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800 metres Freestyle, Women

Date19 – 20 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants29 from 24 countries

In 2003 Hannah Stockbauer had won a hat-trick of titles over the longer freestyle races at the World Championships and was a deserving winner of the World Swimmer of the Year award. Twelve months later and, in harmony with the generally poor performances of the entire German swimming team, she was a shadow of her former self and could only place 14th in the heats.

For much of the Olympic final it appeared that 17-year-old French sensation Laure Manaudou would repeat her performance in the 400 freestyle and win the title. The French teenager took to the front on the second length and led by more than two seconds at one stage but Ai Shibata of Japan gradually clawed back on the lead and, with 100 metres to go, caught up with Manaudou. Manaudou and Shibata fought it up over the last two lengths until the Japanese edged into a decisive lead. This was the first medal ever won by a female Japanese swimmer in a freestyle event. Indeed the previous individual best of 5th had been set by Shibata 5 days earlier in the 400 metres.

In a race between two Americans for third place, Diana Munz and Kalyn Keller swapped positions in the closing stages before Munz rallied to claim the bronze medal.

1Ai ShibataJPN8:30.08 (2 h3)8:24.54 (1)Gold
2Laure ManaudouFRA8:25.91 (1 h4)8:24.96 (2)Silver
3Diana MunzUSA8:30.87 (1 h2)8:26.61 (3)Bronze
4Kalyn KellerUSA8:32.36 (2 h4)8:26.97 (4)
5Erika VillaécijaESP8:33.61 (3 h4)8:29.04 (5)
6Rebecca CookeGBR8:28.47 (1 h3)8:29.37 (6)
7Jana HenkeGER8:31.06 (2 h2)8:33.95 (7)
8Simona PăduraruROU8:34.15 (3 h2)8:37.02 (8)
9Sarah PatonAUS8:35.81 (4 h2)
10Linda MacKenzieAUS8:35.90 (3 h3)
11Chen HuaCHN8:36.24 (4 h4)
12Sachiko YamadaJPN8:36.48 (4 h3)
13Flavia RigamontiSUI8:38.10 (5 h4)
14Hannah StockbauerGER8:38.17 (6 h4)
15Kristel KöbrichCHI8:40.41 (7 h4)
16Camelia PotecROU8:41.20 (5 h3)
17Brittany ReimerCAN8:41.55 (5 h2)
18Marianna LympertaGRE8:42.65 (6 h2)
19Jana PechanováCZE8:47.38 (6 h3)
20Olha BeresnievaUKR8:57.96 (7 h2)
21Golda MarcusESA8:59.81 (1 h1)
22Gwon Yu-RiKOR9:01.42 (2 h1)
23Jelena PetrovaEST9:01.62 (3 h1)
24Rebecca LintonNZL9:02.41 (7 h3)
25Heather RoffeyCAY9:02.88 (4 h1)
26Ivanka MoralievaBUL9:03.13 (8 h2)
27Paola DuguetCOL9:06.96 (5 h1)
28Anita GalićCRO9:10.91 (6 h1)
29Khadija CissSEN9:20.06 (7 h1)
DNSÉva RisztovHUN– (DNS h3)
DNSAnja ČarmanSLO– (DNS h4)

Round One (19 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (10:23)

12Golda MarcusESA8:59.810.80
24Gwon Yu-RiKOR9:01.420.90
33Jelena PetrovaEST9:01.620.98
47Heather RoffeyCAY9:02.880.79
56Paola DuguetCOL9:06.960.83
65Anita GalićCRO9:10.910.99
71Khadija CissSEN9:20.060.89

Heat Two (10:34)

14Diana MunzUSA8:30.870.89Q
23Jana HenkeGER8:31.060.88Q
36Simona PăduraruROU8:34.150.86Q
42Sarah PatonAUS8:35.810.89
55Brittany ReimerCAN8:41.550.93
61Marianna LympertaGRE8:42.650.91
77Olha BeresnievaUKR8:57.961.03
88Ivanka MoralievaBUL9:03.130.95

Heat Three (10:45)

12Rebecca CookeGBR8:28.470.88Q
25Ai ShibataJPN8:30.080.91Q
36Linda MacKenzieAUS8:35.900.80
44Sachiko YamadaJPN8:36.480.83
53Camelia PotecROU8:41.200.97
61Jana PechanováCZE8:47.380.85
78Rebecca LintonNZL9:02.410.93
DNS7Éva RisztovHUN

Heat Four (10:56)

13Laure ManaudouFRA8:25.910.88Q
25Kalyn KellerUSA8:32.360.75Q
36Erika VillaécijaESP8:33.610.89Q
42Chen HuaCHN8:36.240.78
57Flavia RigamontiSUI8:38.100.91
64Hannah StockbauerGER8:38.170.93
78Kristel KöbrichCHI8:40.410.94
DNS1Anja ČarmanSLO

Final (20 August 2004 — 19:46)

13Ai ShibataJPN8:24.540.93
24Laure ManaudouFRA8:24.960.96
36Diana MunzUSA8:26.610.79
47Kalyn KellerUSA8:26.970.68
51Erika VillaécijaESP8:29.040.86
65Rebecca CookeGBR8:29.370.85
72Jana HenkeGER8:33.950.86
88Simona PăduraruROU8:37.020.85