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Parallel Giant Slalom, Men

Date22 – 24 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants32 from 13 countries
Course SetterBernd KrugAUT
Venue detailsGates: 27
Length: 595 m
Start Altitude: 848 m
Vertical Drop: 155 m

One of the most exciting snowboard events, the men’s parallel giant slalom competition at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games was held on 24 February at the Bogwang Phoenix Park in PyeongChang. The shorter parallel slalom race from Sochi 2014 was dropped to add in the big air to the Olympic programme.

Favorites for podium spots included two-time Sochi 2014 Olympic champion Russia’s (OAR’s) Vic Wild, Switzerland’s Nevin Galmarini, and Slovenia’s Žan Košir, The trio won gold, silver, and bronze respectively four years previous. Wild’s two gold medals at Sochi 2014 (parallel slalom, parallel giant slalom) marked the first time a snowboarder had won two medals at the same Olympic Winter Games. Reigning World champion Andreas Prommegger of Austria, 37, was also a threat.

The top three qualifiers leading to the final were Galmarina, Košir and Lee Sang-Ho (KOR), while Wild qualified in ninth out of the 16 racers to advance. In the straight elimination finals of 16, Wild was beaten by 2015 World champion and five-time Olympian Roland Fischnaller of Italy. During the semifinals, Košir appeared to beat Lee in a dramatic finish, but officials declared that the home-crowd favorite South Korean had won by .01 seconds, even though replays of the finish showed that Košir appeared to have gotten his arm across the finish line before Lee did. The result stood and Košir went on to win the bronze finishing 1.49 seconds clear of France’s Sylvain Dufour.

In the final Galmarini, the silver medalist at Sochi 2014, finished 0.43 seconds ahead of Lee, winning his second career Olympic medal. In winning silver, Lee had captured his country’s first Olympic snowboarding medal. Following Galmarini’s victory, Switzerland had now won three of the five gold medals since the Winter Olympics introduced giant slalom snowboarding in 2002.

1Nevin GalmariniSUIGold
2Lee Sang-HoKORSilver
3Žan KoširSLOBronze
4Sylvain DufourFRA
5Benjamin KarlAUT
6Stefan BaumeisterGER
7Roland FischnallerITA
8Edwin CorattiITA
9Alex PayerAUT
10Vic WildROC
11Sebastian KislingerAUT
12Andreas PrommeggerAUT
13Oskar KwiatkowskiPOL
14Dmitry SarsembayevROC
15Kim Sang-GyeomKOR
16Tim MastnakSLO
17Rok MargučSLO
18Andrey SobolevROC
19Rado YankovBUL
20AJ MussUSA
21Kaspar FlütschSUI
22Dario CaviezelSUI
23Aaron MarchITA
24Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN
25Patrick BusslerGER
26Choi Bo-GunKOR
27Masaki ShibaJPN
28Darren GardnerCAN
29Mirko FelicettiITA
30Mike TrappUSA
31Alexander BergmannGER
32Dmitry LoginovROC

Qualifying Round (22 February 2018 — 12:27)

PosBoarderNOCTimeBlue CourseRed Course
1Nevin GalmariniSUI1:24.7841.73 (1)43.05 (21)Q
2Žan KoširSLO1:24.9742.03 (3)42.94 (18)Q
3Lee Sang-HoKOR1:25.0642.16 (5)42.90 (16)Q
4Sylvain DufourFRA1:25.2741.92 (2)43.35 (27)Q
5Alex PayerAUT1:25.3042.43 (9)42.87 (14)Q
6Benjamin KarlAUT1:25.3343.21 (17)42.12 (=5)Q
7Stefan BaumeisterGER1:25.3742.07 (4)43.30 (25)Q
8Roland FischnallerITA1:25.4443.94 (24)41.50 (2)Q
9Vic WildROC1:25.5143.50 (20)42.01 (4)Q
10Sebastian KislingerAUT1:25.5943.47 (18)42.12 (=5)Q
11Andreas PrommeggerAUT1:25.6742.20 (6)43.47 (28)Q
12Edwin CorattiITA1:25.7042.37 (8)43.33 (26)Q
13Oskar KwiatkowskiPOL1:25.7242.84 (=10)42.88 (15)Q
14Dmitry SarsembayevROC1:25.7443.02 (14)42.72 (12)Q
15Kim Sang-GyeomKOR1:25.8842.84 (=10)43.04 (20)Q
16Tim MastnakSLO1:25.9743.15 (16)42.82 (13)Q
17Rok MargučSLO1:25.9843.78 (23)42.20 (7)
18Andrey SobolevROC1:25.9942.35 (7)43.64 (29)
19Rado YankovBUL1:26.0443.48 (19)42.56 (10)
20AJ MussUSA1:26.1044.12 (28)41.98 (3)
21Kaspar FlütschSUI1:26.2643.10 (15)43.16 (23)
22Dario CaviezelSUI1:26.3943.69 (22)42.70 (11)
23Aaron MarchITA1:26.5845.19 (29)41.39 (1)
24Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN1:26.7642.99 (=12)43.77 (30)
25Patrick BusslerGER1:26.7742.99 (=12)43.78 (31)
26Choi Bo-GunKOR1:26.7843.52 (21)43.26 (24)
27Masaki ShibaJPN1:26.9144.00 (26)42.91 (17)
28Darren GardnerCAN1:26.9443.97 (25)42.97 (19)
29Mirko FelicettiITA1:27.5645.29 (30)42.27 (8)
30Mike TrappUSA1:28.1444.05 (27)44.09 (32)
31Alexander BergmannGER1:29.2546.11 (31)43.14 (22)
32Dmitry LoginovROC1:31.0048.68 (32)42.32 (9)

Eighth-Finals (24 February 2018 — 12:15)

Winner of each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat 1 (12:15)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Sylvain DufourFRAQ
2Oskar KwiatkowskiPOL+0.10

Heat 2 (12:17)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Edwin CorattiITAQ
2Alex PayerAUT+0.33

Heat 3 (12:19)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Roland FischnallerITAQ
2Vic WildROC+0.93

Heat 4 (12:21)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Nevin GalmariniSUIQ
2Tim MastnakSLO+0.38

Heat 5 (12:23)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Žan KoširSLOQ
2Kim Sang-GyeomKOR+1.14

Heat 6 (12:25)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Stefan BaumeisterGERQ
2Sebastian KislingerAUT+0.22

Heat 7 (12:27)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Benjamin KarlAUTQ
2Andreas PrommeggerAUT+0.29

Heat 8 (12:29)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Lee Sang-HoKORQ
2Dmitry SarsembayevROC+0.54

Quarter-Finals (24 February 2018 — 12:38)

Winner of each heat advance to semi-finals, loser advance to classification round.

Heat 1 (12:38)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Sylvain DufourFRAQ
2Edwin CorattiITA+0.19

Heat 2 (12:40)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Nevin GalmariniSUIQ
2Roland FischnallerITA+0.06

Heat 3 (12:42)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Žan KoširSLOQ
2Stefan BaumeisterGER+3.07

Heat 4 (12:44)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Lee Sang-HoKORQ
2Benjamin KarlAUT+0.94

Semi-Finals (24 February 2018 — 12:52)

Winner of each heat advance to final.

Heat 1 (12:52)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Nevin GalmariniSUIQ
ACSylvain DufourFRADNF

Heat 2 (12:54)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Lee Sang-HoKORQ
2Žan KoširSLO+0.01

Final Round (24 February 2018 — 13:04)

Heat 1/2 (13:07)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Nevin GalmariniSUI
2Lee Sang-HoKOR+0.43

Heat 3/4 (13:04)

PosBoarderNOCRun 1
1Žan KoširSLO
2Sylvain DufourFRA+1.49