| Event type

Sprint, Classical, Women

Date13 February 2018
LocationAlpensia Cross-Country Centre, Alpensia Resort, Mountain Cluster, Daegwallyeong
Participants68 from 28 countries
FormatFinal standings based on time achieved in last round competed in.
Venue detailsCourse Length: 1,176 m
Height Differential: 27 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 43 m

The two dominant female cross-country sprinters were Norway’s Maiken Caspersen Falla and Sweden’s Stina Nilsson. Sochi gold medalist Falla, was also the reigning world champion and winner of the sprint ranking in the World Cup for the last three years. Nilsson was runner-up for the last two years in the World Cup, but in the current season she won three World Cup races, two in the freestyle and one in the classical style. In light snowfall, with strong winds, and in freezing cold temperatures, both skiers showed their potential throughout the competition. They clocked the fastest times in the qualifying round, won their respective quarter-final heats and finished one-two, when they competed in the same semi-final. Laurien van der Graaff from Switzerland, twice sprint winner this season, but a specialist in the freestyle, did not qualify for the final, after finishing fifth in her semi-final.

In the final, Nilsson and Falla were confronted with another Swede, Hanna Falk, USA skier [Jessie Diggins](, and two Olympic Athletes from Russia, Yuliya Belorukova and Nataliya Nepryayeva. Of these, only Belorukova could make any impact on the battle between the two favorites. She stayed on the heels of Nilsson when she started her attack in the second climb. Falla went past the Russian on the inside to move into second place. But Nilsson was clearly superior, and stormed to her first Olympic gold three seconds ahead of Falla. In the last descent, Belorukova closed in on Falla and both fought head-to-head on the final stretch. But Falla secured the silver 0.3 seconds ahead of Belorukova, who took home an unexpected bronze. Nepryayeva, Falk and Diggins were a considerable way behind in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.

1Stina NilssonSWE3:08.74 (1)3:10.90 (1 h1)3:10.52 (1 h1)3:03.84 (1)Gold
2Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR3:09.13 (2)3:11.98 (1 h2)3:10.55 (2 h1)3:06.87 (2)Silver
3Yuliya BelorukovaROC3:18.26 (15)3:14.29 (1 h4)3:10.12 (1 h2)3:07.21 (3)Bronze
4Nataliya NepryayevaROC3:15.65 (6)3:11.78 (1 h5)3:10.72 (3 h2)3:12.98 (4)
5Hanna FalkSWE3:12.54 (4)3:11.08 (1 h3)3:11.14 (3 h1)3:15.00 (5)
6Jessie DigginsUSA3:15.76 (7)3:11.24 (2 h3)3:10.72 (2 h2)3:15.07 (6)
7Anamarija LampičSLO3:16.57 (11)3:12.46 (3 h1)3:13.95 (4 h2)
8Sophie Caldwell-HamiltonUSA3:17.06 (12)3:12.39 (2 h2)3:11.32 (4 h1)
9Krista PärmäkoskiFIN3:12.30 (3)3:11.97 (2 h1)3:12.04 (5 h1)
10Laurien van der GraaffSUI3:19.62 (21)3:12.15 (2 h5)3:15.65 (5 h2)
11Heidi WengNOR3:16.28 (10)3:15.68 (2 h4)3:16.22 (6 h2)
12Anna DyvikSWE3:17.99 (14)3:13.09 (3 h5)3:15.77 (6 h1)
13Ida IngemarsdotterSWE3:16.06 (8)3:14.58 (3 h2)
14Sadie BjornsenUSA3:16.12 (9)3:16.75 (3 h4)
15Sandra RingwaldGER3:18.43 (16)3:13.76 (3 h3)
16Katja VišnarSLO3:15.24 (5)3:20.49 (4 h2)
17Ingvild Flugstad ØstbergNOR3:17.35 (13)3:14.87 (4 h5)
18Kathrine HarsemNOR3:18.48 (17)3:14.87 (4 h1)
19Johanna MatintaloFIN3:19.04 (19)3:16.92 (4 h4)
20Nadine FähndrichSUI3:19.42 (20)3:14.82 (4 h3)
21Gaia VuerichITA3:19.01 (18)3:21.65 (5 h4)
22Justyna KowalczykPOL3:20.00 (22)3:17.47 (5 h5)
23Kerttu NiskanenFIN3:20.48 (24)3:19.84 (5 h3)
24Lucia ScardoniITA3:23.32 (28)3:22.49 (5 h2)
25Aino-Kaisa SaarinenFIN3:24.02 (30)3:19.18 (5 h1)
26Kateřina BerouškováCZE3:20.09 (23)3:27.43 (6 h3)
27Katharina HennigGER3:22.64 (25)3:19.55 (6 h5)
28Elisabeth SchichoGER3:23.26 (26)3:24.26 (6 h4)
29Anna ShevchenkoKAZ3:23.27 (27)3:23.56 (6 h1)
30Alenka ČebašekSLO3:23.38 (29)3:30.87 (6 h2)
31Alena ProcházkováSVK3:24.61 (31)
32Greta LaurentITA3:25.54 (32)
33Ida SargentUSA3:25.80 (33)
34Emily NishikawaCAN3:26.75 (34)
35Yuliya TsikhanavaBLR3:27.19 (35)
36Hanna KolbGER3:27.84 (36)
37Sylwia JaśkowiecPOL3:27.94 (37)
38Ewelina MarciszPOL3:28.11 (38)
39Tatjana MannimaEST3:28.57 (39)
40Anastasiya KirylavaBLR3:28.98 (40)
41Palina SeranosavaBLR3:29.44 (41)
42Dahria BeattyCAN3:29.77 (42)
43Karolína GrohováCZE3:30.91 (43)
44Alisa ZhambalovaROC3:31.53 (44)
45Petra HynčicováCZE3:32.03 (45)
46Aurore JeanFRA3:32.45 (46)
47Valiantsina KaminskayaBLR3:32.80 (47)
48Jessica YeatonAUS3:33.01 (48)
49Li XinCHN3:33.61 (49)
50Lisa UnterwegerAUT3:34.29 (50)
51Cendrine BrowneCAN3:34.30 (51)
52Nika RazingerSLO3:35.11 (52)
53Barbora KlementováSVK3:38.00 (53)
54Tetyana AntypenkoUKR3:38.56 (54)
55Yelena KolominaKAZ3:39.22 (55)
56Maryna AntsyborUKR3:40.17 (56)
57Chi ChunxueCHN3:42.70 (57)
58Aimee WatsonAUS3:44.87 (58)
59Mathilde Amivi PetitjeanTOG3:45.93 (59)
60Valeriya TyulenevaKAZ3:47.27 (60)
61Timea LorinczROU3:48.84 (61)
62Patrīcija EidukaLAT3:49.70 (62)
63Casey WrightAUS3:49.80 (63)
64Vedrana MalecCRO3:54.76 (64)
65Gabrijela SkenderCRO3:56.23 (65)
66Antoniya GrigorovaBUL3:59.77 (66)
67Ju Hye-RiKOR4:11.92 (67)
68Samaneh Beyrami BaherIRI4:47.91 (68)

Qualifying Round (13 February 2018 — 17:30)

Top 30 finishers advance to quarter-finals.

112Stina NilssonSWE3:08.74Q
27Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR3:09.13Q
33Krista PärmäkoskiFIN3:12.30Q
46Hanna FalkSWE3:12.54Q
55Katja VišnarSLO3:15.24Q
619Nataliya NepryayevaROC3:15.65Q
715Jessie DigginsUSA3:15.76Q
822Ida IngemarsdotterSWE3:16.06Q
94Sadie BjornsenUSA3:16.12Q
1016Heidi WengNOR3:16.28Q
119Anamarija LampičSLO3:16.57Q
1218Sophie Caldwell-HamiltonUSA3:17.06Q
138Ingvild Flugstad ØstbergNOR3:17.35Q
141Anna DyvikSWE3:17.99Q
1510Yuliya BelorukovaROC3:18.26Q
1613Sandra RingwaldGER3:18.43Q
1711Kathrine HarsemNOR3:18.48Q
1820Gaia VuerichITA3:19.01Q
1934Johanna MatintaloFIN3:19.04Q
2024Nadine FähndrichSUI3:19.42Q
2117Laurien van der GraaffSUI3:19.62Q
2230Justyna KowalczykPOL3:20.00Q
2349Kateřina BerouškováCZE3:20.09Q
2426Kerttu NiskanenFIN3:20.48Q
2542Katharina HennigGER3:22.64Q
2628Elisabeth SchichoGER3:23.26Q
2746Anna ShevchenkoKAZ3:23.27Q
2829Lucia ScardoniITA3:23.32Q
292Alenka ČebašekSLO3:23.38Q
3025Aino-Kaisa SaarinenFIN3:24.02Q
3131Alena ProcházkováSVK3:24.61
3223Greta LaurentITA3:25.54
3321Ida SargentUSA3:25.80
3444Emily NishikawaCAN3:26.75
3545Yuliya TsikhanavaBLR3:27.19
3614Hanna KolbGER3:27.84
3747Sylwia JaśkowiecPOL3:27.94
3837Ewelina MarciszPOL3:28.11
3950Tatjana MannimaEST3:28.57
4040Anastasiya KirylavaBLR3:28.98
4138Palina SeranosavaBLR3:29.44
4233Dahria BeattyCAN3:29.77
4336Karolína GrohováCZE3:30.91
4439Alisa ZhambalovaROC3:31.53
4552Petra HynčicováCZE3:32.03
4627Aurore JeanFRA3:32.45
4743Valiantsina KaminskayaBLR3:32.80
4835Jessica YeatonAUS3:33.01
4959Li XinCHN3:33.61
5032Lisa UnterwegerAUT3:34.29
5148Cendrine BrowneCAN3:34.30
5241Nika RazingerSLO3:35.11
5364Barbora KlementováSVK3:38.00
5457Tetyana AntypenkoUKR3:38.56
5556Yelena KolominaKAZ3:39.22
5658Maryna AntsyborUKR3:40.17
5760Chi ChunxueCHN3:42.70
5863Aimee WatsonAUS3:44.87
5953Mathilde Amivi PetitjeanTOG3:45.93
6061Valeriya TyulenevaKAZ3:47.27
6162Timea LorinczROU3:48.84
6251Patrīcija EidukaLAT3:49.70
6355Casey WrightAUS3:49.80
6454Vedrana MalecCRO3:54.76
6567Gabrijela SkenderCRO3:56.23
6666Antoniya GrigorovaBUL3:59.77
6765Ju Hye-RiKOR4:11.92
6868Samaneh Beyrami BaherIRI4:47.91

Quarter-Finals (13 February 2018 — 20:00)

Top 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (20:00)

11Stina NilssonSWE3:10.90Q
22Krista PärmäkoskiFIN3:11.97Q
33Anamarija LampičSLO3:12.46q
44Kathrine HarsemNOR3:14.87
56Aino-Kaisa SaarinenFIN3:19.18
65Anna ShevchenkoKAZ3:23.56

Heat 2 (20:05)

11Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR3:11.98Q
24Sophie Caldwell-HamiltonUSA3:12.39Q
33Ida IngemarsdotterSWE3:14.58
42Katja VišnarSLO3:20.49
55Lucia ScardoniITA3:22.49
66Alenka ČebašekSLO3:30.87

Heat 3 (20:10)

11Hanna FalkSWE3:11.08Q
22Jessie DigginsUSA3:11.24Q
33Sandra RingwaldGER3:13.76
44Nadine FähndrichSUI3:14.82
56Kerttu NiskanenFIN3:19.84
65Kateřina BerouškováCZE3:27.43

Heat 4 (20:15)

13Yuliya BelorukovaROC3:14.29Q
22Heidi WengNOR3:15.68Q
31Sadie BjornsenUSA3:16.75
45Johanna MatintaloFIN3:16.92
54Gaia VuerichITA3:21.65
66Elisabeth SchichoGER3:24.26

Heat 5 (20:20)

11Nataliya NepryayevaROC3:11.78Q
24Laurien van der GraaffSUI3:12.15Q
33Anna DyvikSWE3:13.09q
42Ingvild Flugstad ØstbergNOR3:14.87
55Justyna KowalczykPOL3:17.47
66Katharina HennigGER3:19.55

Semi-Finals (13 February 2018 — 20:55)

Top 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to final.

Heat 1 (20:55)

11Stina NilssonSWE3:10.52Q
22Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR3:10.55Q
33Hanna FalkSWE3:11.14q
45Sophie Caldwell-HamiltonUSA3:11.32
54Krista PärmäkoskiFIN3:12.04
66Anna DyvikSWE3:15.77

Heat 2 (21:00)

12Yuliya BelorukovaROC3:10.12Q
23Jessie DigginsUSA3:10.72Q
31Nataliya NepryayevaROC3:10.72q
46Anamarija LampičSLO3:13.95
55Laurien van der GraaffSUI3:15.65
64Heidi WengNOR3:16.22

Final Round (13 February 2018 — 21:25)

11Stina NilssonSWE3:03.84
23Maiken Caspersen FallaNOR3:06.87
32Yuliya BelorukovaROC3:07.21
46Nataliya NepryayevaROC3:12.98
55Hanna FalkSWE3:15.00
64Jessie DigginsUSA3:15.07