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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date17 February 2002 — 9:30
LocationSoldier Hollow, Wasatch Mountain State Park
Participants60 from 15 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 9,904 m / 9,944 m
Height Differential: 76 m / 77 m
Maximum Climb: 41 m / 50 m
Total Climbing: 392 m / 408 m

Over the last two Winter Olympics the battle for this gold had been between Norway and Italy, with Italy winning the “The Great Race,” the epic 1994 struggle, while Norway had won in 1998. But the winning margins had been only 4/10ths of a second in 1994 and 2/10ths in 1998. Norway had won the 2001 World Championships, while Italy had not made the podium. But the event would again be a titanic fight between the two teams. Right from the start they established themselves, with Norway leading on the first leg by just over eight seconds ahead of Italy. Italy’s Giorgio Di Centa fell back on the second leg, dropping his team to fourth, with Norway still leading, by 11 seconds over Germany. But Pietro Piller Cottrer brought Italy back, skiing the fastest leg of the event so far, and making up significant time on Kristen Skjeldal, as Norway entered the anchor leg only a ½-second ahead of Italy. Thomas Alsgaard and Cristian Zorzi then put on a show, posting the two fastest times of the entire race, with Zorzi closing just slightly on Alsgaard. In the stadium he passed Alsgaard about 200 metres from the line, but Alsgaard fought back and brought Norway another gold medal, defeating Zorzi and Italy by 0.3 seconds. In three relay races, over eight years, and 120 kilometres, Norway and Italy had battled to a near skiing death, the cumulative winning margins less than a full second, and Norway leading on total time by 0.1 seconds. There were 13 other teams in the race, but nobody seemed to notice, although Germany got up for the bronze medal, almost a minute back.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
1-1Anders Aukland24:27.424:27.4 (1)
1-2Frode Estil24:22.948:50.3 (1)
1-3Kristen Skjeldal22:10.51-11:00.8 (1)
1-4Thomas Alsgaard21:44.71-32:45.5 (1)
6-1Fabio Maj24:35.824:35.8 (2)
6-2Giorgio Di Centa24:38.449:14.2 (4)
6-3Pietro Piller Cottrer21:47.11-11:01.3 (2)
6-4Cristian Zorzi21:44.51-32:45.8 (2)
3-1Jens Filbrich24:39.924:39.9 (4)
3-2Andreas Schlütter24:21.449:01.3 (2)
3-3Tobias Angerer22:12.41-11:13.7 (4)
3-4René Sommerfeldt22:20.81-33:34.5 (3)
5-1Alexander Marent25:15.025:15.0 (8)
5-2Mikhail Botvinov24:22.149:37.1 (7)
5-3Gerhard Urain22:19.91-11:57.0 (6)
5-4Christian Hoffmann22:07.91-34:04.9 (4)
512United StatesUSA1-34:05.5
12-1John Bauer24:40.924:40.9 (5)
12-2Kris Freeman24:34.949:15.8 (5)
12-3Justin Wadsworth22:40.71-11:56.5 (5)
12-4Carl Swenson22:09.01-34:05.5 (5)
64Russian FederationRUS1-34:50.1
4-1Sergey Novikov25:17.625:17.6 (10)
4-2Mikhail Ivanov24:14.349:31.9 (6)
4-3Vitaly Denisov22:34.91-12:06.8 (7)
4-4Nikolay Bolshakov22:43.31-34:50.1 (6)
713Czech RepublicCZE1-35:31.3
13-1Martin Koukal25:07.925:07.9 (7)
13-2Jiří Magál25:30.950:38.8 (9)
13-3Lukáš Bauer21:29.61-12:08.4 (8)
13-4Petr Michl23:22.91-35:31.3 (7)
14-1Alexandre Rousselet24:57.324:57.3 (6)
14-2Christophe Perrillat25:31.950:29.2 (8)
14-3Vincent Vittoz22:01.31-12:30.5 (9)
14-4Emmanuel Jonnier23:20.31-35:50.8 (8)
7-1Raul Olle25:16.725:16.7 (9)
7-2Andrus Veerpalu23:45.249:01.9 (3)
7-3Jaak Mae22:08.01-11:09.9 (3)
7-4Meelis Aasmäe24:57.11-36:07.0 (9)
8-1Wilhelm Aschwanden25:54.925:54.9 (12)
8-2Reto Burgermeister25:09.451:04.3 (10)
8-3Patrick Mächler23:05.51-14:09.8 (10)
8-4Gion-Andrea Bundi23:16.61-37:26.4 (10)
15-1Kuisma Taipale26:01.726:01.7 (14)
15-2Karri Hietamäki26:08.852:10.5 (14)
15-3Teemu Kattilakoski23:02.21-15:12.7 (14)
15-4Sami Repo22:29.11-37:41.8 (11)
11-1Masaaki Kozu26:28.426:28.4 (15)
11-2Hiroyuki Imai25:34.752:03.1 (13)
11-3Mitsuo Horigome22:56.51-14:59.6 (13)
11-4Katsuhito Ebisawa22:50.91-37:50.5 (12)
2-1Urban Lindgren25:56.425:56.4 (13)
2-2Mathias Fredriksson25:35.351:31.7 (12)
2-3Niklas Jonsson22:38.41-14:10.1 (11)
2-4Morgan Göransson23:49.41-37:59.5 (13)
10-1Andrey Golovko24:39.224:39.2 (3)
10-2Pavel Ryabinin26:38.051:17.2 (11)
10-3Nikolay Chebotko23:42.21-14:59.4 (12)
10-4Andrey Nevzorov23:21.41-38:20.8 (14)
9-1Raman Viralaynen25:54.025:54.0 (11)
9-2Mikalai Semeniako27:24.853:18.8 (15)
9-3Aliaksandr Sannikou24:51.11-18:09.9 (15)
9-4Siarhei Dalidovich24:02.11-42:12.0 (15)