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1,000 metres, Women

Date22 – 25 February 2006
LocationPalavela, Torino
Participants29 from 20 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.

China and South Korea had dominated women’s short track after the 2002 Olympics, claiming all overall and distance world titles since then. It was therefore no surprise that the final in the 1,000 m featured two Chinese and two South Korean skaters. Wang Meng, winner of the 500 m earlier in the Olympics, represented China along with her legendary team mate Yang Yang (A), defending champion and China’s first ever Winter Olympic Champion. The South Koreans fielded Jin Seon-Yu, the overall World Champion of 2005, and Choi Eun-Gyeong, who had won that title in 2003 and 2004, and was also the defending 1,000 m World Champion.

The Chinese woman led for most of the race, with the Koreans choosing to lay back. Two laps from the finish line, Jin and Choi then made their move, grabbing the lead. Jin held on to finish first, while Choi was passed at the last moment by Wang. Choi then also lost third place when she was disqualified for cross-drafting, giving Yang her fifth and final Olympic medal. She would announce her retirement after the Olympics.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePointsBest Time
1143Jin Seon-YuKORAF-1Gold
2111Wang MengCHNAF-2Silver
3112Yang Yang (A)CHNAF-3Bronze
4108Tania VicentCANBF-1
5106Amanda OverlandCANBF-2
6131Arianna FontanaITABF-3
7124Yvonne KunzeGERBF-4
8155Hyo-Jung KimUSASF-5731:34.164
9136Mika OzawaJPNSF-5471:33.337
10146Liesbeth Mau-AsamNEDQF-3341:34.034
11129Erika HuszárHUNQF-3341:34.080
12101Emily RosemondAUSQF-3341:37.627
13114Kateřina NovotnáCZER1-3131:32.220
14135Yuka KaminoJPNR1-3131:33.959
15148Ri Hyang-MiPRKR1-3131:34.360
16120Sarah LindsayGBRR1-3131:35.539
17102Yuliya YelsakovaBLRR1-3131:36.885
18127Han Yue ShuangHKGR1-3131:37.883
19145Evita KrievāneLATR1-3131:39.986
20115Stéphanie BouvierFRAR1-481:33.197
21128Rózsa DarázsHUNR1-481:34.059
22149Katalin KristoROUR1-481:34.506
DQ141Choi Eun-GyeongKOR
DQ150Tatyana BorodulinaRUS
DQ152Kimberly DerrickUSA
DQ103Evgeniya RadanovaBUL
DQ116Choi Min-GyeongFRA
DQ123Aika KleinGER
DQ130Marta CapursoITA

Round One (22 February 2006)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (19:30)

11Tania VicentCAN1:33.90434Q
22Mika OzawaJPN1:33.97721Q
34Ri Hyang-MiPRK1:34.36013
43Katalin KristoROU1:34.5068

Heat Two (19:34)

12Yang Yang (A)CHN1:34.87834Q
23Tatyana BorodulinaRUS1:34.98821Q
31Sarah LindsayGBR1:35.53913

Heat Three (19:38)

12Hyo-Jung KimUSA1:36.18234Q
21Erika HuszárHUN1:36.51521Q
33Yuliya YelsakovaBLR1:36.88513
DQ4Aika KleinGER

Heat Four (19:42)

12Evgeniya RadanovaBUL1:35.76534Q
21Choi Min-GyeongFRA1:36.74521Q
33Han Yue ShuangHKG1:37.88313

Heat Five (19:46)

12Jin Seon-YuKOR1:31.50434Q
23Arianna FontanaITA1:32.03321Q
31Kateřina NovotnáCZE1:32.22013
44Stéphanie BouvierFRA1:33.1978

Heat Six (19:50)

13Choi Eun-GyeongKOR1:38.41434Q
21Emily RosemondAUS1:39.94221Q
32Yvonne KunzeGER1:40.16613ADV
DQ4Marta CapursoITA

Heat Seven (19:54)

12Wang MengCHN1:37.16134Q
21Liesbeth Mau-AsamNED1:38.03921Q
33Evita KrievāneLAT1:39.98613

Heat Eight (19:58)

11Amanda OverlandCAN1:33.76134Q
24Kimberly DerrickUSA1:33.81221Q
33Yuka KaminoJPN1:33.95913
42Rózsa DarázsHUN1:34.0598

Quarter-Finals (25 February 2006)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (19:44)

12Jin Seon-YuKOR1:33.35134Q
21Wang MengCHN1:33.45321Q
34Emily RosemondAUS1:37.62713
DQ3Tatyana BorodulinaRUS

Heat Two (19:48)

11Choi Eun-GyeongKOR1:32.87534Q
23Amanda OverlandCAN1:33.01221Q
34Liesbeth Mau-AsamNED1:34.03413
DQ2Kimberly DerrickUSA

Heat Three (19:52)

13Arianna FontanaITA1:33.40134Q
25Yvonne KunzeGER1:33.62721Q
31Erika HuszárHUN1:34.08013
42Yang Yang (A)CHN1:59.3388ADV
DQ4Evgeniya RadanovaBUL

Heat Four (19:56)

13Hyo-Jung KimUSA1:34.16434Q
21Mika OzawaJPN1:34.71521Q
32Tania VicentCAN1:35.59413ADV
DQ4Choi Min-GyeongFRA

Semi-Finals (25 February 2006)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (20:22)

13Wang MengCHN1:31.78334Q
22Choi Eun-GyeongKOR1:32.09921Q
34Tania VicentCAN1:32.65013QB
41Yvonne KunzeGER1:36.7658QB
55Hyo-Jung KimUSA1:54.1875

Heat Two (20:26)

14Jin Seon-YuKOR1:32.54634Q
23Yang Yang (A)CHN1:33.08021Q
32Amanda OverlandCAN1:33.10213QB
41Arianna FontanaITA1:33.2288QB
55Mika OzawaJPN1:33.3375

Final Round (25 February 2006 — 20:53)

B Final (20:53)

12Tania VicentCAN1:34.099
21Amanda OverlandCAN1:34.191
33Arianna FontanaITA1:34.269
44Yvonne KunzeGER1:34.789

A Final (20:57)

12Jin Seon-YuKOR1:32.859
23Wang MengCHN1:33.079
34Yang Yang (A)CHN1:33.937
DQ1Choi Eun-GyeongKOR