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4 × 5 kilometres Relay, Women

Date21 February 2002 — 12:30
LocationSoldier Hollow, Wasatch Mountain State Park
Participants52 from 13 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 4,952 m / 4,972 m
Height Differential: 76 m / 77 m
Maximum Climb: 41 m / 50 m
Total Climbing: 196 m / 204 m

The heavy pre-race favorite was Russia, which had won the last five World Championships, and the Winter Olympics gold going back to 1988, counting their Soviet Union and Unified Team analogues. But they could not compete when Larisa Lazutina was held out when a doping test showed an abnormally high hematocrit. Lazutina and her teammate, Olga Danilova, would later be disqualified when it was revealed in October-December 2003 that they had tested positive for darbopoietin, a drug similar to erythropoietin, which can boost red blood cell levels. In Russia’s absence, the favorite was likely Norway, but the event was considered too close to call. Germany took the lead early, with Switzerland, Slovenia, and Norway trailing after the first leg. Norway went ahead on the second leg, 2.7 seconds ahead of Norway, as they both distanced themselves from Switzerland, which was third. Norway stayed ahead by the final exchange, nine seconds over Germany, and another seven seconds back to Switzerland. On the anchor leg, Germany’s Evi Sachenbacher caught Norway’s anchor, Anita Moen-Guidon, and pulled ahead 100 metres from the line to win the gold medal for Germany. Switzerland won the bronze medal comfortably.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
4-1Manuela Henkel13:01.813:01.8 (1)
4-2Viola Bauer12:58.025:59.8 (2)
4-3Claudia Künzel11:47.737:47.5 (2)
4-4Evi Sachenbacher11:43.149:30.6 (1)
2-1Marit Bjørgen13:15.913:15.9 (4)
2-2Bente Skari12:41.225:57.1 (1)
2-3Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen11:41.037:38.1 (1)
2-4Anita Moen11:53.849:31.9 (2)
7-1Andrea Huber13:08.213:08.2 (2)
7-2Laurence Rochat13:02.726:10.9 (3)
7-3Brigitte Albrecht-Loretan11:43.337:54.2 (3)
7-4Natascia Leonardi Cortesi12:09.450:03.6 (3)
48Czech RepublicCZE50:35.2
8-1Helena Balatková13:33.613:33.6 (6)
8-2Kamila Rajdlová13:24.626:58.2 (6)
8-3Kateřina Neumannová11:26.438:24.6 (4)
8-4Kateřina Hanušová12:10.650:35.2 (4)
13-1Alena Kaluhina13:45.113:45.1 (8)
13-2Sviatlana Nahieykina12:47.926:33.0 (4)
13-3Vera Ziatikova12:11.138:44.1 (6)
13-4Natallia Ziatikova11:53.850:37.9 (5)
3-1Marianna Longa14:14.214:14.2 (13)
3-2Gabriella Paruzzi13:13.227:27.4 (11)
3-3Sabina Valbusa11:41.339:08.7 (8)
3-4Stefania Belmondo11:29.950:38.6 (6)
15-1Kati Sundqvist13:48.513:48.5 (9)
15-2Satu Salonen12:44.826:33.3 (5)
15-3Riitta-Liisa Lassila12:09.338:42.6 (5)
15-4Kaisa Varis12:02.950:45.5 (7)
6-1Sara Renner13:19.813:19.8 (5)
6-2Milaine Thériault13:39.726:59.5 (8)
6-3Amanda Fortier12:10.739:10.2 (9)
6-4Beckie Scott11:39.450:49.6 (8)
10-1Petra Majdič13:12.713:12.7 (3)
10-2Teja Gregorin14:04.227:16.9 (9)
10-3Andreja Mali11:50.539:07.4 (7)
10-4Nataša Lačen12:12.251:19.6 (9)
12-1Kanoko Goto13:35.713:35.7 (7)
12-2Madoka Natsumi13:22.926:58.6 (7)
12-3Nobuko Fukuda12:27.439:26.0 (11)
12-4Sumiko Yokoyama12:09.751:35.7 (10)
14-1Svetlana Deshevykh13:53.913:53.9 (10)
14-2Yelena Antonova13:23.227:17.1 (10)
14-3Oksana Yatskaya12:04.039:21.1 (10)
14-4Svetlana Shishkina12:31.151:52.2 (11)
5-1Lina Andersson14:09.614:09.6 (12)
5-2Elin Ek13:37.027:46.6 (12)
5-3Jenny Olsson12:11.539:58.1 (12)
5-4Anna Dahlberg12:42.352:40.4 (12)
1311United StatesUSA53:23.4
11-1Wendy Wagner14:03.414:03.4 (11)
11-2Nina Kemppel13:49.927:53.3 (13)
11-3Barb Jones12:35.240:28.5 (13)
11-4Aelin Peterson12:54.953:23.4 (13)