jens Schreiber23.9349.880.8349.88 (7)
Lars Conrad23.4148.720.191:38.60 (5)
Torsten Spanneberg23.2149.240.182:27.84 (7)
Stefan Herbst23.4149.340.303:17.18 (8)