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5,000 metres, Men

Date12 February 1936 — 10:15
LocationOlympia-Eissportplatz am Rießersee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Participants37 from 16 countries
Olympic Record 8:39.0 / Clas Thunberg FIN / 26 January 1924
StarterHans ValärSUI
StarterOskar OlsenNOR
RefereeGerrit van LaerNED
RefereeGerhard KarlsenNOR

The clear favorite for this event was Ivar Ballangrud, the 1928 champion. He had bettered the World Record in January (8:17.2), and had convincingly won the 5000 m at the recent World Championships. However, there were a few dangerous competitors. Austria’s Max Stiepl had beaten Ballangrud at the European Championships, clocking an impressive 8:20.7 along the way. Much was also expect of the US’s Eddie Schroeder, Finland’s Birger Wasenius. In his own team, Ballangrud could expect competition from Charles Mathiesen, with a season best of 8:20,2.

The early lead was taken by Antero Ojala, a 19-year-old unknown from Finland. Skating in good ice and weather conditions, none of the skaters could come close to his time, until Ballangrud took the ice. The Norwegian laid down a very “flat” race, and had the advantage of being able to skate towards his pairmate, Aleksander Mitt, who was nearly a lap behind at the finish. Ballangrud’s finishing time was just 2 seconds above the World Record. Three races later, the runner-up of the World Championships, Wasenius, took the ice against Jan Langedijk, of the Netherlands. They would be the fastest pair of the race. Birger Wasenius kept close to Ballangrud’s split times, but lost several seconds in the final laps, while Langedijk came equally close to Ojala’s third place time, but ended up in fourth. None of the remaining skaters came close, and Ballangrud collected his third Olympic gold medal, his second in the 5000 m.

17Ivar BallangrudNOR8:19.6GoldOR
210Birger WaseniusFIN8:23.3Silver
32Antero OjalaFIN8:30.1BronzeOR
410Jan LangedijkNED8:32.0
511Max StieplAUT8:35.0
68Ossi BlomqvistFIN8:36.6
717Charles MathiesenNOR8:36.9
815Karl WazulekAUT8:38.4
96Michael StaksrudNOR8:38.5
109Dolf van der ScheerNED8:43.3
119Bob PetersenUSA8:46.5
1213Jan KalbarczykPOL8:47.7
=135Roelof KoopsNED8:48.5
=135Heinz SamesGER8:48.5
1512Eddie SchroederUSA8:49.1
162Lou DijkstraNED8:51.5
1716László HidvéghyHUN8:53.2
1816Alfons BērziņšLAT8:53.4
191Willy LöwingerAUT8:53.9
203Edvard WangbergNOR8:54.7
2112Kim Jeong-YeonJPN8:55.9
=2213Åke EkmanFIN9:00.4
=227Aleksander MittEST9:00.4
246Karl ProchaskaAUT9:02.6
2514Tommy WhiteCAN9:04.5
2618Axel JohanssonSWE9:06.4
=271Jang U-ShikJPN9:08.7
=2717Lee Seong-DeokJPN9:08.7
2918Arvīds LejnieksLAT9:11.9
3014Jānis AndriksonsLAT9:15.0
3115Kunio NandoJPN9:20.1
324Jaromír TurnovskýTCH9:25.8
333Ken KennedyAUS9:48.9
3411Oldřich HančTCH10:03.0
354James GraeffeBEL10:52.6
DQ19Charles de LigneBEL[11:32.7]
DNF8Willi SandnerGER
DNSLeo FreisingerUSA