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Parallel Giant Slalom, Men

Date27 February 2010
LocationCypress Mountain, West Vancouver
Participants30 from 15 countries
Course SetterChristophe GuinamardFRA
DetailsGates: 22
Length: 530 m
Start Altitude: 1128 m
Vertical Drop: 161 m

Like the women’s event, this was held in fog and torrential rain. Austrian Andreas Prommegger, who had dominated the event all season, was the fastest in qualifying, but was surprisingly defeated by American Chris Klug in the first elimination round, although Klug was later put out by Mathieu Bozzetto (FRA) in the quarter-finals when he crashed on his second run. Joining Bozzetto in the semi-finals were Benjamin Karl (AUT), Stanislav Detkov (RUS) and Canadian Jacey-Jay Anderson.

In the first of the semi finals, Karl won both his runs against Bozzetto fairly easily, his winning margin being 2.58 seconds. The second semi-final was much closer, with Anderson leading by 0.28 seconds after the first run. As Detkov tried to close the gap on the second run he fell halfway down the course, and eventually finished 1.72 seconds behind. This brought the final down to Karl against Andersson, the two pre-Games favorites. Anderson had won the 2009 World Championship and was second in the World Cup standings in 2009-10, trailing Karl, who had won the World Cup in 2007-08.

The contests for the medals were no less dramatic. In the bronze medal match, Bozzetto won the first run by 0.96 seconds from Detkov, both competitors making errors on the course. Unfortunately there was a problem with the sound at the starting gate for the second run, so the competitors didn’t hear the normal bleeps. Detkov mistimed his start and crashed into the gates before they had opened, effectively ending the contest. In the final, Karl built up a reasonable lead after Anderson had made a number of minor errors to take a 0.76 second lead into the second run. However, despite the same problems with the start gate that had affected the bronze medal contest, Anderson timed his start to perfection and started to reel back Karl. With the finishing line in sight, Anderson finally overtook Karl and finished 0.35 seconds ahead to take the gold medal.

Questions were raised about the necessity for the 5th-8th place contests. In one of the classification semi-finals, Rok Flander (SLO) did not start, meaning his opponent Simon Schoch (SUI) simply went through the starting gate and promptly stopped twice, just to register the win. It was little different in the contest for 7th / 8th place when, with Flander not starting, Chris Klug went through the gate and promptly stopped after his first run. To the cheers of the crowd Klug went down the course on his second run in a solo display.

1Jasey-Jay AndersonCANGold
2Benjamin KarlAUTSilver
3Mathieu BozzettoFRABronze
4Stanislav DetkovRUS
5Simon SchochSUI
6Žan KoširSLO
7Chris KlugUSA
8Rok FlanderSLO
9Andreas PrommeggerAUT
10Sylvain DufourFRA
11Matthew MorisonCAN
12Michael LambertCAN
13Tyler JewellUSA
14Daniel BivesonSWE
15Aaron MarchITA
16Patrick BusslerGER
17Nevin GalmariniSUI
18Roland FischnallerITA
19Marc IselinSUI
20Roland HaldiSUI
21Meinhard ErlacherITA
22Yosyp PeniakUKR
23Rok MargučSLO
24Adam McLeishGBR
25Izidor ŠušteršičSLO
26Ivan RanchevBUL
27Yuki NofujiJPN
28Petr ŠindelářCZE
29Ingemar WalderAUT
DNFSigi GrabnerAUT

Qualifying Round

Date27 February 2010 — 10:00
1Andreas PrommeggerAUT1:16.49Q
2Sylvain DufourFRA1:16.79Q
3Simon SchochSUI1:16.95Q
4Benjamin KarlAUT1:17.45Q
5Matthew MorisonCAN1:17.69Q
6Michael LambertCAN1:17.81Q
7Tyler JewellUSA1:17.85Q
8Daniel BivesonSWE1:17.86Q
9Mathieu BozzettoFRA1:17.95Q
10Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN1:17.97Q
11Stanislav DetkovRUS1:18.29Q
12Žan KoširSLO1:18.31Q
13Aaron MarchITA1:18.36Q
14Patrick BusslerGER1:18.49Q
15Rok FlanderSLO1:18.64Q
16Chris KlugUSA1:18.84Q
17Nevin GalmariniSUI1:18.86
18Roland FischnallerITA1:18.87
19Marc IselinSUI1:19.16
20Roland HaldiSUI1:19.51
21Meinhard ErlacherITA1:20.14
22Yosyp PeniakUKR1:21.01
23Rok MargučSLO1:21.09
24Adam McLeishGBR1:21.09
25Izidor ŠušteršičSLO1:22.01
26Ivan RanchevBUL1:22.83
27Yuki NofujiJPN1:23.88
28Petr ŠindelářCZE1:37.77
DQIngemar WalderAUT
DNFSigi GrabnerAUT


Date27 February 2010 — 12:15
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Chris KlugUSAQ
2Andreas PrommeggerAUT+0.88DQ

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Mathieu BozzettoFRA+0.36Q
2Daniel BivesonSWE+0.47

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Žan KoširSLOQ
2Matthew MorisonCAN+1.36DQ

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Benjamin KarlAUTQ
2Aaron MarchITA+1.50+2.27

Heat #5

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Simon SchochSUIQ
2Patrick BusslerGER+1.50+22.06

Heat #6

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Stanislav DetkovRUSQ
2Michael LambertCAN+0.10+12.05

Heat #7

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Jasey-Jay AndersonCANQ
2Tyler JewellUSA+0.73+1.18

Heat #8

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Rok FlanderSLOQ
2Sylvain DufourFRADQ+1.65


Date27 February 2010 — 12:51
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to semi-finals, loser advanced to classification round.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Mathieu BozzettoFRA+0.60Q
2Chris KlugUSADNF

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Benjamin KarlAUTQ
2Žan KoširSLO+1.15DQ

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Stanislav DetkovRUSQ
2Simon SchochSUI+0.66DQ

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Jasey-Jay AndersonCANQ
2Rok FlanderSLO+0.64+7.02

Classification Round 5-8

Date27 February 2010
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to classification 5/6 final.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Žan KoširSLO
2Chris KlugUSA+1.50+1.71

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Simon SchochSUIwalkover
DNSRok FlanderSLO


Date27 February 2010 — 13:09
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to final.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Benjamin KarlAUTQ
2Mathieu BozzettoFRA+1.12+2.58

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Jasey-Jay AndersonCANQ
2Stanislav DetkovRUS+0.25+1.72

Final Round

Date27 February 2010 — 13:31

Heat 1/2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN+0.76
2Benjamin KarlAUT+0.35

Heat 3/4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Mathieu BozzettoFRA
2Stanislav DetkovRUS+0.96DQ

Heat 5/6

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Simon SchochSUI+1.20
2Žan KoširSLO+0.92

Heat 7/8

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Chris KlugUSAwalkover
DNSRok FlanderSLO