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Architecture, Open1

Date 4 May – 27 July 1924
LocationGrand Palais des Champs-Elysées, Paris
Participants21 from 7 countries

21 architects including one woman from seven countries took part, exhibiting a total of 17 projects. Initially, the jury did not want to award medals, but reversed this decision on the intervention of Pierre de Coubertin, but stated that no work was really worthy of an award.

Former Hungarian swimmer Alfréd Hajós who won two gold medals at the first Olympic Games 1896 in Athens, and Dezső Lauber, former Hungarian tennis player and participant in the 1908 London Games, produced a Plan for a Stadium, for which they received the silver medal. Lauber was an architect by trade and later became a secretary-general of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. Hajós was one of only two Olympians, the other being Walter Winans, to win medals in both sport and art competitions.

The gold medal was not awarded. Bronze went to Julien Médécin from Monaco. This was the first and, as of 2020, only medal Monaco has won at the Olympic Games. The architect received the medal for his work Stadium for Monte Carlo.

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
2140a-fAlfréd Hajós / Dezső LauberHUNStadiumStadeSilver
3145a-dJulien MédécinMONStadium for Monte CarloStade pour Monte-CarloUn stadium pour Monte-CarloBronze
AC136Sonja CarstensenDENLarge Hall for Tennis TournamentGrande Salle de Tournoi-Tennis
AC137a-bDolf Broese van Groenou / Samuel de ClercqNEDStadium for ScheveningenStadion Westbroekpark Den HaagStade de Scheveningue
AC138a-bHenri Guerbois / Maurice DambrunFRAOverall plan of the Jean Petitjean Stadium at the Porte DoréePlan d'ensemble du Stade Jean Petitjean à la Porte Dorée/Photographies des travaux du StadePlan d'ensemble du Stade Jean Petitjean à la Porte Dorée/Photographies des travaux du Stade
AC139Oscar Gundlach-PedersenDENVelodromeVélodrome
AC141Jens Christian KofoedDENStadiumStade
AC142Nico LansdorpNEDProject of a bathing and swimming facilityProjet d'un établissement de bains et de natation
AC143Nico LansdorpNEDProject of a rowing pavilion in AmsterdamProjet d'un pavillon nautique à Amsterdam
AC144Amedeo LaviniITAOlympic Stadium "Juventus"Stadio di Corso MarsigliaStade Olympique: "Juventus"
AC146a-fEjnar Mindedal RasmussenDENHigh School of Gymnastics in OllerupGymnastikhøjskolen i OllerupHaute école populaire de gymnastique d'Ollerup
AC147Kay SchrøderDENFencing PalacePalais d'escrime : Plans, façade, coupes.
AC148Herman van der Kloot MeijburgNEDPavilion of the Nautilus Club with boathouseClubhuis Roei Vereniging "Nautilus"Pavillon du Club "Nautilus" avec garage
AC149Edmond Virieux / Léo RoccoSUISport and hygiene in urban housingLe sport et l'hygiène dans l'habitation urbaineLe sport et l'hygiène dans l'habitation urbaine
ACMarinus Granpré Molière / Jos Klijnen / Pieter VerhagenNEDPerspective of a Park in RotterdamKralingse Bos & PlasPerspective d'un parc à Rotterdam
ACHendrik HappéNEDAirplane departure tower (Idea for the future)Tour de départ des aéroplanes (idée de l'avenir)