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Ski Cross, Women

Date23 February 2010
LocationCypress Mountain, West Vancouver
Participants35 from 17 countries
DetailsLength: 1144 m
Start Altitude: 1178 m
Vertical Drop: 216 m

There were several favorites going into the inaugural Women’s Skier-Cross event at the Winter Olympics. The top three podium spots at the Winter X Games in January (where the sport is known as “Skier X”) went to Ophélie David of France, and Ashleigh McIvor and Kelsey Serwa of Canada respectively. Each also had at least one victory during the 2009-2010 World Cup circuit, and McIvor entered the event as the 2009 World Champion. A fourth skier, Anna Holmlund of Sweden, was also a serious contender, having won the first two events of the latest World Cup season.

A serious crash by Yuliya Livinskaya during the first heat of the 1/8 final placed the event on hold for some time, while a later one by David during the 1/4 final placed her out of contention for a medal. Then, in a somewhat surprising turn, both Selwa and Holmlund, who were in the same heat, failed to advance to the final round, placing third and fourth respectively. This left McIvor as the final favorite and top remaining qualifier and she did not disappoint, capturing the gold medal ahead of Norway’s Hedda Berntsen and France’s Marion Josserand and never failing to lose the lead. McIvor, a native of Vancouver, had written an essay at the University of British Columbia as to why Skier-Cross should be an Olympic sport and, shortly prior to her victory, had claimed that it was her )destiny) to win gold in 2010.

1Ashleigh McIvorCANGold
2Hedda BerntsenNORSilver
3Marion JosserandFRABronze
4Karin HuttaryAUT
5Kelsey SerwaCAN
6Anna HolmlundSWE
7Fanny SmithSUI
8Julie JensenNOR
9Ophélie DavidFRA
10Magdalena IljansSWE
11Marte Høie GjefsenNOR
12Julia MurrayCAN
13Jenny OwensAUS
14Saša FaričSLO
15Katya CremaAUS
16Karolina RiemenPOL
17Anna WörnerGER
18Katrin MüllerSUI
19Danielle PoleschukCAN
20Heidi ZacherGER
21Sophie Fjellvang-SøllingDEN
22Noriko FukushimaJPN
23Katrin OfnerAUT
24Andrea LimbacherAUT
25Julia ManhardGER
26Katrin GutensohnAUT
27Gro Kvinlog GenlidNOR
28Chloé GeorgesFRA
29Franziska SteffenSUI
30Mitchey GreigNZL
31Rocío DelgadoESP
32Yuliya LivinskayaRUS
33Ruxandră NedelcuROU
34Sarah SauveyGBR
35Sanna LüdiSUI

Qualifying Round

Date23 February 2010 — 10:30
FormatQualification round advanced 32 skiiers to single-elimination rounds.
PosCompetitorNOCTimeReaction TimeReaction Time Rank
1Anna HolmlundSWE1:17.15Q
2Ashleigh McIvorCAN1:17.17Q
3Fanny SmithSUI1:17.38Q
4Kelsey SerwaCAN1:17.94Q
5Hedda BerntsenNOR1:17.96Q
6Ophélie DavidFRA1:18.14Q
7Anna WörnerGER1:18.45Q
8Karin HuttaryAUT1:18.84Q
9Katrin MüllerSUI1:18.92Q
10Danielle PoleschukCAN1:19.02Q
11Magdalena IljansSWE1:19.05Q
12Marte Høie GjefsenNOR1:19.30Q
13Marion JosserandFRA1:19.42Q
14Julia MurrayCAN1:19.54Q
15Jenny OwensAUS1:19.80Q
16Saša FaričSLO1:20.01Q
17Katya CremaAUS1:20.19Q
18Julie JensenNOR1:20.23Q
19Heidi ZacherGER1:20.35Q
20Sophie Fjellvang-SøllingDEN1:20.41Q
21Noriko FukushimaJPN1:20.56Q
22Katrin OfnerAUT1:20.61Q
23Andrea LimbacherAUT1:20.86Q
24Julia ManhardGER1:21.10Q
25Katrin GutensohnAUT1:21.26Q
26Karolina RiemenPOL1:21.36Q
27Gro Kvinlog GenlidNOR1:21.93Q
28Chloé GeorgesFRA1:22.03Q
29Franziska SteffenSUI1:22.32Q
30Mitchey GreigNZL1:22.52Q
31Rocío DelgadoESP1:22.67Q
32Yuliya LivinskayaRUS1:22.83Q
33Ruxandră NedelcuROU1:23.04
34Sarah SauveyGBR1:24.52
35Sanna LüdiSUI1:32.87

Round One

Date23 February 2010 — 13:00
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

1RedAnna HolmlundSWEQ
2GreenSaša FaričSLOQ
3BlueJulia ManhardGER
DNFYellowYuliya LivinskayaRUS

Heat #2

1RedKarin HuttaryAUTQ
2BlueKatya CremaAUSQ
3YellowKatrin GutensohnAUT
DNFGreenKatrin MüllerSUI

Heat #3

1RedOphélie DavidFRAQ
2GreenMagdalena IljansSWEQ
3YellowGro Kvinlog GenlidNOR
4BlueHeidi ZacherGER

Heat #4

1RedKelsey SerwaCANQ
2GreenMarion JosserandFRAQ
3BlueNoriko FukushimaJPN
DNFYellowFranziska SteffenSUI

Heat #5

1RedFanny SmithSUIQ
2GreenJulia MurrayCANQ
3BlueKatrin OfnerAUT
4YellowMitchey GreigNZL

Heat #6

1RedHedda BerntsenNORQ
2GreenMarte Høie GjefsenNORQ
3BlueSophie Fjellvang-SøllingDEN
4YellowChloé GeorgesFRA

Heat #7

1RedJulie JensenNORQ
2YellowKarolina RiemenPOLQ
3GreenDanielle PoleschukCAN
DNFBlueAnna WörnerGER

Heat #8

1RedAshleigh McIvorCANQ
2GreenJenny OwensAUSQ
3YellowRocío DelgadoESP
DNFBlueAndrea LimbacherAUT


Date23 February 2010 — 13:33
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1

1GreenKarin HuttaryAUTQ
2RedAnna HolmlundSWEQ
3YellowKatya CremaAUS
4BlueSaša FaričSLO

Heat #2

1RedKelsey SerwaCANQ
2YellowMarion JosserandFRAQ
DNFBlueMagdalena IljansSWE
DNFGreenOphélie DavidFRA

Heat #3

1GreenHedda BerntsenNORQ
2RedFanny SmithSUIQ
3BlueMarte Høie GjefsenNOR
4YellowJulia MurrayCAN

Heat #4

1RedAshleigh McIvorCANQ
2BlueJulie JensenNORQ
3GreenJenny OwensAUS
4YellowKarolina RiemenPOL


Date23 February 2010 — 13:52
FormatTop 2 finishers in each heat advanced to Big Final.

Heat #1

1BlueKarin HuttaryAUTQ
2YellowMarion JosserandFRAQ
3GreenKelsey SerwaCANQB
4RedAnna HolmlundSWEQB

Heat #2

1BlueHedda BerntsenNORQ
2RedAshleigh McIvorCANQ
3GreenFanny SmithSUIQB
4YellowJulie JensenNORQB

Final Round

Date23 February 2010 — 14:03

Final A

1RedAshleigh McIvorCAN
2GreenHedda BerntsenNOR
3BlueMarion JosserandFRA
4YellowKarin HuttaryAUT

Final B

1BlueKelsey SerwaCAN
2RedAnna HolmlundSWE
3GreenFanny SmithSUI
4YellowJulie JensenNOR