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Painting, Applied Arts, Open1

Date29 July – 14 August 1948
LocationVictoria & Albert Museum, London
Participants43 from 8 countries
JudgeBill AdamGBR
JudgeEric de NormannGBR
JudgeLeigh AshtonGBR
JudgeBlake-More GodwinUSA
JudgeGordon RussellGBR

The sole medallist in this event was Swiss artist Alex Walter Diggelmann. He had won the inaugural edition of this event in 1936. In London, his posters for the World Championships in Cycling and Ice Hockey earned second and third prize, marking the first time an artist won multiple medals in the same event. Diggelmann’s third art medal is still a record at the Olympics, tied only by Danish author Josef Petersen.

PosCatalogue NumberCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
2300Alex Walter DiggelmannSUIPoster, World Championship for CyclingPlakat RadweltmeisterschaftenPoster, World Championship for CyclingSilver
3311Alex Walter DiggelmannSUIWorld Championship for Ice HockeyWeltmeisterschaften im EishockeyWorld Championship for Ice HockeyBronze
HM337Bernard Cuzner / Stanley MorrisGBRSilver Symbolic TorchSilver Symbolic TorchSilver Symbolic Torch
AC27Maria BujakowaPOLProcession of HorsesProcession of Horses (Tapestry)
AC60Helena Bukowska-SzlekysPOLThe Athlete (Runner)BiegaczThe Athlete (Woven Tapestry)
AC229Hans Horvath / Rudolf TerhesAUTLeather case containing Olympic Book "Olympia ruft Österreich" ("Olympia calls Austria")Lederschuber mit dem Olympiabuch "Olympia ruft Österreich"Leather case containing Olympic Book "Olympia ruft Österreich"
AC230Klaus PachnickeAUTDiploma MapDiplom-MappeDiploma Map
AC296William WilsonGBREngraved Glass (Commemoration) BowlEngraved Glass (Commemoration) Bowl (of James Powell, Whitefriars Ltd.)
AC297Jack Downing / Charles Stanier / William G. WebbGBRPresentation ChalicePresentation ChalicePresentation Chalice, in engraved glass
AC298Gertrude BohnertSUIHorses and Men, Six GlassesHorses and Men, Six Glasses (Engraved)
AC299Gertrude BohnertSUICastor and Pollux, crystal dishCastor and Pollux, crystal dish
AC301Mans MeijerNEDPoster for SwimmingPoster for Swimming
AC302Helena StulikováTCHPoster for XIVth OlympiadPlakátem k olympijským hrám 1948Poster for XIVth Olympiad
AC303Lucien BernierCANPoster for XIVth OlympiadPoster for XIVth Olympiad
AC304Hervé MorvanFRASports PosterSports Poster
AC305Yvon LalandeCANPoster XIVth OlympiadPoster XIVth Olympiad
AC306Freda HandsGBROlympic PosterOlympic Poster
AC307Alex Walter DiggelmannSUIPoster for National Skiing CoursesPoster für Nationales SkirennenPoster for National Ski-ing Courses
AC308Alex Walter DiggelmannSUIWorld Championship for CyclingWorld Championship for Cycling
AC310Alois MitschekAUTOlympic PosterOlympisches PlakatOlympic Poster
AC312Henryk TomaszewskiPOLThe BallFootballThe Ball
AC313Paul ColinFRAPoster for Universal GamesIXe Jeux universitaires mondiaux, Paris, 1947Poster for Universal Games
AC314Edgard Derouet / Paul FromentierFRASports Poster for Olympic GamesSports Poster for Olympic Games
AC315Hans ErniSUIMural Study, Gymnast IAthlet IMural Study, Gymnast I
AC316Hans ErniSUIMural Study, Gymnast IIAthlet IIMural Study, Gymnast II
AC317Alex Walter DiggelmannSUIRoller Hockey Player Stained Glass RoundelRollhockeyspieler (Runde Glasmalerei)Roller Hockey Player Stained Glass Roundel
AC318Gertrude PoilschekAUTOlympiad ScarfOlympisches TuchOlympiad Scarf
AC319Ian James ScottGBRLady's Silk ScarfLady's Silk Scarf
AC320Ian James ScottGBRMen's square, Olympic designMen's square, Olympic design
AC321Peter StebbingGBROlympic Games, EmbroideryOlympic Games, Embroidery
AC322Phyllis PlattGBRSchool Playing FieldTextile, "School Playing Field"
AC323Josephine CheesmanGBRDesign for ScarfDesign for ScarfDesign for Scarf
AC324Cecily BriantGBR"My Friend Played Golf"Embroidered panel "My Friend Played Golf"
AC325John FarleighGBRWimbledon Tennis designWimbledon Tennis design for Marshall Fabrics, Ltd.
AC326John FarleighGBROlympiad designOlympiad design for Marshall Fabrics, Ltd.
AC327John FarleighGBRRegatta designRegatta design for Marshall Fabrics, Ltd.
AC328Reginald TillGBRPottery Bowl -The SprintersPottery Bowl -The Sprinters
AC329Elli RiehlAUTGroup of Peasant DollsGruppe von BauernpuppenGroup of Peasant Dolls
AC330John AuldGBRDesign of Olympic Sports TrophyDesign of Olympic Sports TrophyDesign of Olympic Sports Trophy
AC331Geoffrey HoldenGBRDesign for TrophyDesign for Trophy
AC332Cyril ShinerGBRFull size design for an Olympic TrophyFull size design for an Olympic TrophyFull size design for an Olympic Trophy. In silver, chased and engraved, parcel-gilt. Exhibited by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths.
AC334Cyril ShinerGBROlympic TrophyOlympic TrophyOlympic Trophy
AC335Geoffrey HoldenGBRDesign for VaseDesign for Vase
AC336Heather ChildGBRRoute of the Torch Relay XIVth OlympiadRoute of the Torch Relay XIVth Olympiad
AC338Ralph LaversGBROlympic Torch as used by the runners from Athens to WembleyOlympic Torch as used by the runners from Athens to WembleyOlympic Torch as used by the runners from Athens to Wembley (Polished Aluminium)
AC339Joyce HimsworthGBRSilver Trophy - handwrought Silver with Gold and Topaz- Lignum Vitae BaseSilver Trophy - handwrought Silver with Gold and Topaz- Lignum Vitae Base
AC340Alf von ChmielowskiAUTDesign for Olympic StampEntwurf einer Olympischen BriefmarkeDesign for Olympic Stamp
AC312AJacques MaloubierFRABrushwoodSous-BoisSous-Bois (Design for Tapestry)
AC316AJerzy JarnuszkiewiczPOLDesign for Stained Glass("Boks")Design for Stained Glass
AC338ARalph LaversGBROlympic Torch used by Final RunnerOlympic Torch used by Final RunnerOlympic Torch used by Final Runner (Stainless Steel)