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100 metres Freestyle, Women

Date28 – 30 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants51 from 42 countries

The defending champions were Canada’s Penny Oleksiak and American Simone Manuel, who had shared gold at Rio in 2016. Oleksiak was back but Manuel, also the 2019 World Champion, had not made the US team in this event. Oleksiak made the final along with the Australian duo of Emma McKeon and Cate Campbell and Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström and the medals were expected to be contested by those three.

McKeon had qualified fastest, setting an Olympic record of 52.13 in the heats. She also qualified fastest in the semi-finals, trailed in both the heats and semi-finals by the relatively unheralded Siobhán Haughey from Hong Kong, China.

In the final McKeon was out of the blocks the quickest (0.58 reaction time) and had a narrow lead at the turn over Haughey – 25.08 to 25.10. Campbell was in third at 50 metres while Oleksiak and Sjöström were well back, next-to-last and last. McKeon pulled away on the final lap, winning comfortably in an Olympic record 51.96, but Haughey held on for silver in 52.27. Campbell took bronze, head of the fast-closing Oleksiak (fourth) and Sjöström (fifth).

For McKeon this was her fourth medal of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, having helped Australia win gold in the 4 x 100 free relay, and adding bronze medals in the 100 butterfly and the 4 x 200 freestyle relay. She was not done. By Games end, McKeon would have seven medals and four gold medals, equaling Soviet gymnast Mariya Gorokhovksaya, the only other women to win seven medals at one Olympics, at Helsinki back in 1952. McKeon’s four golds in Tokyo would also equal 11 other women who had done that at one Olympics, trailing only East German swimmer Kristin Otto, who won six golds at Seoul in 1988.

1Emma McKeonAUS52.13 (1 h6)52.32 (1 h2)51.96 (1)Gold
2Siobhán HaugheyHKG52.70 (2 h6)52.40 (1 h1)52.27 (2)Silver
3Cate CampbellAUS52.80 (1 h7)52.71 (2 h1)52.52 (3)Bronze
4Penny OleksiakCAN52.95 (2 h7)52.86 (3 h1)52.59 (4)
5Sarah SjöströmSWE52.91 (1 h5)52.82 (2 h2)52.68 (5)
6Femke HeemskerkNED53.10 (3 h5)52.93 (4 h1)52.79 (6)
7Anna HopkinGBR52.75 (3 h6)53.11 (4 h2)52.83 (7)
8Abbey WeitzeilUSA53.21 (4 h5)52.99 (3 h2)53.23 (8)
9Marie WattelFRA53.71 (=4 h6)53.12 (5 h1)
10Pernille BlumeDEN52.96 (2 h5)53.26 (5 h2)
11Freya AndersonGBR53.61 (6 h7)53.53 (6 h1)
12Signe BroDEN53.54 (5 h5)53.55 (6 h2)
13Erika BrownUSA53.87 (6 h6)53.58 (7 h2)
14Michelle ColemanSWE53.53 (5 h7)53.73 (7 h1)
15Charlotte BonnetFRA53.67 (6 h5)54.10 (8 h2)
16Wu QingfengCHN53.87 (7 h7)54.86 (8 h1)
17Yang JunxuanCHN53.02 (3 h7)
18Kayla SanchezCAN53.12 (4 h7)
19Ranomi KromowidjojoNED53.71 (=4 h6)
20Mariya KamenevaROC53.92 (7 h5)
21Barbora SeemanováCZE53.98 (7 h6)
22Andi MurezISR54.06 (8 h6)
23Fanny TeijonsaloFIN54.69 (1 h4)
24Janja ŠegelSLO54.73 (8 h5)
25Erin GallagherRSA54.75 (2 h4)
26Maria UgolkovaSUI54.86 (3 h4)
27Lidón MuñozESP54.97 (4 h4)
28Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR55.17 (5 h4)
29Kalia AntoniouCYP55.38 (1 h3)
30Larissa OliveiraBRA55.53 (6 h4)
31Anicka DelgadoECU55.56 (2 h3)
32Julie MeynenLUX55.69 (7 h4)
33Farida OsmanEGY55.74 (3 h3)
34Snæfríður JórunnardóttirISL56.15 (4 h3)
35Bianca CosteaROU56.35 (5 h3)
36Quah Ting WenSGP56.36 (8 h4)
37Ieva MaļukaLAT56.39 (6 h3)
38Miriam SheehanPUR56.64 (7 h3)
39Amel MelihALG56.65 (8 h3)
40Mia Blazhevska EminovaMKD57.19 (1 h2)
41Jillian CrooksCAY57.32 (2 h2)
42Jenjira Srisa-ArdTHA57.42 (3 h2)
43María Victoria SchutzmeierNCA57.94 (4 h2)
44Colleen FurgesonMHL58.71 (5 h2)
45Varsenik ManucharyanARM59.18 (6 h2)
46Jeanne BoutbienSEN59.27 (7 h2)
47Catarina SousaANG59.35 (8 h2)
48Abiola OgunbanwoNGR59.74 (4 h1)
49Anđela AntunovićMNE1:00.01 (1 h1)
50Gaurika SinghNEP1:00.11 (2 h1)
51Mineri GomezGUM1:04.00 (3 h1)
DNSFederica PellegriniITA– (DNS h7)

Round One (28 July 2021 — 20:38)

14Emma McKeonAUS52.13Q OR
25Siobhán HaugheyHKG52.70
36Anna HopkinGBR52.75Q
44Cate CampbellAUS52.80Q
54Sarah SjöströmSWE52.91Q
65Penny OleksiakCAN52.95Q
72Pernille BlumeDEN52.96Q
86Yang JunxuanCHN53.02Q
95Femke HeemskerkNED53.10Q
101Kayla SanchezCAN53.12Q
113Abbey WeitzeilUSA53.21Q
123Michelle ColemanSWE53.53Q
131Signe BroDEN53.54Q
142Freya AndersonGBR53.61Q
156Charlotte BonnetFRA53.67Q
=163Ranomi KromowidjojoNED53.71
=162Marie WattelFRA53.71
=187Erika BrownUSA53.87
=188Wu QingfengCHN53.87
207Mariya KamenevaROC53.92
211Barbora SeemanováCZE53.98
228Andi MurezISR54.06
238Fanny TeijonsaloFIN54.69
248Janja ŠegelSLO54.73
255Erin GallagherRSA54.75
267Maria UgolkovaSUI54.86
274Lidón MuñozESP54.97
283Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR55.17
294Kalia AntoniouCYP55.38
306Larissa OliveiraBRA55.53
316Anicka DelgadoECU55.56
322Julie MeynenLUX55.69
335Farida OsmanEGY55.74
347Snæfríður JórunnardóttirISL56.15
351Bianca CosteaROU56.35
361Quah Ting WenSGP56.36
373Ieva MaļukaLAT56.39
382Miriam SheehanPUR56.64
398Amel MelihALG56.65
404Mia Blazhevska EminovaMKD57.19
413Jillian CrooksCAY57.32
425Jenjira Srisa-ArdTHA57.42
437María Victoria SchutzmeierNCA57.94
441Colleen FurgesonMHL58.71
452Varsenik ManucharyanARM59.18
466Jeanne BoutbienSEN59.27
478Catarina SousaANG59.35
483Abiola OgunbanwoNGR59.74
494Anđela AntunovićMNE1:00.01
505Gaurika SinghNEP1:00.11
516Mineri GomezGUM1:04.00
DNS7Federica PellegriniITA

Heat One (20:38)

14Anđela AntunovićMNE1:00.010.75
25Gaurika SinghNEP1:00.110.82
36Mineri GomezGUM1:04.000.65
43Abiola OgunbanwoNGR59.740.70

Heat Two (20:41)

14Mia Blazhevska EminovaMKD57.190.69
23Jillian CrooksCAY57.320.65
35Jenjira Srisa-ArdTHA57.420.61
47María Victoria SchutzmeierNCA57.940.67
51Colleen FurgesonMHL58.710.74
62Varsenik ManucharyanARM59.180.71
76Jeanne BoutbienSEN59.270.69
88Catarina SousaANG59.350.67

Heat Three (20:44)

14Kalia AntoniouCYP55.380.69
26Anicka DelgadoECU55.560.63
35Farida OsmanEGY55.740.70
47Snæfríður JórunnardóttirISL56.150.76
51Bianca CosteaROU56.350.71
63Ieva MaļukaLAT56.390.66
72Miriam SheehanPUR56.640.68
88Amel MelihALG56.650.69

Heat Four (20:47)

18Fanny TeijonsaloFIN54.690.61
25Erin GallagherRSA54.750.70
37Maria UgolkovaSUI54.860.62
44Lidón MuñozESP54.970.65
53Anastasiya ShkurdaiBLR55.170.64
66Larissa OliveiraBRA55.530.65
72Julie MeynenLUX55.690.63
81Quah Ting WenSGP56.360.64

Heat Five (20:50)

14Sarah SjöströmSWE52.910.64Q
22Pernille BlumeDEN52.960.63Q
35Femke HeemskerkNED53.100.71Q
43Abbey WeitzeilUSA53.210.67Q
51Signe BroDEN53.540.68Q
66Charlotte BonnetFRA53.670.68Q
77Mariya KamenevaROC53.920.64
88Janja ŠegelSLO54.730.68

Heat Six (20:53)

14Emma McKeonAUS52.130.70Q OR
25Siobhán HaugheyHKG52.700.70
36Anna HopkinGBR52.750.69Q
=43Ranomi KromowidjojoNED53.710.66
=42Marie WattelFRA53.710.69
67Erika BrownUSA53.870.68
71Barbora SeemanováCZE53.980.61
88Andi MurezISR54.060.70

Heat Seven (20:56)

14Cate CampbellAUS52.800.77Q
25Penny OleksiakCAN52.950.68Q
36Yang JunxuanCHN53.020.65Q
41Kayla SanchezCAN53.120.70Q
53Michelle ColemanSWE53.530.72Q
62Freya AndersonGBR53.610.71Q
78Wu QingfengCHN53.870.72
DNS7Federica PellegriniITA

Swim-Off (20:59)

14Erika BrownUSA53.510.67
25Wu QingfengCHN54.470.69

Semi-Finals (29 July 2021 — 10:53)

14Emma McKeonAUS52.32Q
24Siobhán HaugheyHKG52.40Q
35Cate CampbellAUS52.71Q
43Sarah SjöströmSWE52.82Q
53Penny OleksiakCAN52.86Q
66Femke HeemskerkNED52.93Q
72Abbey WeitzeilUSA52.99Q
85Anna HopkinGBR53.11Q
91Marie WattelFRA53.12
106Pernille BlumeDEN53.26
117Freya AndersonGBR53.53
127Signe BroDEN53.55
138Erika BrownUSA53.58
142Michelle ColemanSWE53.73
151Charlotte BonnetFRA54.10
168Wu QingfengCHN54.86

Heat One (10:53)

14Siobhán HaugheyHKG52.400.68Q
25Cate CampbellAUS52.710.76Q
33Penny OleksiakCAN52.860.69Q
46Femke HeemskerkNED52.930.70Q
51Marie WattelFRA53.120.69
67Freya AndersonGBR53.530.71
72Michelle ColemanSWE53.730.69
88Wu QingfengCHN54.860.70

Heat Two (10:58)

14Emma McKeonAUS52.320.70Q
23Sarah SjöströmSWE52.820.65Q
32Abbey WeitzeilUSA52.990.66Q
45Anna HopkinGBR53.110.69Q
56Pernille BlumeDEN53.260.65
67Signe BroDEN53.550.70
78Erika BrownUSA53.580.66
81Charlotte BonnetFRA54.100.68

Final (30 July 2021 — 10:59)

14Emma McKeonAUS51.960.58OR
25Siobhán HaugheyHKG52.270.68
33Cate CampbellAUS52.520.79
42Penny OleksiakCAN52.590.69
56Sarah SjöströmSWE52.680.66
67Femke HeemskerkNED52.790.70
78Anna HopkinGBR52.830.70
81Abbey WeitzeilUSA53.230.69