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1,500 metres, Women

Date 9 February 1984 — 9:15
LocationPista za brzo klizanje Zetra, Sarajevo
Participants32 from 15 countries
Olympic Record 2:10.95 / Annie Borckink NED / 14 February 1980
StarterHeinrich BeckFRG
RefereeOdd-Jens BjerkliNOR

This was the first women’s event, and as with every women’s event in 1984, the favorite was East German Karin Enke. Enke had won the World Sprints in 1980, 1981, and 1983, and was second in 1982, and at the World Championships, she had won in 1982 and earlier in 1984, placing second in 1981 and 1983. In December 1983 she had seemingly broken the world record with 2:03.40 but the ISU did not recognize the record as it had not received advance notice about the meet. Her biggest challengers were expected to be Andrea Schöne, who had won the 1983 World Championships and was second to Enke in both 1982 and 1984, and the Soviet skater Nataliya Petrusyova, the world record holder with 2:04.04 set at Medeo in 1983. Schöne started in the first pair, and set a challenge, breaking the Olympic record by over five seconds, finishing in 2:05.29. Petrusyova was in the third pair and started quickly, leading Schöne’s times at 300 and 700 metres, but she could not finish strongly, and crossed in 2:05.78. Enke started in the fifth pair and her pace was ahead of both at every checkpoint, and she finished better than either of her rivals, to easily win the gold medal in 2:03.42, a world record time. This one the ISU did recognize. In the final results, the medals were won by the three favorites. Four days later, in the 1,000, they would finish in precisely the same positions.

15OKarin EnkeGDR2:03.42GoldWR
21OAndrea SchöneGDR2:05.29SilverOR
33INataliya PetrusyovaURS2:05.78Bronze
42OGabi SchönbrunnGDR2:07.69
515IErwina Ryś-FerensPOL2:08.08
64OValentina LalenkovaURS2:08.17
72INataliya KurovaURS2:08.41
84IBjørg Eva JensenNOR2:09.53
99IThea LimbachNED2:10.35
109OSigrid SmudaFRG2:10.55
113OYvonne van GennipNED2:10.61
125IAnnette CarlénSWE2:10.80
131IRia VisserNED2:11.06
148IMary DocterUSA2:12.14
157ISeiko HashimotoJPN2:12.56
1611ISilvia BrunnerSUI2:12.62
177OJane GoldmanUSA2:12.94
186ONancy Swider-PeltzUSA2:13.74
1912OPak Gum-HyonPRK2:14.23
2011OHan Chun-OkPRK2:14.25
218ONatalie GrenierCAN2:14.72
226ISylvie DaigleCAN2:15.50
2315OWang GuifangCHN2:16.19
2413IWang XiuliCHN2:16.68
2514OKim Chang-HaePRK2:17.37
2613OChoi Seung-YounKOR2:17.80
2710ILee Kyung-JaKOR2:17.96
2812ILee Yeon-JuKOR2:18.34
2914IKong MeiyuCHN2:19.56
3016ILilianna MorawiecPOL2:39.37fall
3110ODubravka VukušićYUG2:42.12
3216OBibija KerlaYUG2:46.32fall