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1,500 metres, Women

Date18 February 2006
LocationPalavela, Torino
Participants30 from 19 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 2:21.069 WR / Choi Eun-Gyeong KOR / 13 February 2002

South Korea already had a strong hold on the 2006 Olympic short track competitions before the start of the women’s 1,500 m final, and it appeared it would get only stronger. The six-woman field for the final contained all three South Korean entrants. Among them were Jin Seon-Yu and Choi Eun-Gyeong, who had divided the last three overall world titles, as well as the last three 1,500 m world titles. They were complemented by Byeon Cheon-Sa, the 2004 3,000 m World Champion.

As the race ended, it appeared that South Korea had swept the event, as Jin finished first, with a large gap to Choi and Byeon. But Byeon was subsequently disqualified for impeding 500 m champion Wang Meng, who therefore moved up to bronze medal position.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePointsBest Time
1143Jin Seon-YuKORAF-1Gold
2141Choi Eun-GyeongKORAF-2Silver
3111Wang MengCHNAF-3Bronze
4129Erika HuszárHUNAF-4
5106Amanda OverlandCANAF-5
6103Evgeniya RadanovaBULBF-1
7135Yuka KaminoJPNBF-2
8155Hyo-Jung KimUSABF-3
9130Marta CapursoITABF-4
10133Katia ZiniITABF-5
11112Yang Yang (A)CHNBF-6
12151Allison BaverUSASF-5392:23.490
13114Kateřina NovotnáCZESF-5182:27.395
14146Liesbeth Mau-AsamNEDSF-6162:26.370
15120Sarah LindsayGBRSF-6162:29.173
16105Anouk Leblanc-BoucherCANR1-482:28.001
17138Ikue TeshigawaraJPNR1-482:30.977
18149Katalin KristoROUR1-482:31.705
19117Myrtille GollinFRAR1-482:38.442
20128Rózsa DarázsHUNR1-482:42.256
21124Yvonne KunzeGERR1-482:48.009
22102Yuliya YelsakovaBLRR1-552:33.564
23145Evita KrievāneLATR1-552:34.171
24127Han Yue ShuangHKGR1-552:36.233
25101Emily RosemondAUSR1-552:40.171
26123Aika KleinGERR1-552:42.380
27109Cheng XiaoleiCHNR1-552:50.017
DQ115Stéphanie BouvierFRA
DQ140Byeon Cheon-SaKOR
DQ150Tatyana BorodulinaRUS

Round One (18 February 2006)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (19:30)

11Wang MengCHN2:41.38434Q
25Byeon Cheon-SaKOR2:41.41121Q
34Katia ZiniITA2:41.56113Q
43Rózsa DarázsHUN2:42.2568
52Aika KleinGER2:42.3805

Heat Two (19:35)

12Allison BaverUSA2:27.63534Q
24Amanda OverlandCAN2:27.66621Q
31Liesbeth Mau-AsamNED2:28.91013Q
43Ikue TeshigawaraJPN2:30.9778
55Yuliya YelsakovaBLR2:33.5645

Heat Three (19:40)

14Yang Yang (A)CHN2:37.75434Q
25Choi Eun-GyeongKOR2:37.86221Q
32Yuka KaminoJPN2:37.86513Q
43Myrtille GollinFRA2:38.4428
51Emily RosemondAUS2:40.1715

Heat Four (19:45)

14Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:27.15534Q
22Hyo-Jung KimUSA2:27.46021Q
35Tatyana BorodulinaRUS2:27.75713Q
41Anouk Leblanc-BoucherCAN2:28.0018
53Han Yue ShuangHKG2:36.2335

Heat Five (19:50)

12Jin Seon-YuKOR2:29.73134Q
23Marta CapursoITA2:31.05321Q
34Kateřina NovotnáCZE2:31.36713Q
41Katalin KristoROU2:31.7058
55Evita KrievāneLAT2:34.1715

Heat Six (19:55)

11Stéphanie BouvierFRA2:35.41034Q
23Erika HuszárHUN2:35.92021Q
32Sarah LindsayGBR2:38.46013Q
45Yvonne KunzeGER2:48.0098
54Cheng XiaoleiCHN2:50.0175

Semi-Finals (18 February 2006)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (20:46)

14Jin Seon-YuKOR2:31.74734Q
23Erika HuszárHUN2:32.50421Q
32Hyo-Jung KimUSA2:32.52713QB
41Yuka KaminoJPN2:44.0578QB
56Tatyana BorodulinaRUS2:45.8975ADV
DQ5Stéphanie BouvierFRA

Heat Two (20:51)

12Choi Eun-GyeongKOR2:22.77634Q
21Amanda OverlandCAN2:22.94621Q
36Yang Yang (A)CHN2:23.04813QB
43Katia ZiniITA2:23.1418QB
55Allison BaverUSA2:23.4905
64Liesbeth Mau-AsamNED2:26.3703

Heat Three (20:56)

14Byeon Cheon-SaKOR2:26.91534Q
21Wang MengCHN2:27.09521Q
33Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:27.14513QB
42Marta CapursoITA2:27.2918QB
56Kateřina NovotnáCZE2:27.3955
65Sarah LindsayGBR2:29.1733

Final Round (18 February 2006 — 21:39)

B Final (21:39)

11Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:29.314
25Yuka KaminoJPN2:29.540
33Hyo-Jung KimUSA2:29.978
44Marta CapursoITA2:30.054
56Katia ZiniITA2:30.164
62Yang Yang (A)CHN2:32.097

A Final (21:44)

17Jin Seon-YuKOR2:23.494
22Choi Eun-GyeongKOR2:24.069
33Wang MengCHN2:24.469
41Erika HuszárHUN2:25.405
55Amanda OverlandCAN2:26.495
DQ6Byeon Cheon-SaKOR
DQ4Tatyana BorodulinaRUS