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1,500 metres, Women

Date16 February 1998 — 15:00
LocationM-Wave, Nagano
Participants34 from 15 countries
Olympic Record 2:00.68 / Yvonne van Gennip NED / 27 February 1988
StarterHeinrich BeckGER
RefereeJan MarmstålSWE

For years, the only woman to have gone faster than 2 minutes in the 1500 m was Karin Kania, who recorded 1:59.30 in 1987. In the 1997-98 season, her time was finally beaten, by sprinter Catriona Le May Doan, who set a new record of 1:57.87. But normally, the 1500 m was the domain of the German woman, notably Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, who had won three of the four World Cup races that year, as well as the 1997 World Championships. The remaining World Cup race had been won by defending champion Emese Hunyady of Austria. Other medal hopefuls were Anni Friesinger, Claudia Pechstein and Chris Witty.

Marianne Timmer was at best a medal outsider, despite having won the bronze at the 1997 World Championships as an early clap skate adapter. In the Olympic season, she had not medaled internationally, and was drawn early in the program. Better known as a sprinter, she got off quickly but held on, breaking the world record to her own and everybody’s surprise: 1:57.58. Amazed and tired, she fell into the arms of her coach, Peter Mueller.

Timmer then looked on as others tried to beat her time. The only skater who could match her fast start was Le May, but she faded quickly and placed only 13th. With one pair to go, Chris Witty had come closest to Timmer’s time, with 1:58.97. The last pair featured Gunda Niemann-Stirnemann, the dominating female skater of the decade. Having to skate alone due to her pairmate’s withdrawal, she too could not beat Timmer’s time. Her silver medal was Niemann-Stirnemann’s 7th Olympic medal, and her third silver.

112IMarianne TimmerNED1:57.58GoldWR
218IGunda Niemann-StirnemannGER1:58.66Silver
315OChris WittyUSA1:58.97Bronze
416IEmese HunyadyAUT1:59.19
514OAnni FriesingerGER1:59.20
615IAnnamarie ThomasNED1:59.29
717OClaudia PechsteinGER1:59.46
817IJennifer RodriguezUSA2:00.97
911OSvetlana BazhanovaRUS2:01.54
1012ONataliya PolozkovaRUS2:01.56
116ILyudmila ProkashovaKAZ2:01.65
127IBecky SundstromUSA2:01.81
1316OCatriona Le May DoanCAN2:02.19
144IMoira D'AndreaUSA2:02.47
1510OChiharu NozakiJPN2:02.78
168OAki TonoikeJPN2:02.84
177OAnette TønsbergNOR2:03.03
1811ITonny de JongNED2:03.19
1910ITatyana TrapeznikovaRUS2:03.25
208IVarvara BaryshevaRUS2:03.34
2113IMie UeharaJPN2:03.37
229OBarbara de LoorNED2:04.05
239IShiho KusunoseJPN2:04.38
2414IIngrid LiepaCAN2:04.60
253OBaek Eun-BiKOR2:05.23
264OLee Gyeong-NamKOR2:05.59
273IKrisztina EgyedHUN2:05.79
285ISong LiCHN2:05.98
2913OIsabelle DoucetCAN2:06.45
301IEmese Dörfler-AntalAUT2:07.57
316OLi XuesongCHN2:08.05
322OIlonda LūseLAT2:08.71
332ISvitlana KonstantynovaUKR2:08.76
345OMihaela DascăluROU2:08.77
DNS18OCindy OverlandCAN