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Mass Start, Men

Date24 February 2018
LocationGangneung Oval, Gangneung Olympic Park, Coastal Cluster, Gangneung
Participants24 from 18 countries
FormatPoints for sprints, 5-3-1 for three intermediate sprints, and 60-40-20 for final sprint, with places determined by points.
StarterJan ZwierNED
RefereeDaniel CabelducSWE

There were many favorites for the first Olympic mass start title. The reigning world champion was Joey Mantia, bringing his skills from the sport of inline skating. His predecessor was Lee Seung-Hun, leader in the World Cup standings and 2010 Olympic champion in the 10,000 m as well as the home favorite. The list of medal contenders was long, though, and included among others Andrea Giovannini, Livio Wenger, Bart Swings, Peter Michael, Alexis Contin and Koen Verweij.

Most of the contenders survived the tactical semi-finals, although the elimination of 5,000 m bronze medallist Sverre Lunde Pedersen was a surprise. In the final, Wenger and Viktor Hald Thorup staged an attack after 6 laps, gaining some 75 m on the pack. Skating in service of Lee, Chung Jae-Won caught the attackers. With three laps to go, 4-time Olympic champion Sven Kramer launched an attack, with the intent of either personal gain or launching his team mate Verweij. Kramer was caught by small group, led by Swings but including Lee and Verweij. The Korean was by far the strongest in the resulting sprint, to the delight of the home crowd. Swings placed second to win Belgium’s first Winter Olympic medal in 20 years, while Verweij held on for the bronze.

1Lee Seung-HunKOR16 (6 h1)16 (1)Gold
2Bart SwingsBEL16 (5 h2)16 (2)Silver
3Koen VerweijNED16 (5 h1)16 (3)Bronze
4Livio WengerSUI16 (7 h2)16 (4)
5Viktor Hald ThorupDEN16 (4 h1)16 (5)
6Linus HeideggerAUT16 (1 h1)16 (6)
7Vitali MikhailauBLR16 (3 h2)16 (7)
8Jeong Jae-WonKOR16 (6 h2)16 (8)
9Joey MantiaUSA16 (8 h2)16 (9)
10Alexis ContinFRA16 (8 h1)16 (10)
11Shane WilliamsonJPN16 (3 h1)16 (11)
12Andrea GiovanniniITA16 (2 h1)16 (12)
13Stefan Due SchmidtDEN16 (2 h2)16 (13)
14Olivier JeanCAN16 (7 h1)16 (14)
15Peter MichaelNZL16 (1 h2)16 (15)
16Sven KramerNED16 (4 h2)16 (16)
9 h1 r1/2Haralds SilovsLAT16 (9 h1)
9 h2 r1/2Sverre Lunde PedersenNOR16 (9 h2)
10 h1 r1/2Brian HansenUSA16 (10 h1)
10 h2 r1/2Konrad NiedźwiedzkiPOL16 (10 h2)
11 h1 r1/2Fyodor MezentsevKAZ16 (11 h1)
11 h2 r1/2Ryosuke TsuchiyaJPN16 (11 h2)
12 h1 r1/2Reyon KayNZL16 (12 h1)
12 h2 r1/2Wang HongliCHN16 (12 h2)


Date24 February 2018 — 20:45
FormatTop finishers in each heat advance to final round.

Heat #1

PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCLapsPointsSprint 1 Points
17Linus HeideggerAUT16600Q
22Andrea GiovanniniITA16410Q
310Shane WilliamsonJPN16200Q
48Viktor Hald ThorupDEN1650Q
59Koen VerweijNED1655Q
61Lee Seung-HunKOR1650Q
75Olivier JeanCAN1640Q
84Alexis ContinFRA1630Q
96Haralds SilovsLAT1633
1011Brian HansenUSA1611
1112Fyodor MezentsevKAZ1600
123Reyon KayNZL1600

Heat #2

PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCLapsPointsSprint 1 Points
15Peter MichaelNZL16600Q
29Stefan Due SchmidtDEN16400Q
312Vitali MikhailauBLR16200Q
47Sven KramerNED1660Q
52Bart SwingsBEL1655Q
64Jeong Jae-WonKOR1650Q
71Livio WengerSUI1650Q
83Joey MantiaUSA1633Q
910Sverre Lunde PedersenNOR1620
1011Konrad NiedźwiedzkiPOL1611
118Ryosuke TsuchiyaJPN1600
126Wang HongliCHN1600

Final Round

Date24 February 2018 — 22:00
PosHelmet NrCompetitorNOCLapsPointsSprint 1 Points
111Lee Seung-HunKOR16600
210Bart SwingsBEL16400
39Koen VerweijNED16200
414Livio WengerSUI16113
57Viktor Hald ThorupDEN1680
61Linus HeideggerAUT1665
76Vitali MikhailauBLR1611
812Jeong Jae-WonKOR1610
916Joey MantiaUSA1600
1015Alexis ContinFRA1600
115Shane WilliamsonJPN1600
123Andrea GiovanniniITA1600
134Stefan Due SchmidtDEN1600
1413Olivier JeanCAN1600
152Peter MichaelNZL1600
168Sven KramerNED1600